The Consort As Holiday DJ

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort stepping up with his two turntables and a microphone to spin some holiday tunes on this sunny day.  We’re now just a few days from Christmas and it’s time to relax with some music.   The (lovely and very talented) Princess is away fulfilling another volunteer commitment and she has given me the keys to the blog.

Let’s explore some of the more memorable moments in Holiday music.  You won’t see or hear any Chipmunks, Grandma vs. Reindeer or barking dogs.  I like to think this will be a bit more highbrow.  However, I might be wrong.

First off is one of the stranger holiday pairings I believe I’ve ever seen.  Bing and Clay Aiken create a Christmas… um… classic.  The first 1:30 is so full of Nick at Night awesomeness you’ll wince.

This is a remake of a Bing and David Bowie duet that was done years ago and can be found on YouTube.  It’s worth looking up.

So how do we follow that?  What would happen if you gathered a few of your singing friends at the food court in the mall and burst into song?

When those first two voices launch I get chills.  I know it’s a flash mob and not really spontaneous but it would be stunning to witness.  These public art events are popping up in more places.  If you ever a see one live make sure you whip out your camera and capture some of the magic.

Let’s follow that up with a bunch of guys who started singing together while undergraduates in Indiana.  The harmonies and humor make an unforgettable combination.  This clip is the song that launched them when a video of their performance went viral a couple of years ago.  Give it a listen and you’ll see why…

Full disclosure:  I worked with one of the singers while we were both in broadcasting.  Even then he was destined for great things.  Let’s end with a song that many people have covered and is becoming a classic.  A few years back Michael English and Mark Lowry sang this beautiful version of “Mary Did You Know”.

This song is top of mind for me because I’m playing it on guitar during the Christmas Services at our church.  I can only hope it sounds like a song someone might recognize.

What are some of your favorite holiday songs?  Maybe there are some that are so bad they make your hair curl.  If so, what are those?  C’mon, we’re all friends here.  Share a little…

But it’s time for me to get back to the shipping department.  I’ll leave you with my usual reminder:  Take care of your waitperson tonight because they’re working hard for you.  The Princess will be back next time we all get together.  Good night, everyone!


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2 responses to “The Consort As Holiday DJ

  1. nRk

    I am in love with that Flashmob video, I think I would cry if that happened while I was out shopping, in a good way!

    Love the snow effect on the site too! Too cute! xo

  2. I too find the Flash Mobs to be surprisingly touching. And I share your horror at the Bing/Clay pairing.
    I like the old school songs. Hark the Herald Angels is one of my favorites. I also love the more modern Feed the World/Let them Know its Christmas time.
    Happy 12 days of Christmas to you!

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