Those Ivy League Scarves & Talbot’s Next Celebrity Model

Hello-Hello, we are smiling this morning as we are off to visit the Queen Mother for a day of meetings and shopping.

We begin with word of another delightful post over at our pal Christian’s site, Ivy Style.  The latest is another gem from Rebecca Tuite, she also did a piece on Vassar students and the Ivy league look. This recent contribution is entitled Tied Together: Ivy Guys, Vassar Girls, and the College Scarf, giving us a look back at a classic tradition.

““The most fashionable girls had a long wool scarf from a men’s college,” remembers a Vassar graduate from the class of ‘59. “These conveyed to other students that the wearer had a serious boyfriend at one of these prestigious campuses. However, a young woman might actually have bought it for herself.”

Indeed, such a student would never have admitted this fact: With the scarf, she now appeared to be not only effortlessly stylish, but involved with a guy from the Ivy League.”

Perhaps our favorite part of the post is this 1954 image from Vogue.

One of the few places we’re familiar with offering scarves in the vintage tradition is the UK’s Smart Turnout.


Smart Turnout


Below we see Smart Turnout’s Princeton scarf, crafted in 100% wool and hand pressed at $99. On the right we show the Women’s Scarf sold at the U-store on campus, made of 100% Kashwere and selling at $35. (We suspect Kashwere is not a naturally occurring fiber.)

The tradition of wearing one’s college colors started with British and Irish students, Smart Turnout carries accessories for every major school and regiment in the UK, while Ryder Amies offers scarves for Cambridge’s many colleges.

As in so many cases, there is no shortage of vendors offering merchandise, the trick is finding quality products. And we are sticklers for the unspoken understanding that one doesn’t wear the colors of an institution one did not attend.

Of course, there is always someone who doesn’t play by the rules.


Tilly T. Bulldog


Tilly admits she’s no Handsome Dan, but says she can’t give up one of her favorite pieces for snuggling when winter rolls around.


Does this make me look fat?


We’re thinking Handsome Dan might give Tilly a pass.


One other item of note today, Talbots has announced their next celebrity model.


Frederick M. Brown/Getty


Actress Julianne Moore is set to start shooting for the retailer’s spring catalog this week. AOL’s StyleList has more on the selection, with this comment from the company’s CEO.

“She will make our brand feel modern, which is what the 40-ish woman is. She’s effortless — an effortless beauty.”

There was substantial buzz this summer about Ms. Moore’s nude ads for Bulgari.




Most recently the company used Linda Evangelista for its fall catalog and advertising.


We leave with one quick reminder for anyone who might not have entered our Giveaway for copies of The Official Preppy Handbook and True Prep.

TP is Giving Up One of TOPH Copies!

You can enter until midnight tonight, we’ll announce the winner tomorrow. (There are lots of other goodies included from brands like LL Bean Signature, Vineyard Vines and Cole-Haan, do meander on over if so inclined.)


Giveaway Goodies


Until next time, g’bye!



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14 responses to “Those Ivy League Scarves & Talbot’s Next Celebrity Model

  1. Miss Coco

    I LOVE that they have chosen Julianne Moore!

  2. Princess Freckles

    Safe journey today.

    I love Julianne Moore. She’s perfect for Talbots.

  3. Love Julianne Moore!!! And the story about the scarves is tres interesting! 🙂 xoxo

  4. I was so drawn to a bold cardinal and gold striped scarf in my school’s bookstore recently like the one pictured in the b/w photo. It was so old school to me and I had to have it although it was wool and I’ll be sitting in the sun in high temps. Sometimes fashion comes with sacrifice. I’m sure you’ll agree. 🙂

  5. So glad you enjoyed the article – and I LOVE that you made it into a shopping piece! Now I know exactly where to direct all those people who wrote and asked me where they could get a scarf of their own – right here to Preppy Princess for superb scarf suggestions!

    Wonderful site!

  6. I like Talbot’s decision! Just not the nudity part – it’s bad enough seeing her look better than me IN the clothes let alone OUT of the clothes.

  7. Talbot’s made a grand decision when choosing their next model.

  8. KSE

    When I was in college the fad was to snag a ribbon belt from your man’s college [preferably one with a crest on it]. I found your history lesson very interesting, thank you!

  9. I love Talbot’s choice – I have been on a shopping spree there lately stocking up on some suits, etc. for new job. Love it!

    And Miss Tilly looks lovely in her sweatshirt. She’s too good for Handsome Dan (unless of course she wants him).

  10. Jen

    Damn, I’ve been AWOL and missed the giveaway. That serves me right not keeping up with the blog around here.
    I want one of those scarves. I will have to look into those. I’m sure I can find some U. Penn colors.
    Liked the Bulgari adds but, wow, hope Julianne was careful with those kittens’ claws. That was an accident waiting to happen.

  11. I love Julianne Moore!! So happy about this announcement, I love Talbot’s, always have, always will! 🙂

  12. I love Julianne Moore!! She is so beautiful, good pick Talbots!!

  13. Always happy to see pictures of Tilly!

    Re Talbots – I like Julianne Moore and honestly, I think anyone would be better than Linda Evangelista!


  14. Bunsy

    I actually have a scarf like that in Vassar’s colors — rose + gray… I got it a million years ago when I was in college, and I seem to recall it was (like the ones you showed) from the UK.

    I also had one like that from my then Harvard boyfriend… which might have been either given away, lost at dry cleaner, or somewhere in the mist of time.

    I had an awful lot of great prep stuff — fair isle sweaters, gorgeous kilts from Scotland, some great cashmere, etc, etc, but packed it up and gave it away to Salvation Army when I was about 23… I think some of that stuff can look very dated/odd if you are not careful with it, or use it sparingly. For women at least, you can look boxy/behind the times.

    Of course, I do have a navy blue kilt/miniskirt — beautifully made from Burberry, that I wear with tights and patent leather 6 inch heels, that looks both classic, but cool. I think the thing with prep is not to play it straight, but mix it up with a few different elements.

    Sorry to go on about the state of my wardrobe! (!)

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