Sneak Peek: Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2011 Stationery & Gifts

Hello-Hello, we are having another one of those oh-so-dreary days common in The Great Midwest at this time of year.  But all is not gloomy, nay-nay, as we have bright and sunny images to share from our upcoming Spring 2011 collection of Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gifts.

Because we have a lengthy commitment away from the Prepatorium today, we’ll post a few items today then have more tomorrow.

One of the most sought-after items has to be the new iPad covers, shipping in early March.

Designed specifically for the iPad, this is a snug silicone cover, available in the two patterns shown above, You’re Flagged and Bloomers, retailing at $24.50. We will also have a new iPad/Netbook sleeve, this one crafted from neoprene, similar to the current Lilly Laptop Cases and our Jonathan Adler Laptop Sleeves, these will be $24.50.

Lilly Pulitzer at

Also new to the line, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch cases, in addition to cases for iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Lilly Pulitzer at

The iPhone 3 and iPod Touch cases will be $19.50, with the iPhone 4 cases running $24.50. Here is a better look, with four new patterns for both iPhone models, and two designs for the iPod.

Lilly Pulitzer at

These will be shipping the first or second week of February, and will be available for pre-ordering later today. Additionally, they have been reformulated to eliminate the issues of chipping and/or flaking of the pattern that some users experienced.

The Thermal Mugs have also been remodeled, and we know Lilly lovers will be tickled pink to learn they will be able to go in the dishwasher! These will also be shipping the first or second week of February, and they will remain $14.50.

Lilly Pulitzer at

Pre-ordering for will be offered later this week.

The new Insulated Coolers are going to be ideal for summer at the beach, picnics and parties, and sure to add some flair to next fall’s tailgating. These will be available early March in Floaters (shown below) and Do the Wave, priced at $29.50.

Lilly Pulitzer at

Not only do they zip closed, they also come with a bottle opener. For your Diet Coke, of course.

We leave you with a look at the new Market Bags shipping mid-February.

Lilly Pulitzer at

Our favorite could be the “Ten Speed” in pink and orange, we love the Buy Local message.

The new patterns are very appealing, and so many of the products added to the collection are not only fun, but also very practical, as well as eminently giftable. As mentioned, we’ll share more tomorrow, and we’ll also be doing a mailing to our Lilly Pulitzer subscribers with more images, availability dates, etc..  (If not subscribed, the lower right of our front page at The Princess makes sign-up easy, and we don’t bombard you with email, maybe once every month or six weeks at the most, nor do we share your email. Not with anyone.)

With that we’re about to bundle up against the snow and cold!


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15 responses to “Sneak Peek: Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2011 Stationery & Gifts

  1. Yay! I’m so glad Lilly is FINALLY coming out with an iPad case! I’ll definitely be placing my order for this a case!

    Also, thank goodness the coffee cups are now dishwasher safe!

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. MCW

    I want an ipad just so I can get one of those covers!!!

  3. Love the new Lilly Thermal Mugs! Happy to hear that they can go in the dishwasher.

  4. Love the new LP patterns! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Great new products!

    I will definitely be getting the iPhone 4 cover…the tough part is just deciding which one!

  6. My girls and I all LOVED our things that I ordered from you for Christmas. The planners are so fun!!! What great items for spring that you have posted about!!! I can’t wait. I am a sucker for any kind of tote!!! So cute!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Leave it to Lilly to make the already delectable iPad even MORE alluring!

    Happy, happy 2011. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  8. BethAnn

    I am so excited for all the new Lilly items!!!!

  9. sue

    Happy New Year Susan. If I had not given away my Ipad I would be jumping on those cute Lilly covers.

  10. This just makes me happy: the colors are happy, the prints are happy.


  11. Oooh I cannot wait to get the market bags! I can still be Lillified just going to Publix! 🙂

  12. jessiesez

    Hey, there Lilly fans and friends of the real Lilly. In today, Sunday, January 23, 2011’s edition of The Palm Beach Daily News (or “The Shiny Sheet” as we call it around here because it’s printed on nicer, whiter paper so the photos look better…no, I’m not kidding) is a feature on Lilly’s house. She’s getting up there, you now in age, but not spirit, and she has put on the market, through Liza, her daughter, the real estate broker, the home she shared for years with her most beloved second husband, the handsome, Cuban Enrique Rousseau. My in-laws were great friends with them (I married a Cuban too) back in the heyday of the dresses and the shops (Lilly hired all her friends) and the rum punches.My mother-in-law said Lilly taught Palm Beach to relax and that entertaining could be well… entertaining! Do check out the article and color photos it’s a wonderful peek into the beginning of a wonderful era for us all…

  13. jessiesez

    Dearest Pink & Green worshippers…I had the source of where the Lilly real estate news was actually featured incorrect. The story and photos featuring Lilly putting her house on the market ran in “The Palm Beach Post,” the parent company of “The Shiny Sheet.” I usually only read the SS–(look at the pictures and read all the columns). They also print the NYTimes Daily Crossword Puzzle all week as it gets harder and harder.

    I was in the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, north of Palm Beach, closer to Jupiter on Sunday to try on the FINAL SALE 50% off, 50% off sale at Talbots. I just wanted to try on some clothes before I order them FINAL SALE onlne. I HATE that new policy,

    But after I had radiation treatment, I got 2 sizes 2 fatter (size 18) and couldn’t wear Lilly anymore. (boo hoo–all the other cancer patients used to say it cheered them up Lilly and now I am about to consign the size 6 and 8s and all the high heels because I had a problem from the radiation and my vertebrae collapsed, so my face sits on my chest. This puts you in the starting position for somersaults every time you wear high heels, Thank goodness, those boys in King of Prussia keep those heels at normal heights for most of the line and and they’re not expensive for such well-made footwear. Living near Palm Beach, when I turn over a shoe at Saks, I have to ask if I may sit down because I cannot breathe.

    I’ll tell you what, we could have cured breast cancer by now if EVERY women wrote a check for a $1200 donation to The Susan Komen Foundation every time they felt like buying a new pair of Valentino/Lanvin/Manolo or the current “King of Pain”, Christian Louboutin, or $$$$ Rene Caovillla (sp?). Our daughters would have brighter futures. The why all Preps know classic clothes make sense. I know it’s not a very capitalistic idea to be practical that way. I guess it’s the New Englander in me.

    We got a new vineyard vines at the Gardens Mall! That sure will save my ecological footprint. (not serious…)

    Juat think about it,

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