Priscilla of Boston for 2011 & The Anti-Prep is Number One

Hello-Hello, welcome to a wild day here at the Prepatorium, the weather outside is frightful… oh, wait, that’s two holidays away!

Today’s post is brief, we have once again entered the TMTDTLT zone, aka Too Much To Do in Too Little Time, eek!  So we jump right in with Bridal Week images, we have been derelict in our duties, not yet sharing any of next fall’s styles. Today we have looks from Priscilla of Boston for Fall 2011.

Perhaps the gown on the left has pockets, an asset for almost any dress.

As always, some styles are a bit too frou-frou for our minimalist tastes.

Others are simply exquisite.

Below left, the sheer overskirt atop the mini-skirted dress (L) isn’t a look we find appealing, and while the dress on the right is stunning, it also reminds us of a lovely negligée.

In a few cases the models were so thin it almost distracted from the gowns they were showing.

The two-piece lame with the coat isn’t our favorite style (ahem), and some of the frills were over the top.

But on the whole, classic silhouettes were the order of the day.

Many of the shorter styles were equally intriguing.

As were dresses for attendants and/or a non-traditional gown color.

A quick reminder for anyone in the market for a party frock (or a gown), the Priscilla Sample Sale is this Friday at all Priscilla salons.

We’ll have more bridal fashions later this week.


We leave you with a timely topic, the year’s most popular Halloween costumes with a story we should have seen coming down the tracks (but didn’t), naturally it involves an AntiPrep.  Elizabeth Holmes’ story in today’s Journal does a stellar job explaining what’s truly frightening this Halloween:

“What’s the scariest part of Halloween this year?

“Jersey Shore” costumes are topping many retailers’ lists as the most popular outfit of the season.”

A look at the Number One costume for 2010:

With more on the phenomenon:

“It’s the first Halloween since the notorious MTV reality show featuring a pack of raucous Italian-American 20-somethings began airing last December. Costumes based on Snooki’s poofy hair and “The Situation’s” rippled abs have been flying off store shelves.

The story even quotes a preppish type who is going to the dark side. (Gasp!)

“Elizabeth Wilson, a 31-year-old attorney who lives in Corsicana, Texas, outside Dallas, is a self-described “J. Crew, Marc Jacobs, Burberry girl.” But she’s looking forward to donning a little dress and big hoop earrings for a night. “It’s just an escape,” she says.”

For more on this year’s top costumes, click here; it really is a fun read.

With that we say g’bye until next time!


  • Thomas Ianconne/WWD: All Priscilla photos
  • WSJ: Halloween images


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10 responses to “Priscilla of Boston for 2011 & The Anti-Prep is Number One

  1. Love those dresses ! Too divine!

    xxo HH

  2. MCW

    Those dresses are simply stunning. My favorite is the 4th one down on the left.
    There will be Snookies everywhere this Halloween! Mr. NH is dressing up was her…haha

  3. Clare

    This post is making my wedding fever even worse!! I want to be getting married so badly! hahaha, yes… I am “the girl” right now 🙂

  4. kiki

    such beautiful dresses. i want to get married again…to the same man, of course. i am taking my 6 y.o. out trick or treating dressed as a witch. i have done so for the past 6 years. my son thinks it’s time for something else, though. maybe Snooki?

  5. Even though I have been married for a very long, I still find myself wondering which style I would wear, of course to the same groom! 🙂 xoxo

  6. So pretty! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Priscilla of Boston b/c my wedding dress was P of B! It was made of, wait for it, Irish linen (Don’t you just love that? So perfect for August) and was unbelievably beautiful. I got married in 1995 and I am one of the very few brides of 1995 who can look back on her wedding dress with a smile instead of a shudder.

  7. The bridal gowns are simply beautiful. My wedding day was long ago but I still enjoy viewing bridal gown pictures. It always puts a smile on my face reliving happy memories……

  8. I was thinking of how emaciated the models look in those PofB wedding gowns, when you mentioned it! We are certainly of the same mind set. But those traditional, classic gowns are gorgeous. Jersey Shore Halloween costumes – Saddens my heart that we have come to this. 😉 Xoxox

  9. aditional, classic gowns are gorgeous. Jersey Shore Halloween costumes – Saddens my heart that we have come to this. 😉 Xoxox

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