Brooks Brothers Home Collection Launches

Hello-Hello, welcome to an almost-weekend, a delight to contemplate despite an overbooked schedule. Already.

We have a look at the Brooks Brothers Home Collection, debuting online today.

You won’t see much of the new line at your local B2, the majority of it is only available online.  New items include bed linens in two motifs; below, the Blue Yarn-Dye group.

The Glen Plaid and Pinstripe pieces are done in a 300 thread count cotton; we like this look.

The white Herringbone bedding is also made with 300-count cotton.

The Pillows may well be our favorite thing, inspired by the retailer’s neckties, they are made of a fine English silk twill.

They come in three sizes, 16″, 18″ and 20″.

In three patterns, the Jockey Stripe (L), Diagonal BB #1 Repp Stripe (M), and the Horizontal Guard Stripe (R), all available in the three colors shown.

A grouping of these will look elegant in many settings, it is good to see the pillows are Made in the USA.

Prices for the pillows run $248 – $288.

Of course, we’re rather partial to our Old School Toss pillows, they are crafted of 100% cotton, better suited to the beating they take bustling environment here at the Prepatorium.

(These don’t require quite the same investment as the silk pillows at Brooks.)

The Terry Bath Collection offers towels in a nice range of colors.

As well as a bathrobe and slippers.

This a big weekend for our friend Queen Bee Swain and rowers, it is Head of the Charles weekend in Boston. This year Brooks Brothers is one of the premier sponsors of the Regatta.

Good luck to the Bee!


Our other tidbits today are brief, the first involving J. Crew. Yesterday the company’s stock was absolutely slammed following an analyst’s downgrade. From a Business Week story:

“The shares have fallen 26 percent this year.

The retailer now has a sale on its website with some items, such as a pink dress, discounted more than 70 percent.”

Clearly analysts are concerned about the ongoing need for sales and other promotional pricing. We checked and the weekly 3-day Factory Outlet sale continues this weekend; Crew’s Fall Sale is also underway. We don’t know about the “pink dress” referenced above, but definitely noticed some deep discounting.

The Wool Dunaway Dressy on the left is $69.99, originally it sold at $158. On the right we show the Glen Plaid Peacoat, originally $278 and now just $99.99, this is *before* the additional 20% off outerwear promotion that is currently being offered.

That kind of pricing can impact the profit picture in a significant way.

The other Item of note is also related to the market, yesterday Vera Bradley became a publicly traded company, now you can own a piece of the handbag and accessories maker if so inclined.


We close on a Pretty in Pink and Green note (with apologies to our FB fans who may have already seen the picture), these are just some of the totes and lunch bags we have been getting in for the holidays!

With that we say adieu until next time, we hope each and every treasured reader enjoys a simply splendid weekend!


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7 responses to “Brooks Brothers Home Collection Launches

  1. MRM

    Thank you for posting this! As soon as TLS saw the slippers, he said “Hannukah gift.” Makes my job easier!

  2. I wonder if I buy VB stock will they now ship to me?

  3. Thanks, I didn’t know Brooks Brothers came out with a home store! COOL, I have to go over and check it out! THANKS!!

  4. LPC

    I love your pillows too. And let’s all cheer on Queen Bee!

  5. One of my favorite wardrobe items is my beloved BB terry cloth robe. It is the platonic ideal of all terry cloth robes everywhere.
    Hope you and the consort and the preppy pets have a lovely weekend.

  6. I like the repp tie pillows. Nice for a masculine inspired retreat. 🙂

  7. LOVE the bedding. I used to wish for such when decorating my son’s room. Gorgeous. Xoxo

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