Lilly Pulitzer Furniture, Target Design Collaborations

Hello-Hello, it is a glorious fall day here at the Prepatorium, bright skies and sunshine abound, we hope it is the same in your corner of the world.

We begin with an early look at some of the Lilly Pulitzer Furniture Collection, officially launched over the weekend.

Clearly there is potential for some serious Pretty in Pink.

As promised, the collection is alive with vivid colors.

The new line is being created in partnership with HFI Brands. One of the more interesting pieces is an ottoman, seen in green and white below.

The piece opens to reveal shoe storage.

Gimmicky? Absolutely. Practical? Probably, especially for many Lilly Lovers, occasionally (cough-cough) in need of a bit more shoe storage.  Also debuting next spring, the home decor and upholstery textile line by Lee Jofa.

Both lines clearly hold promise, we look forward to seeing them on our next market trip.  We send our thanks to Sophie Pyle for her generosity with the photos, to see more, click here.


Next, word that another noted name is doing a line at Le Boutique Targét.

The creator of the Glossy Posse, cosmetics pooh-bah Napoleon Perdis, makes his move into bath products with his new line at Target.  Women’s Wear Daily reports the line launches this Sunday.

A reminder about another designer collaboration, the Target Mulberry collection arrived online and in stores this Sunday.

Unfortunately every style online is sold out, one’s only opportunity to find the bags is at an actual store.


We have a few notes to share, the first about our friend Tickled Pink & Green: her blog has returned to its original home at Blogger. A nasty humanoid has hijacked her URL and is holding it hostage for an insane amount of $$$.  So pop in for a visit at this address, not the recent URL. Today is a good day for a visit, you can read about her excellent adventure with Hopsy at the Dallas True Prep event.

Courtesy Tickled Pink & Green

Our other note involves OPB (Official Princess Business): Hanukkah falls early this year, so personalization deadlines are also early.

We are excited about our Hanukkah and Christmas goodies from Clairebella, including Cutting Boards (seen above), Monogrammed Coasters, and Notecubes.

We’ll also be sharing some of our Christmas goodies in this space, but wanted to be sure and get the word out on the cutoff date for most Hanukkah orders.

Finally, if wondering how the Mad Men cast celebrated Sunday’s season finale, many were at a watch party.


Neilson Barnard/Getty

Above we see Cara Buono (Dr. Faye Miller), Elisabeth Moss (Peggy), writer/executive producer Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks (Joan) and Jon Hamm (Don Draper) before the big do at 21.

Until next time,may your day be filled with sunshine.




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17 responses to “Lilly Pulitzer Furniture, Target Design Collaborations

  1. I was in target on Sunday and I saw the Mulberry bags. The Mulberry for TARGET tag was huge. I just couldn’t get past that tag.
    p.s. Love the Lilly shoe storage.
    xo+Lily love

  2. Ooooooh! Pleasantly surprised by the Lilly furniture line!!!! I think it is FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thank you for the sneak peek!

  3. I NEED that ottoman perfect for hiding shoes from the man in your life!

  4. oo im headed back to furniture market tomorrow, i may have to add the new lilly line to my list of must see’s!

  5. Hahahahahahahahah….love the way you made it sound like an espionage movie plot! You are too funny. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  6. I wish I had a vacation home to doll up in pink and green Lilly. the pink bamboo chair is so much fun.

  7. Oooh!! That Lilly furniture! The ottoman, every Lilly (and shoe) lover NEEDS that immediately!! Genius!

  8. I luv the Lilly furniture!!

  9. I love the Lilly Furniture line! Excuse me, I think I was drooling! Oops!
    Love the Post! Thanks!!!

  10. I hate URL hijackers! Bad! Bad!

  11. MCW

    I am in love with the Lilly furniture! If only I had the space and $ to buy it all!

  12. Love the line of Lilly Pulitzer furniture! I definitely need that ottoman 😉

  13. I love all of it. Especially that pink chair.

  14. Added a new batch of pictures…thank you again for posting about the LPHC!

  15. mommydearest

    I loved the ottoman – BEFORE I saw the inside. I die! It would be PERFECT for my (eventual) boudoir.

  16. I absolutely LOVE the furniture collection. Already planning a redecorating venture for my home. I love the light, airy, bright and happy colors. Oh, and I must have a Jeep just like that one! How could you be unhappy driving around in that???

  17. Anonymous

    I just need a yellow and white chair. Can’t find it!

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