When It’s Lilly or Louder & When a Royal-to-Be Wears Black

Hello-Hello, happy beginning of a bright and shiny new week.

We begin with the surprise cancellation of the History’s Channel big movie project, The Kennedys.

A&E/HIstory Channel

The eight-part miniseries was scheduled to air this spring, featuring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear as a young Jackie and John Kennedy. That changed late Friday, the Times’ Art Beat story has more:

“A big-budget miniseries about John F. Kennedy’s presidency that was criticized for its historical accuracy before it was even filmed will not be shown on the History channel, the cable network has announced.”

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story:

“…the project drew fire from the political left and some Kennedy historians. Even before cameras rolled, a front-page New York Times story last February included a sharp attack from former John F. Kennedy adviser Theodore Sorensen, who called an early version of the script “vindictive” and “malicious.”

Splash News

As of this writing, the series is still slated to launch in Canada March 9.

Those intrigued by Jackie Kennedy may enjoy Friday’s post, our interview with bestselling author Pamela Keogh on her new book, Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn?


Something many readers have already seen or heard about, but not something we want to ignore altogether, the Red Cross Young Friends Beach Bash ten days ago. The dress code was simple: “Lilly or louder,” obviously not a problem for Lilly Pulitzer CEO Jim Bradbeer and Carol Bradbeer.

Alexia Fodere for The Wall Street Journal

Here’s a snippet of the Journal’s party story, It’s Preppy Prints at Pulitzer Party:

“PALM BEACH, Fla.—It may look like it from the outside, but not everyone wears Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach.

That noted, if a party in town is sponsored by the fashion company and run by one of Ms. Pulitzer’s grandsons, you can bet for sure there will be enough tropical preppy prints to make you dizzy.”

Below, the grandson referenced in the story, Bobby Leidy with Terri Mersentes, one of the gala’s chairwomen.

Debbie Schatz/Palm Beach Daily News

More from the Journal’s story:

“(Down in Palm Beach—and probably only down in Palm Beach—there’s a bit of a rivalry between new Lilly and old Lilly.)

“This is the anti-black tie of the season,” Mr. Leidy, who has been chairman of the event for the last four years and stressed the importance of the Red Cross in the area, which is often afflicted by hurricanes. (His brother, Chris, an underwater photographer, was also there.) “Lilly is synonymous with old Palm Beach, and I think people want to be a part of what it was back then. Look around at all the Lilly here! It’s just as cool as it was 30 years ago.”

Another couple at the party.

Debbie Schatz/Palm Beach Daily News

This is considered the ‘junior event’ to one of the season’s biggest social gatherings in Palm Beach, the International Red Cross Ball, deemed “the party” of the year.


We move on to this weekend’s royal news, the ensemble sported by Kate Middleton at a friend’s wedding. From The Daily Mail:

“Beneath a tailored velvet dress coat by Libelula, she wore an elegant above-the-knee dress with a sheer neckline tapering to a silver clasp, an outfit completed by a black pillbox hat with an intricate fascinator, plum-coloured shoes and matching clutch bag.

Big Pictures via The Daily Mail

In some quarters much is being made of the sheer top worn by Miss Middleton, who celebrated her last birthday as a commoner Saturday, she is 29.

The Sun

The coat designer, Libelula, also does bridal gowns.
We believe Miss Middleton’s coat is the silk velvet Dulwich, available on the Libelula website.
In addition to the sheer top, the young lady’s choice of black for a wedding is under scrutiny. The circumstances are reminiscent of an eyebrow-raising appearance made by Prince William’s mother, Lady Diana Spencer, when she made a high-profile appearance shortly after her engagement to Prince Charles was announced.

The Daily Mail

The daring black silk taffeta gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel set some tongues to wagging.

The Daily Mail

Frankly, we think both looked stunning.


A final note involving these lovelies:

Murray's Toggery

We had no idea Murray’s was offering a driving moc, they look just delightful, and ever-so-comfy. Does anyone have a pair, are they are wonderful as they look? Our expiring mind is dying to know.

With that, we hope everyone enjoys a splendiferous Monday!


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13 responses to “When It’s Lilly or Louder & When a Royal-to-Be Wears Black

  1. Erin

    Katie Holmes looks just like “Rizzo” in the Sandra Dee scene of Grease in that last photo (but with brown hair)! LOL! How funny!

  2. I have actually read on one site that her ensemble was very dark purple.

  3. Amy

    Ooo, love those driving mocs!

    I am disappointed they cancelled the Kennedy’s, it looks like it would have been good…but I can understand if there actually was some historical issues.

  4. kiki

    i’m quite upset over the canceling of the Kennedys mini-series but not surprised. it received so much backlash before casting even took place, it was inevitable. kate looks smashing. i’m so excited for April 29th. enjoy your week, Princess, and take care.

  5. A man who can wear a Lilly P. blazer is a strong, confident and bold man. I sort of love it. However, context is everything for a Lily P. blazer on a man.

    Kate looks great in everything she wears. That coat is very Diana.
    Much love to you and Silly Tilly!

  6. I am quite taken by this post today TPP! I like the way those women in Lilly look. Quite modern. I like the princess in black dresses. And I particularly like those driving mocs). Thank you for the display of good taste today.

  7. Great Post as always Miss Princess. Diana and Kate can do no wrong in my book 😉 – hehe. KAG of Mongrams and Martinis in Manhattan/Boston has the driving mocs – Do you read her? I love them! Have a great day!! xoxo

  8. Love the shoes…hate to hear about the miniseries. Hopefully it will find it’s way to another network?

  9. Lovely and touching photos of Princess Di, her son and his wife-to-be.

  10. So funny…everyone wears black to weddings in NYC!

  11. Jen

    Tried leaving a comment last night and I don’t think it went through. So, trying again. I apologize if you get two. The men in Palm Beach are obviously very comfortable with their sexuality. Would not be able to get my husband in one of those sport coats. Don’t think I could even get him in anything remotely pastel. Oh well, navy is nice too.

  12. Lovely meaty post to sink my girlie teeth into. The Kennedys. What could possibly be new that we haven’t heard before of fact or fiction? To be deprived of mid-century wardrobe is a shame. A Lilly soiree would certainly make an evening. One can dream. Kate. Have you ever seen a more happy bride? And driving mocs – my absolute go to shoe when I’m running out the door and I can’t find where I left my Revas! Such fun reading.

  13. Ordered those shoes immediately. I wish I had then on right now!!!

    Have fun in Atlanta!
    xxoo Jennifer

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