It All Started with a Pair of Boots

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a special Saturday post, part of something we are excited about, for it is the first of what we hope will be many posts from the one and only Queen Bee Swain, she of the fab royals-watching expertise. (Also one of the hottest coxswains going, but that is an entirely different matter.) Thank you Miss Bee, we look forward to more!


I have to confess, but for the love of Kate Middleton, I would not be a party to the Preppy-blogosphere-at-large.  It all started one December Friday afternoon in 2007; a quiet desk, all of my to-do’s done and a bit of time to kill.  I entered “Kate Middleton Boots” into Google and launched my journey as QueenBeeSwain.  I’d been a fan of Miss Middleton ever since 2005 when I first saw a picture of her as I worked my way through a People magazine, under the sun on the beach in Door County.  Every now and then a picture or snippet about her would surface- she always piqued my interest- she came across as tastefully stylish, what the French might label as “Le Rich Girl Chic,” but more importantly, exuded an air of composed exuberance- you just knew there was something special about her as you tried to analyze the essence of her.  Moreover, she was (and is) the Patron Saint of Boots.  That girl loves ‘em even more than I do, which is saying a lot about her signature footwear.  About a year later, after many search engine Kate Middleton sessions, QueenBeeSwain came to be, the Thanksgiving baby I’d always wanted.

PHOTO: Digital Spy

Look who got not just the first laugh, but also gets the last laugh!  My absolute fav’ pic of Kate Middleton, c/o, from ages ago when she was modeling for a company called Wild Thing, while in college.

Preppy Blogosphere being just like most other niches, it’s a small world and it was only a matter of time before crossing paths with the Preppy Princess, who is now presenting me with the opportunity to serve as the official Royalty Correspondent for Preppy Princess, the eponymous Royal Household of Preppy Blogland.  I’m tickled royal purple to have the opportunity to bring to you installments of the all latest of the inner-workings, behind the scenes, predictions and whimsy that this little gal is able to drum up through as many mediums as I possibly can get my little paws ahold of.

As for the latest pivot point in the Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting drama, we’re all fretfully on pins and needles waiting out the pronouncement of just which fashion house will be designing Miss Middleton’s wedding dress.  Many names have been tossed around- most often, Daniella Issa- a Brazilian who lives and designs in London.  Kate has been a long-time fan, even wearing an off-the-rack dress by Issa when she and Prince William announced their engagement.  But mark my words, THE DRESS will not be Issa- she’s the Diane von Furstenberg of England, outfitting the stylish and famous in lovely, draping frocks from day to night.  I ask you all though, how many wedding dresses by DvF have we seen on even Hollywood celebrities, much less socialites or royals?  I can’t recall any off the top of my head.  Too much pressure too, to pick a wholly English designer.  For more insight on just how much the dress will speak, please read THIS article .

I cannot wait to see the next few months to unfold.  Kate embodies already embodies the best qualities of the British; a polished, educated, poised and stately young woman who has the power to be the canvas and catalyst to highlight the best of the United Kingdom- now and future.

kHm, the QueenBeeSwain


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11 responses to “It All Started with a Pair of Boots

  1. Count me in as a big fan of the future Princess. She is such a natural beauty, and doesn’t, at least to me, seem to be full of herself.
    She also has nice boots.

  2. I LOVE KATE! And Royalty in general (I am also a BIG fan of Maxima in the Netherlands) I truly believe Kate brought the riding boot trend across the pond.

  3. Princess Kate … nice. Love the boots.

    John Galliano would do her nicely.

  4. Love the story of how you started your blog–and that is a fabulous picture of Miss Middleton! 🙂

  5. What a delightful post and how sweet of you Princess to give QBS this honor! Rather like being appointed Dame or some such ;-). Have a fabulous weekend Princess and QBS. xoxo

  6. vickym

    What a wonderful tale. Good writin’!

  7. Love Katie at QBS and love KM

  8. T

    Hi PP,
    I’m wondering why don’t you feature some of the functional brands like Henri Lloyd, Sebago, Ariat, Helly Hansen. They are more technical brands but they have very nice casual collections. And those would be the real stuff many preppy inspirations come from

  9. Jen

    Love your new reporter. She fits in nicely with your style. I’m a boot lover as well. And, I do secretly enjoy finding out about the newly engaged royal couple. Looking forward to more updates.

  10. This is a creative match made in heaven.

  11. does anyone know where i can find her boots?


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