Updates on Lilly Furniture & an Anti-Prep, + a Mad Men Spoiler….?

Hello, and greetings from The Prepatorium, where we seem to be having a bit of the “Monday-on-a-Tuesday” syndrome, making today’s post somewhat brief.  Is anyone else encountering similar challenges, or are we the only one with our whiskers in a wad not feeling like we received all the french fries in today’s Happy Meal?

We begin with a quick peek at a few pieces from the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer Furniture Collection.


Courtesy Photo via Home Accents Today


The 200-piece Collection debuts later this week at the biannual High Point Furniture Market; the company partnering with Lilly on the undertaking is HFI Brands.


Courtesy Photo via Home Accents Today


For anyone wondering about a color palette, the Home Accents story features this quote from a company executive:

“”The Lilly Pulitzer Home collection promises to deliver Lilly’s same style, inspired color palette and unique sense of fun to consumers’ everyday lives.”

This photo also provides ample proof of the vibrant hues we’ll see in the line.


Courtesy Photo via Home Accents Today


(We do apologize to our FB Fans for the repetition of photos.)

Lilly Pulitzer isn’t the only fashion designer to announce a new furniture line, Jean-Paul Gaultier (he just showed his last  collection for Hermès and is taking over Lacoste design duties) is also planning a home collection.


Via MoCo Loco


Sometimes referred to as “the French fashion enfant terrible,” Mr. Gaultier has done furniture previously; this time he is partnering with upscale brand Roche-Bobois.  As MoCo Loco reports, many pieces will feature the designer’s nautical stripes.


Next, an update on one of our original AntiPreps, Kim Kardashian.


W Magazine via WSJ Speakeasy


The latest involves Ms. Kardashian’s sartorial selections for the W Magazine November cover photo. As in none. The Journal’s Speakeasy blog offers more:

“Of course having a naked reality star on the front of a publication has little to do with art–but it has everything to do with selling copies.”

Clearly the real issue isn’t the discreetly cropped image seen in the Speakeasy blog post, but this picture, also cropped (we are not posting the entire cover photo):


W Magazine


We let our subscription to W lapse for a variety of reasons: too many magazines but too little time, the ease of scanning portions of it online, the increasing lack of relevance to our lives.  All reasons impacting circulation and profits at most print publications. Back to Christopher John Farley’s post, it addresses the bigger picture:

“Kardashian, or one of her sisters, are safe bets to somehow be a part of more such endeavors in the future. Many other reality stars will no doubt remove every stitch if they so much as get a call from Cat Fancy magazine. But every time a star bares all, it will likely move fewer issues than the time before.”



Finally today, at least one online theory exists about what could happen in this Sunday’s final episode of Mad Men. (Sniff.) Below, an image from the upcoming show, Don Draper (okay, Jon Hamm) certainly looks troubled.

Michael Yarish/AMC-TV

We adore the way LittleSallyDraper (it really is all one word) is growing up, but fear her involvement with CreepyGlen (also all one word) is headed nowhere good. (For those who might not share our insane addiction watch the show, don’t be fooled by CreepyGlen’s uniform, he most assuredly *is not* your classic football hero.)


Michael Yarish/AMC-TV


One of our favorite aspects of the show is reveling in the vintage styles, like those seen on LittleSallyDraper and her mother, Betty Draper Francis.

Michael Yarish/AMC-TV

At any rate, the possible spoiler comes via Ben Cohen in his column “Mad Men Conspiracy Theories: Will Conrad Hilton Return?” Mr. Cohen puts forth some interesting possibilities, not the least of which is the episode’s title: “Tomorrowland”.  For more, visit the post, we couldn’t possibly risk ruining the end for anyone.

With that we’re out the door, hoping everyone has a sunny afternoon and an evening filled with moonbeams, both literal and magical.


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13 responses to “Updates on Lilly Furniture & an Anti-Prep, + a Mad Men Spoiler….?

  1. Love the elephant! Glad they are doing furniture

  2. MCW

    Loving the Lilly furniture!

    I cannot believe Mad Men is almost over for the season. It went to quick!

  3. A fun post, and I got your fries… So there. 🙂

  4. The Lilly furniture…can I have it for my Palm Springs house….if I ever get a Palm Springs house.

    Amazing isn’t how fashion magazine know that celebrity front covers sell. To have Kim Kardashian, who actually is quite beautiful, on the cover is pretty incredible.
    Who is next, Snookie from The Jersey Shore?

  5. LPC

    But you know, I am the EXACT age of little Sally, and I was never dressed so chicly. Children in those days were children. I wore shorts and matching tees with brown oxfords. Of course, we’d moved to California, but still.

  6. Princess Freckles

    Did you notice how winded CreepyGlen got running away from Betty? Poor kid. I’m dying for the finale! I’m not visiting the spoiler site though.

  7. Love the name CreepyGlen – and yes he is. I am so sad that the season is almost over. 😦 Getting ready to go read the article. Sure wish we could have a Season Finale party and watch it together!! xoxo

  8. Just read the article. Makes me even more curious! Hasn’t Sally turned into a beauty!! xoxo

  9. It is so nice to meet you as well! Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Love the styles from Mad Men (even though we’re not watching it in Tokyo), and even more so that they’re reflected in the clothes that the younger ones are wearing. Now if we could only get children/young girls and guys to do that today…

  10. I hope that W gives credit to Barbara Krueger for that cover’s inspiration.

    As a therapist I am so happy Sally has a therapist. She sure needed one. Actually both of her parents could use a whole lot of therapy.
    Big LIly hugs to you!

  11. kiki

    one of my theories at the start of the season was that conrad would return. i actually thought he would be the one crashing the x-mas party, not lucky strike guy. i think Don is going to california with Megan. i tweeted set pix of them together poolside holding a baby, could be Gene. i’m afraid Sally will do something drastic. don’t think i’ll be clicking the link, though. i want to be surprised. i’m sad it’s coming to an end already. also, i cannot stand the kardashian clan. like LiLo and Paris, i just wish they would go away. thanks for sharing and take care.

  12. Sally is the only reason I watch the show outside of the fashions.

    I actually dislike every single character except for Sally.

    CreappyGlen is Creepy. Sally needs a new love interest.

  13. Positively dreading the season finale of “MM” next week. Dreading, though wildly curiously where the many loose threads of this season are leading us.

    You know I’m with you regarding the anti-prep du jour. “W” has always been a bit too avant garde for me, but now perhaps I have yet another reason to not be interested. A cover that could be mistaken for a Playboy does not a fashion mag cover make.

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