“Year of the Lilly”? and a Royal Wedding Dress Update

Hello-Hello, we apologize for another “blended post,” this one being of the “Wednursday” variety, but things are a little chaotic here at Princess InterGalactic HQ.

Our post has lots of pretty pictures to tide us over the two-day span, we begin with a look at what is being called “The Year of the Lilly” by one noted writer, and we’re not talking about a shift dress.  Rather, Lynn Byrne of Decor Arts Now is looking at significant interior design trends for next year, as noted in the December/January issue of House Beautiful:

“For the “traditional with a twist” gang, dubbed the Accessorators by HB, the magazine foresees that a certain Palm Beach/Lilly Pulitzer vibe will be what’s rocking next year.

Funny, but I have been spotting the Lilly trend too, and I already have amassed quite a number of photos to share with you.”

Decor Arts Now

Below is just one of the luscious pictures Ms. Byrne shares in her story on the topic.

Decor Magazine via DecorArtsNow

House Beautiful editor Newell Turner came up with the four groups seen as impacting design trends (“The New Victorians,” “The Glams” and “The Ruralists” comprise the other three groups), here is more from Decor Arts about the “Accessorators“:

“This group is the “traditional with a twist” clique.  It is described in the Dec/Jan 2010 issue as a “flirty, colorful mix with a keen fashion eye.”  According to Newell, here is where you’ll find your bright ikat and other ethnic patterns, tossed together with classic furniture forms like the Frances Elkins loop chair.  He called it a look that embraced collections and stressed that it had its roots in the “great lady decorators” like Elsie de Wolfe.”

Below, two photos Mr. Turner used when discussing this style.

We’ll take one of just about everything please. 🙂


Next, a quick glance at some lovely images from Tiffany’s holiday campaign.

Tiffany & Co.

The company has posted the pictures on its Facebook page, there is also a Tiffany You Tube channel one can look at if so inclined.

Tiffany & Co.


From one elegant setting to another, we couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures from last night’s premiere of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” in Leicester Square. The Queen’s blue gown looked simply stunning.

Ian Nicholson/Pool

The beading on Rebecca Ferguson’s coat collar looks exquisite, although the body of the coat somehow ended up looking very bulky.

Actor Liam Neeson was in dapper form, actress Anna Popplewell looked elegant.

The film opens in the US in about ten days.


As we’re chatting about events on the far side of the pond, an update on the Kate Middleton wedding dress saga seems timely (with apologies to our Twitter followers, as we did mention this earlier in the week on that site).  It seems British oddsmakers have stopped taking bets on who will design the wedding gown, following heavy wagering on designer Bruce Oldfield.  Here is more from the Daily Mail:

“Now bookmakers have received the strongest indication yet that a designer for the gown has been chosen. Paddy Powerhas received so many wagers on Bruce Oldfield to design the Royal wedding dress, it has suspended betting.”

Mr. Oldfield is a British designer, and he has dressed a number of celebrities, not the least of whom was Prince William’s mother, the late Princess of Wales. He has a solid couture business, including wedding gowns. More on the designer from WWD:

“Oldfield, who has made one-off dresses for clients including Britain’s first lady Samantha Cameron, the Duchess of Cornwall, Sienna Miller, Charlotte Rampling and Queen Rania of Jordan, has been making couture dresses for 35 years and is a London fashion institution.”

Below we see two of Mr. Oldfield’s wedding gowns.

As in previous posts, we are showing dresses with a more covered-up look, recognizing the “appropriateness” of the dress will be of paramount concern.

Here are two of Mr. Oldfield’s designs for the Princess.

Via Hello! magazine

While we really have nary a clue on Ms. Middleton’s taste, we do not see her sporting a lot of lace, or frou-frou of any kind. We suspect if not being married under the scrutiny of a billion or two of her closest friends, she might go for something like these designs….

But given the requirements of a royal-to-be, we’re speculating perhaps designs like those below could work for the fashionable young lady.

What do you think? Will we see bare shoulders? Lace? Lots of embellishments or beading or other appliqued materials?

With that burning question, we say goodbye until next time!


  • Dave Hogan/Getty
  • Gareth Cattermole/Getty
  • Kieran Doherty/Getty


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11 responses to ““Year of the Lilly”? and a Royal Wedding Dress Update

  1. Princess Freckles

    I have to agree that she’ll most likely choose a simpler gown. From most photos I’ve seen, she has beautifully understated taste. I love the dresses you posted.

  2. belledeville@gmail.ocm

    Princess, I love that new Tiffany campaign. It is pure class.
    Also, the blue gown on the Queen was lovely.

  3. Kate’s got a conundrum if she wants to make an impact. Diana did over the top, Carolyn Bessette did simple – she has to get smart to find something with impact. I have to say, I have been thinking that the collared, v-neck, polo neckline was due for a wedding tour sometime soon.

  4. First, thank you so much for my links! Wow. I truly appreciate it.
    On to more pressing issues such as what Kate will wear. I ADORE the classic beauty of the last 2 dresses especially the one one the left. I think she will look best in a dress the simpler the better. I don’t think we will see bare shoulders and I hope for few embellishments. When Princess Di married I was fascinated in part because we were the same age. Always hated her dress tho. Way too frou frou. All best, Lynn

  5. MCW

    I think Kate may push the bar (well for if you are ultra conservative) but not go strapless…I really like the 1st dress you have posted.

    The Tiffany ad of the family in the snow is magical.

  6. Every year is the year of the Lily!;-)

  7. Your entire post had me drooling! So many lovely things to look at. I loved the “striped” dress with the long train, but my guess will be something move covered up like the “Audrey Hepburn” dress. Either way, I am sure it will be wonderful.

  8. Jen

    Somehow I doubt she will be able to get away with bare shoulders. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for her.
    As for the Lily trend, I like it. Maybe it signals a nearing end to the drabness of recession. One can only hope.

  9. LOVELY items… j’adore that pink sofa!!!

  10. That looks fantastic! Wish I could visit!

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