Black Fleece Spring 2011, The Apocalypse is Here

Hello-Hello, and happy Friday to all those anticipating a little rest and rejuvenation this weekend.

We begin today with an early look at this spring’s Black Fleece line from Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

There are a number of looks we find very appealing. We realize frequent readers may be surprised by this opinion, considering our tedious, relentless excoriation less-than-positive thoughts on Black Fleece designer Thom Browne’s previous collections.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

To be sure, not everything works for us.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

The staggered hemline on the navy skirt above left isn’t a look we are fond of, but the grosgrain trimmed cardigan holds promise. The pleated skirt is something we’ll want to try on, it is one of those pieces that is all about fit and drape: it is either going to look stunning or make women look three miles wide.

Mr. Browne’s tailoring prowess is especially evident in the outerwear.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Unfortunately that talent cannot rescue the men’s collection for spring.

The designer’s shrunken silhouettes hold no appeal for The Consort; he embraces his fuddy-duddiness, clearly these are not looks for him.

It appears most of the accessories retain their classic lines.

Robert Mitra/WWD

This is true of both the men’s and women’s collections, captured by WWD‘s Robert Mitra at the Brooks’ spring preview.

The designer’s signature grosgrain stripe can be seen on many styles.

There are several dresses we are eager to see in person, the eggshell with ruched/shirred bodice, and the black with the center bow on the front, a style we have coveted since first seeing it back in September.

Frankly, we are more than surprised by our positive reaction to the spring line. Black Fleece targets a far hipper, trendier place than that occupied by your faithful scribe here at The Prepatorium. Truly, we nurture our inner frump, our optimism about the group is rather unusual. If you would like to see the spring lookbooks, click here to visit the Black Fleece FB pages.

One additional Black Fleece note, the Brooks Brothers clearance sale underway does offer significant savings opportunities on exquisite pieces, like the Knit Jacket shown lower left at $275 (it was $550), the silk dress is similarly priced, as is the entire fall/winter collection.

For those more interested in standard fare, the retailer has added more images to its FB albums for standard Brooks Brothers apparel and accessories.

Brooks Brothers


We do have an update on one royal wedding gown: Charlene Wittstock, Prince Albert of Monaco’s fiancee, has selected Giorgio Armani to create her dress for the July nuptials.

Via Hello!

The former Olympian has shown a fondness for the designer’s work, above we see her in two different Armani styles.


Finally, another sure sign The End Times are near.

Via CNN Marquee

Our Twitter friend KK pointed out the news that a novel hypothetically penned by one of our Anti-Prep Wall of Shame members is a Times’ bestseller.  Behold this Sunday’s list:

NY Times

Clearly in our You Can’t Make This Stuff Up category, here is how the Snookums reacted to the news via her Twitter feed:

Via CNN Marquee Blog


On that terrifying thought we bid you adieu until next time, may everyone stay safe and dry this weekend!



  • Robert Mitra/Women’s Wear Daily


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12 responses to “Black Fleece Spring 2011, The Apocalypse is Here

  1. Melanie Spencer

    There are no words to express my dismay over both Snooki and her — gulp — best selling book. I do not begrudge anyone their success, but this is difficult to digest. I am most certain that Jane Austen is rolling in her grave.

    Very. Big. Sigh.


  2. I need the striped heels and the spectators. We’re not talking want, we’re talking entire, full-throttle, matter-of-life-and-death need.

  3. MCW

    Oh Snookie. She is a mess.

    Love the BB line!

  4. I’m with you on the BB line. And let’s not say the Sn**** word any more. In hopes of truncating that 15 minutes of fame.

  5. kat

    I adore Brooks Brothers. I walked by that book in Barnes and Noble the other day and did a double take… A Bestseller?!?!?! Speechless…

  6. The dresses are really good. BB keeps getting better and better.

    On the Snookie front, I saw an interview in which she admitted to only having read two books in her life. As a want to be memoirist I found the fact that she is not a reader nor a writer and has managed to pen a bestselling book to be a sad piece of pain.

  7. Oh me Princess. When I think of all the struggling, talented writers who have been rejected time and time again with very worthwhile manuscripts, my heart bleeds for them. How discouraging it must be to see that brainless, mindless child’s book on the bestseller list. Another example of the truism: Life is not fair. Yes, the End Times are near. On a happier note, I LOVE grosgrain ribbon so some of the spring styles excited me!! I’m with the Consort on the men’s line. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  8. kiki

    i watched Snooki’s interview with Matt Lauer and she said she wrote the book in three months, while filming The Jersey Shore, and with a “cp-author.” did you hear the latest? Snooki and one of her castmates are getting their own spinoff series and possible movie deal. enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care.

  9. kiki

    whoops. it’s late and i’m misspelling. meant to write “co”-author. maybe this is why it has taken me a year to get 3 chapters done on my own book. and Snooki can do it in 3 months.
    thanks for the BB update. if i had money to spend i would buy the multi-stripe top, grosgrain sandals and pink dress.

  10. loving the accessories with the grosgrain, looking forward to seeing them in the store!

  11. Jen

    Alright, if Snooki can get published I must be able to. Although I don’t want to paint myself dayglo tan and tease my hair into a nest to do so. I’m liking the dresses in the new line but not much else. And, if this is supposed to be their “hip” line I’m a bit dubious it will find much success. Still looking highly conservative.

  12. oh my gosh, i’m dying for some of those BB pieces. I’m such a big fan of Thom Browne’s designs, especially when it comes to menswear (i think my bf’s closet is bursting with his pieces). Thanks for the post

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