Talbots Spring 2011 & Some Serious Tiffany Blue

Hello-Hello, happy Wednesday! Here at the Prepatorium we almost hear faint echos of “There’s Got to be a Morning After,” a comment made without a red, blue or purple influence, merely a means of saying we need to look at something lighter and brighter today, oui?

Fitting nicely in that category, the Talbots collection for Spring 2011.  We begin with two looks we love, both with an appealing and easy elegance.

Two ensembles that are a little too figure-hugging for this decrepit old woman. (Heh, heh, heh.)

Style has more on what inspired the designs in their story on the collection:

“… the 1950’s and the spiritual setting was Paris, so the silhouette is hourglass and the palette is macaroon bright.”

That Parisian influence is seen in almost every look.

We do note the fifties figure referenced, but not the “macaroon bright’ palette, at least we don’t see it in the images shown online. There are a lot of muted colors and hues.

The Style article touches on the retailer’s continued efforts at overhauling the brand, its image and its merchandise.

“But not to worry, Talbots has no intention of alienating its core audience. The classic blazer, cardigan, and white shirt are all still here, but with updated, “Grandma, can I borrow this?” fits.”

From comments left after previous posts about Talbots we know some readers are enjoying the new look, but others are not; here are two looks we aren’t crazy about.

They aren’t hideosities, just not for us. Back to the collection.

More nipped in waists and full skirts.

Cropped dress pants appear to be with us for many seasons to come.

The style on the left is pure Betty Draper, and the sheath on the right might also work in that capacity.

We are guessing that many of the fabrics used are better appreciated in person, silks and tweeds with a lush feel that feel better in the hand than they appear online.  While more than fond of basics in neutral tones, the lack of bright colors that really pop is disheartening. To see all of the images at Style, click here.


Next on our list of less intense topics, football players and fashion.  Below left we see Calvin Pace and on the right, D’Brickshaw Ferguson (who looks enormous) from the New York Jets, they promenaded down the runway as a fundraiser at Saks for the Jets Foundation.

Also looking stylish, Jim Leonard (L) and Kris Jenkins (R), the latter appearing even larger than Mr. Ferguson, if that is possible.

Women’s Wear Daily reports Mr. Jenkins’ custom-made sport coat was a 62 long.


Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany is almost as famous for its robin’s egg Tiffany Blue® as it is for its jewelry.  Every year the firm hosts a “Blue Book Gala,” where it showcases new merchandise. So how does one decorate for the event? Of course.

Tiffany & Co.

On hand for the gala, actress Byrdie Bell, adorned with (what else?) Tiffany jewels.

Tiffany & Co.

The company has posted a Facebook photo album with pictures of the event, should you be interested in seeing more images.


A few Pretty in Pink and Green goodies round out today’s fun and frivolity beginning with a sign of the season, the Lilly Pulitzer Christmas Ornament ($48) at Splash of Pink.

Splash of Pink

We also have Lilly Ornaments ($17.50) at The Princess.

The Preppy Princess

One of the niftiest totes we have seen for next spring is from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga via The Purse Blog

A little pink and green is always good for the soul.


One final note that *is* election-related, but we promise it falls in the fun and lighthearted category.  It involves yesterday’s post and this photo.

Via Standpoint Magazine

Do you see all of the literature stacked on the table? A comment on the post shares more:

“OMG. I am so excited to read this post today. The second picture down…yeah, I created that poster, brochure, and book. I never saw this photo before. Thanks for sharing!”

Kathleen at “Leggings are NOT Pants” shared that tidbit, very cool IOHO, and another great demonstration of why we so love the interwebs.

Goodbye until next time!


  • George Chinsee/WWD: Jets Fundraiser


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13 responses to “Talbots Spring 2011 & Some Serious Tiffany Blue

  1. Yes to Talbots. That collection makes me look forward to Spring. So many wonderful pieces. I am mad for the yellow skirt and the 3/4 sleeve sweater. Love!
    Lily sends love to Tilly!

  2. I’m so happy to see full skirts.

  3. Thanks for the sneak peek – Talbot’s has been so blah in year’s past. . . nice to see some more wearable pieces. And happy colours. And coats. Always a nice touch. . .
    Jennifer McIntyre

  4. I never thought I would love Talbots again, but I do! xoxo

  5. Love the Talbots Spring 2011 collection that you shared! I definitely need the outfit that consists of the tan elbow length sweater with the blue skirt. So perfect for work.

  6. Have to have that Tiffany blue coat!!!

  7. I am so loving the new Talbots collection. This year I told myself that I wouldn’t be buying any new clothes. All that has changed with the very wearable peices from Talbots.
    Let the shopping begin!

  8. Jen

    I’m loving the Talbots stuff! Ugh!!! I need more clothes like a hole in the head. But, I may just need to stop by there soon. Tiffany’s is so overpriced but so fun to window shop.
    And, you’ve reminded me I need to go on line and check out your selection for Christmas gifts.

  9. Ohhh, I LOVE Talbot’s spring line, its adorable. And as a graphic designer, I am so excited for the reader who saw a photograph of her published work, such a great feeling!

  10. Love Talbots!! The clothes are timeless and they will have new followers!

  11. Little Red

    I foresee a shopping spree at Talbot’s when their spring line comes in.

  12. the new 50’s style talbots look i think will be tres flattering on moi! though i will have to say my mom is pretty bummed about their “younger” changes!

  13. LOVE love the 50’s styles- fuller skirts are sooo flattering! Talbots is so my new Jcrew!

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