A Few Very Preppy Pumpkins


We are flying out the door shortly, but wanted to do a brief post showcasing some fab and fun pumpkins.  Behold the Lilly Pulitzer pumpkins created by Sue from the Re-Lilly group on Facebook.

Above, Sue’s little princess helps show off some of the Pretty in Pink creations. Below, a closer look.

Another style in daylight and just after dark.

And here is today’s Pretty in Pink, a group Sue did previously.

It’s tough to decide, but we think this one is our favorite.

Although this is a pretty cool look as well.

Our thanks to Sue for her gracious generosity in sharing her photos, to see all of the designs, visit the Re-Lilly blog. (BTW, if you are not familiar with the Re-Lilly Group, it is the place for anyone looking to buy or sell all things Lilly.)

We leave you with this stylish group, all in argyle from A Punch of Color.

Thanks for popping in, we’re back tomorrow!


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8 responses to “A Few Very Preppy Pumpkins

  1. These are so beautiful … great ideas.

  2. mona

    I still can’t decide which is/are more adorable the pumpkins on the Re-Lilly post or her little Princess. And now TP throws in the argyle pumpkins…so much Halloween fun to love!

  3. Thanks for posting about Re-Lilly & our Preppy Pumpkins 🙂

  4. Re-Lilly is a great place to buy Lilly!!!

  5. Elizabeth Anne

    OMG I love these SUE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love these!! How perfectly pink and preppy 🙂 Lilly, Lilly everywhere!!!


  7. The argyle ones could not be cuter!

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