That Preppy Princess Perfume, and Pink is It

Hello-Hello, and thank you to everyone for being so kind to The Consort yesterday!

We begin with splendid news for those of us who love most all things pink; behold the “it” color for next year, as announced by the color experts at Pantone.


Some may recall last year’s color was turquoise, we posted about it here. Below, a Cuisinart Yogurt Maker in Honeysuckle.

Courtesy Cuisinart

Christina Binkley at the Journal has more:

“A sherbety shade of pink, with a hint of red and orange zest, honeysuckle is seen by designers as a pick-me-up at a time when many people have had their fill of misfortune.”

A Sony camera in the hue.

Here is how the folks at Pantone put it:

“Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.”

Below left, a Dessy Bridesmaid dress in the color, and on the right, a Nanette Lapore gown for spring 2011 with Honeysuckle as part of the pattern.

Pantone has become very savvy about marketing itself, you can now purchase all manner of Pantone products, from Metal Storage Boxes to iPhone and iPad cases.

If Honeysuckle really tickles your fancy, perhaps the Pantone Visa card in this shade is for you.



Just in time for the final weeks of holiday shopping, Brooks Brothers has wrapped up its major overhaul of the company’s flagship store on Madison Avenue.

Here’s a view of the 5th floor, where Black Fleece and other tailored clothing is found.

Brooks Brothers

The bar looks splendid, and very inviting. (Only in an esoteric way of course, because cocktails while shopping? Gasp!)

Brooks Brothers

The company has scads of pictures from the updated digs on its Facebook page, click here for the album.

Last night the retailer hosted a celebration showing off the remodeled store that was also a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Below a picture from the event via the company’s Twitter photo feed, more evidence of Brooks Brothers’ social media growth. (The child in the navy blazer and glasses is simply too precious for words.)

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Brooks has long supported the charity, even offering several items for sale that help raise funds for the cause. Below we see two such pieces, the Brooke and Brooksie Bears.


We leave you with something that made us giggle here at Princess InterPlanetary HQ.

Vera Wang

Preppy Princess perfume! We adore the packaging, that abstract madras in navy and pink is very appealing.  The scent is from Vera Wang, here is how it is described:

“…a luscious, woody, fruity scent that blends succulent red berries, honeysuckle and sensual woods in an eclectic and edgy style. Vera Wang Preppy Princess: It’s your life—rule the world!

And while not for us, the crown and faux pearls atop the bottle make us smile; perhaps they will do the same for a Princess in your life.

On that ‘eclectic and edgy’ note, goodbye until next time!



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11 responses to “That Preppy Princess Perfume, and Pink is It

  1. LOVE honeysuckle! Love the BB photos and LOVE that Vera was kind enough to name a new perfume after YOU! What an honor. I think you should recieve royalties from sales of the PP inspired fragrance. Clearly.

  2. Amy

    Oooo, I want that perfume!! So pretty!

    I love that child in the blazer, that is just too adorable for words!


  3. Finally, my spring and summer wardrobe will be the “IT” color!! YAY!!

  4. eeaagh, you beat me to it, that’s tmrw’s scheduled post!



  5. vickym

    Vera knows a good thing when she sees it!

  6. Love, love the perfume name! 🙂 We like honeysuckle, don’t we? Exciting! Xoxo

  7. It’s only fitting that Vera make you a perfume;).

  8. Congratulations on having some perfume named after you! 😉 And it’s in such a delicious little bottle too! *giggle*

  9. You can only make green ice cream in that pink ice cream maker.

  10. p.s. LOVE YOUR NEW PERFUME!!! You deserve it!!

  11. Honeysuckle … beautiful name.

    Your pages are SO interesting.

    Preppy so cool.

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