The Overlooked Royal Wedding? (Plus a Pink & Green Turkey!)

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We shall be brief as things are careening wildly out of control a tad busy here at the Prepatorium, and we also need to work on tonight’s Black Friday post.

Today we have an update on what some are calling the “overlooked royal wedding”.

Bruno Bebert/AP

We refer of course, to the nuptials of Monaco’s Prince Albert and fiancee Charlene Wittstock.  Above we see Ms. Wittstock alongside Princess Caroline and the Prince at last Friday’s annual Monaco Day Gala.  Ms. Wittstock was making her first ceremonial appearances as a royal fiancée.

As expected, the engagement of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton has generated an extraordinary amount of media coverage and will continue to do so.  We may well be in the minority, but we don’t think of the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding as overshadowing or eclipsing the events in Monaco; they are two separate events in very different circumstances.

Prince Albert’s engagement to the South African-born Olympic swimmer was announced in June, the wedding is next summer.  July 2nd there will be an open-air ceremony in the palace courtyard, followed by a religious ceremony on the 3rd, presumably led by Monaco’s Archbishop.

Below, Ms. Wittstock is seen at another National Day event, she is wearing Giorgio Armani Privé. 

The silk suit featured a nipped-in waist and oversized button closure on the jacket.  Trivia fans may be interested in knowing it is the first time a royal fiancée has taken part in a national day appearance. From these photos it seems she has the royal wave down pat.

Valery Hache/AFP/Getty

One unfortunate similarity shared by Kate Middleton and Charlene Wittstock, both face comparisons to their predecessors.  Miss Middleton is being measured against Princess Diana, Ms. Wittstock to Princess Grace, with many writers already saying the latter shares the “icy-cool blonde beauty” of Princess Grace.  AOL’s StyleList carried a post entitled “Charlene Wittstock, Gracy Kelly Spitting Images of Each Other,” using this image.

Via StyleList

From the StyleList post:

“Take a look at photos of the former princess and the princess-to-be. Do you see what we see?
Sculpted, dark blonde hair. Light eyes. High cheekbones. Silky skin. Heart-shaped faces. Slim, elegant figures. Not to mention, impeccable tastes in fashion.”

To be sure, the public interest in the activities, fashions, and everything else involving the two beautiful young ladies will only intensify. Below, Ms. Wittstock on the cover of December’s Tatler.

Tatler Magazine

She is stunning, with an understated elegance that is timeless, and appears ideally suited to her role.


We leave you with what can only be described as a very preppy turkey, via A Honey of a Deal.

Via A Honey of a Deal

With that we say gobble-gobble, may your Thanksgiving be filled with love and laughter!


  • Lionel Cironneau/Reuters


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8 responses to “The Overlooked Royal Wedding? (Plus a Pink & Green Turkey!)

  1. I am so old that I remember when Prince lLbert was hottish.;-) His bride is lovely. I hope they are very happy!
    The turkey is adorable. Does it have pink and green stuffing?;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all at the Preppy Palace!

  2. WHOA I definitely think Prince Albert’s fiance was inspired by Evita when she selected that suit. It is absolutely stunning!

  3. Let me return the favor and say: “A Happy Thanksgiving to you dear Princess!!”

  4. Mrs. Kindergarten

    If I were to EVER wear a turkey….THAT’S IT!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Much Love,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  5. I’ve always loved Prince Albert of Monaco. I vaguely remember when Grace married her Prince. Great Post as usual! {Love the turkey} Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and the Consort. xoxo

  6. I didn’t realize he was engaged- that’s fabulous! Two royal weddings to swoon over.

  7. Oohing and aahing over all the pretty princesses-to-be and their dresses – my favorite guilty pleasure!

  8. kiki

    i’m so excited for Kate and Wills. i wish the constant comparisons by the media would cease. Kate and Charlene have nothing on Di and Grace. love Kate’s style, though. thanks for sharing and take care.

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