Target’s ‘Splendid’ New Line & Talbots Troubles

Happy gloomy, snowy day from here in the Great Midwest. We are actually grateful, as we have absolutely nothing to complain about on the weather front, so many friends are coping with just plain miserable conditions we refuse to participate in any sort of whineathon related to our weather.

We begin with a look at the new line from Targét, its Splendid Littles collection for its Baby Boutique.


Many readers are likely already familiar with Splendid, known for its super-soft and posh-feeling fabrics.  Below, some of the new styles available at Target.


Pieces in the collection start at $6.99 for a set of those darling striped bibs.


The highest priced item is $29.99, that is for one of the three-piece newborn sleep sets shown above, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink.

The pieces are very cute, it looks as if Target has found another winner with the new line from Splendid.


There’s not such stellar news from Talbots today, the company’s sales numbers didn’t meet projections, and its stock price hit a 52-week low. From a Reuters story:

“The debt-laden retailer, hit by slowing sales in the last few quarters, has been trying to woo younger women with trendier clothes, but its efforts have stalled.”

While witnessing promising signs from the retailer (even opening the Princess pocketbook for a few pieces), the most recent offering from the company left us cold.  The latest catalog, “52 Pick-me-ups” showcased scads of items with ruffles.

Above we show the Grace blazer and Ruffle Campshirt. Perhaps we’re just a couple of old fuddy-duddies here at The Prepatorium, but ruffles on the lapels of a jacket don’t work. And the ruffles are seemingly everywhere in the 52-Pick-Me-Ups group; below we show the Cotton Ruffle Skirt and the Ruffle Split-Neck Tee.

And there are also sequins. It’s possible Talbots’ audience is tiring of too much embellishing, too many sequins and far too many ruffles. The styles shown in the catalog may be indicative of a larger problem for the retailer: the inability to find a winning style formula and remain consistent with it.

On a more positive note, there are some pieces that appear to hold promise, including the Tipped Cardigan.

We do hope the company can find its way. One Sales & Savings note for those seeing things they like at Talbots, the Red Hanger sale is underway, with significant markdowns on much of the fall/winter merchandise.


We leave you with images from last night’s game, with congratulations to our Auburn and SEC friends, along with condolences for Duck fans. (We did live in Oregon for more than four years, yet never adjusted to those Phil Knight/Nike uniforms.)

Regardless of the outcome, we always get chills at this sight.

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

G’bye until next time!



  • REUTERS/Matt Sullivan
  • REUTERS/Mike Blake




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17 responses to “Target’s ‘Splendid’ New Line & Talbots Troubles

  1. The problem with Talbots is that while they marketed to a younger demographic…they alienated their current demographic, the ones who actually open their wallets behind the red doors. So now fuddy duddies like us dont shop there and the clientelle they want thinks the company is for fuddy duddies.

    Oh and it might help if they actually sent us fuddy duddies their catologues without us having to call every single time to ask for them. I dont want to have to work that hard to give a company my money.

  2. Oh, how wonderful are these darling new Splendid pieces for Target? & we’ll be finding out in less than *three* weeks whether our newest addition will be needing blue or pink things. =) I have refrained from shopping for the new one until I know for sure whom I am shopping for!

    Oh, & this Gator fan & her Crimson Tide Prince were delighted at the SEC win! But now our Auburn friends are stranded all over the country, trying to come back home to snowy Dixie. =(

  3. Hello Preppy Princess, Bumby here. As always a pleasure to see what is going on in the Kingdom. My thoughts run to the Talbot dilemma, once a company is no longer under the control of its founder, it takes a very strong hand to stay the course and have the vision. Again going back to our discussion, on FB, they have lost their way and are losing their base. I hope for the sake of all that they will find it again.
    Love the photo. What a bird, beautiful, graceful and deadly.
    Always, Bumby


    I knew that was going to happen! I love Talbot’s! Ever since I was a little girl. Growing up all my Mother wore was Talbot’s, while my Father wore Brooks Brothers. Those are still their brands of choice today. I hope they go back to the Basics! Why try and capture an audience that isn’t interested. Too bad, at least you didn’t report they were closing locations! As for me, I’ll continue shopping there regardless, LOL! PLD

    [ps: could you delete my 1st post, thanks!] 🙂

  5. Talbots needs to return to serving its original customer. There are more than enough J.Crew wannabes out there.

  6. Target/Splendid items are so precious.
    As for our friends at Talbots, I find the items unbelievably priced and unflattering for my taste. I truly wish the buyers from days gone by would re-appear and save the company.

  7. sue

    Although I admit to a love of ruffles..I know..I know, Talbot’s has been a disappointment this season. Things that look good in print seem to be lacking in quality. I have two pieces that need to be returned. I hope they go back to basics too.

  8. Amy

    Aw thanks for the Auburn congrats! War Eagle! 🙂

    Yeah that is way too much ruffle action going on. I would agree that it seems they are just not keeping up with what people want.

    Those baby items are adorable!

    Stay warm friends!


  9. Talbots has not made a good decision in years. I hope they can stay the course simply because I hate to see another company fail. Love the cute things that we’ll find at Target!! xoxo

  10. I have to agree with what’s behind the red door. I was hopeful but it’s falling flat with me. Perhaps the spring will bring sunnier designs and brighter sales. 🙂

  11. MRM

    I love Splendid shirts! They are so comfortable. Now I have one more source for cute baby gifts! Thanks for posting this!

  12. When I received a Talbots catalogue in the mail alongside 17 magazine I knew someone had changed a strategy somewhere along the line… I hope they can get back in touch with their core customer soon–there are middle age women in need of red peacoats and leopard print accessories in middle america freezing and with nothing to put their cell phones in!

    Thanks for the update!


  13. Jen

    Loving the new Target line…it’s making me want to go for Number 4 LOL!

    Thanks, as always!

  14. Andrea

    I agree. I wasn’t wow-ed by Talbots new looks either. They need to STOP trying to be J Crew (and J Crew needs to STOP trying to be Banana Republic)!! I thought they had some cute things last summer… but seem to have strayed too far from their roots. I like that they think about Moms on the Move but might need to think a little deeper about what moms need. Cashmere and baby food just don’t get along… I hope Talbot’s finds their way. They’ve got potential in my book!

  15. Love those Talbots two toned sweaters..thanks! Ashame that they like so many retailers are having such problems, hope they can rebound as they have been around a long time. Your blog is a lot of fun, really enjoyed exploring it. I am new to blogworld.
    Would you consider paying me a visit, its about the building of our dream home and my love for decor, design and lifes beautiful things! Thanks….

  16. I miss the old Talbots. I remember when it used to be called The Talbots.

    Thanks for the Auburn congrats. I always love to see the eagle fly around the stadium. War Eagle!!

  17. Bboss

    I thought it was just me. I was feeling old thinking that I just couldn’t keep up with the way Talbot’s was marching on. Now I realize that I haven’t changed, they have. I too miss the old Talbot’s. I hate those ruffles. I don’t mind the sequins though. If done tastefully.

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