Preppish Bargains & Giant Hermès Kelly Bag

Hello and happy Friday to all looking forward to the weekend.

Most of today’s post is more of our inane nattering light and easy, with a focus on opportunities to maintain fiscal responsibility while also taking care of some Christmas and/or Hanukkah shopping. But first we look at an upcoming estate sale, something that is inexplicably provoking a touch of melancholy here at The Prepatorium. (Yes, we know, we momentarily went off the rails there, veering dangerously into the TMI Zone. Goofy Princess.)

At any rate, it is tomorrow’s Dominick Dunne Estate auction that prompts the sadness. For some reason, the item we are most saddened to see is part of Lot #94, “Mexican Embossed Leather Box”.

Via Artfact

It isn’t the box itself, but rather, the collection of cufflinks.  They seem so very personal, selling them to the highest bidder in such a public forum feels… odd. (At best.) The Times carried an article about the auction last week.

“…the colorful remnants of his estate have been consigned by his family to Stair Galleries in Hudson, N.Y., which will auction them on Nov. 20.

Visitors to the gallery’s ground floor will enter what Colin Stair, the auction house’s president, called a “mini-re-creation of an era of Dunne’s life” at Clouds, his 1961 colonial-style saltbox in Hadlyme, Conn., which he bought in 1993. He had fled Hollywood more than a decade earlier, his career as a movie producer sunk by alcoholism and financial ruin.”

Of course, the reality is that the auction isn’t what we find troubling, not at all.  The dejection comes from realizing Mr. Dunne is gone.


Now we shall careen wildly move to the aforementioned Sales & Savings, beginning with Kate Spade.  The Barrow Street Anabel is now $137 (from $275), perfect to carry on this winter’s getaway.  A possibility as a party pump this season, the Karlisle in black is now $224, discounted from its initial selling price of $320.

We are partial to the Gold Coast Kip bag (originally $225 and now $112); the Moon River Pearl Bracelet will perk up any number of styles, it originally sold at $195 and is now $136.

Brooks Brothers is promoting its Thanksgiving Clearance Event.

Brooks Brothers

And Tory Burch is touting the “Divine Sale”. (?)

There are many season-appropriate offerings like the Simone Cardigan (initially selling at $225, now $112.50), available in several colors, and the Nolde Turtleneck (originally $125, now $62.50).

Shoes are also marked down, including the Afrikan Reva flat (originally priced at $235, now $165).

The selection appears fairly broad.

Barneys Not-So- Private Sale is also underway.

Barneys New York

Offerings include a few Pretty in Pink goodies, like the Hooded Puffer Coat (Now $66 from $110) for Babies and Toddlers, or the Cupcake Fleece Jacket (originally $55, now $33), also in Infants and Toddlers.

We also have word about a significant sale at The Gap, tomorrow only (Saturday, 11/20/10).

“This Saturday only save 40% off the entire store, including sale merchandise. All existing Gap, BR or Old Navy cardmembers will receive 45% off when they use their Gap, BR or Old Navy Credit Card. Or if you apply and are approved for a GapCard you can receive 40% + 15% off!”

That would include styles like these for the tiny preps at your palace.

Note this is in-store only, not online, at least not as of now. We thank our Twitter friend ap for the tip.


In honor of the delightful Summer is a Verb we share a glance at an amazing Kelly Bag from Hermès. (We credit her for playing a significant role in helping the company achieve record-breaking profits this year. Heh, heh, heh.)

Via Fashion Tribes

The massive ‘handbag’ is actually part of an interactive exhibit the legendary firm has undertaken with Selfridges, a UK retailer we have enjoyed visiting now and again.  From the Selfridges news release:

“Bringing new meaning the term ‘oversized handbag’, The Kellydoscope is a giant version of the iconic Hermès Kelly bag – named after movie star and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

Made exclusively from the label’s leather and toile fabrics, The Kellydoscope features a side door through which you step, to find out what its like inside a handbag.”

Via Selfridges

We would be happy with the reversible Double Sens. After all, reversible = practical, oui?



We leave you with an unusual Pretty in Pink, something we have dubbed “When Snails Attack”.

Via Miami New Times

45 of these massive monsters can now be seen allover Miami Beach. Formally, the snails are part of an international art project; here is more from the official website:

“Strategically placed throughout the city, this engaging public art series is designed to inspire a community-wide conversation about the importance of recycling and its environmental impact, while leaving a potent artistic trace on the Miami Beach community.”

Previously they were spotted in Milan.

Photo via Anabolic/Flickr

The snails will be ‘on the beach’ until January 3.

Belle Isle Blog

On that whimsical note, may everyone enjoy weekends filled with love and laughter!


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9 responses to “Preppish Bargains & Giant Hermès Kelly Bag

  1. That giant bag is AMAZING!!!!! I want to go in it!!!!

  2. I’m more amazed by the big snails than the big Hermes!

  3. Brooks Brothers….

  4. one day i will have a berkin … one day…

  5. The giant Hermes bag and the giant pink snails make me think of the giant Westie, but of course it would.;-)
    Happy weekend, lovely you!xoxo

  6. Your posts always put a smile on my face Princess.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. I think I solved what someone is going to buy me for a St Nicholas’ Day Present- LOVE the bracelet!



  8. Cookie

    How can you not smile upon seeing those snails! I wish I had one!

  9. I just cannot believe that giant Hermes bag! WOW! Also, love the pink snail! 🙂

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