Just 100 Days Away

Hello-Hello, we are fortunate to have another update from our Royal Correspondent, Queen Bee Swain. Without further ado, here is her delightful post.



“What?  You’re telling me you’ve walked down the aisle at Westminster before?!”

We’re sitting pretty with 100 days until THE day I know that I’ve been waiting for since sometime in 2006.  Yes, THE Wedding really is that close.  And yes, Prince William has walked down the aisle at Westminster before… as a page in Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding in 1986.

The Guardian

Prince William is the front-most boy in the sailor outfit.

A few days ago, I caught the “William, Kate and Eight Royal Weddings” special on TLC.  Worth the hour to watch the next time it’s on, it featured weddings from QEII’s to Princess Anne’s to the one currently at hand.  And it must be said, thanks to a very naughty five year old Prince William’s antics as a page, Andrew and Fergie’s took the cake.

The footage and commentary that the TLC special featured for this wedding had been live coverage, which only made me laugh harder at what might just be the funniest thing ever stated by a BBC reporter, upon William walking down the aisle after the marriage, “And Prince William, who was acting mischieviously throughout the ceremony is now tottering down the aisle, with his hat tipped at the back of his head, like a sailor about to go on leave.”  Throughout the ceremony he (as seen in the pictures above) was impishly disobedient, sticking his tongue out at his cousin, Zara, “reading” the program upside-down and acting like any red-blooded (make that blue-blooded?) five year old dressed up as a porcelain doll would.


To top it all off, in the footage of Andrew and Fergie leaving in an open carriage for their honeymoon, just as the carriage leaves, you see Queen Elizabeth BOLTING after it.  Before you can even cook up a reason for why the Primmest of the Proper would run after a carriage of newlyweds embarking on their honeymoon, the announcer notes that QEII had to chase after Prince William, who decided to run after the carriage as it left, immediately the cameraman cuts to Elizabeth who is chuckling very heartily.

I cannot wait to see what missteps and candid moments happen in 100 days time to show us that while royal, this is also a family wedding.

The Queen Bee, kHm


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7 responses to “Just 100 Days Away

  1. This is so entertaining!! Thank you QBS!! Would love to see a video of the Queen chasing the carriage! Prince William was a little stinker 😉 xoxo

  2. jyll

    Princess, peruse the “royal memorabilia” spin off plates. They are generating quite the buzz…


  3. Fabulous post QBS!!! What a darling story about William, and precious pictures too. Our dearest Preppy Princess certainly made the most perfect choice in appointing you as her Royal Correspondant!! Looking forward to the 100 day countdown and your coverage of all the excitement!! xoxoxox

  4. I cannot wait for the big day. I am going to Tivo it and watch it live and there will be scones and champagne. Can’t wait!!

  5. Her fashion style is never tiring. Its fun & edgy yet always so classy.

  6. craigy

    i heard about the queen sprinting after william ive serched everywhere on youtube but cant find it ,im a bloke so not massively fussed about weddings so i missed it when it was on the other day, i just wanna see her maj running lol if anyones got footage id be stoked if ya could send me a link tar.

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