Argyle Adventures & That Justin Bieber Nail Polish

Hello-Hello, happy Monday!

We are taking it easy this afternoon in response to the quasi-holiday, offering a simple Adventure in Argyle; it felt like a good day for something light.  We begin with a few things for the Young Lady at your house; on the left we see Pink Argyle Girls’ Growing socks, found at Le Boutique Targét, along with the Girls’ Cherokee Argyle Sweater.

Pendleton’s Argyle Cardigan is sure to have a high snuggle factor, done in 100% merino wool.

If seeking something for your MOTH (Man of the House), Target’s Merona Cardigan could fit the bill, or perhaps the retailer’s V-Neck is more appealing.

Both mens’ sweaters are 100% cotton.

For your tiny prep, the Infant Toddler Boys’ Argyle Sweater is cute as can be; the same can be said of the Infant Toddler Girls’ Tights.

Ralph Lauren’s Argyle Leggings for girls and Toddler/Little Girls’ Argyle Sweater are both found at Saks.

The Girls Argyle Sweater is by Juicy Couture (yet it seems remarkably free of logos) and the Boys’ Sweater offers a contemporary update to the motif.

A more understated look comes via Kate Spade, the Tonal Argyle Tights sport the classic pattern; Ms. Spade’s Argyle Knee Highs are more flamboyant.

The Argyle Socks at Talbots come in a variety of colors; the ‘Cassis’ (reddish) are on sale for only$3.75.

Back to baby, the Moses Baskets at Posh Tots are darling.

A favorite gift item is our Argyle Manicure Set, ideal as a stocking stuffer.

We’ll also admit to being proud of our Argyle Doormats and House Flags.

How about an argyle cake?


Via Cake Central


We like this one from Pink Cakebox for another Pretty in Pink.


Via Pink Cakebox


What is the most unusual item you have seen done in argyle?


We leave you with an addition to the “Help Me Understand” hall of fame:

Now, this may look like ordinary OPI nail polish, the added glitter indicates that it is from the Nicole by OPI line (this is where the Gossip Girl nail polish came from).  So what makes these different?  Hypothetically, teen singing sensation Justin Bieber ‘designed’ the collection.  Here is more from Stylist:

“Called the One Less Lonely Girl collection, the perfect-for-the-high-school-dance shades are inspired by Bieber hits: One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender), Prized Possession Purple (grape), Give Me The First Dance (silver), Me + Blue (dark blue), OMB! (bright red), and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter).”

Look for these at Walmart in December and other retailers in February.

We know this makes your Monday complete.



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18 responses to “Argyle Adventures & That Justin Bieber Nail Polish

  1. LOVE all the argyle-though maybe not with peep toe heels. Great finds!!

  2. LPC

    Argyle, my love…

  3. Makes me glad I wore argyle socks yesterday! With LLB embroidered pants of course lol!

  4. I need that cake…the pink/green/white one:)

  5. I love the baby baskets! There’s nothing like starting out our kids on the preppy path early.

  6. Oh, I love me some argyle! It really evokes a feeling of Fall~which thank goodness~is finally here. Love the many places and ways to wear them (I wouldn’t have considered stockings!)

    Have a wonderful week ahead!



  7. Amy

    Love those argyle leggings for girls! So adorable.

    That nail polish is just…well…someone knew how to make a killing on teenage girls.

  8. Love argyle – on anything! This post brought me to a happy place – until I saw “wool” – and I cannot wear anything wool without my moody Irish skin making it’s blotchy presence known. I’m so jealous of those who can wear them with no issues!

  9. Princess Freckles

    Bieber nail polish? Too much!

    Though, I can never get too much argyle! 🙂

  10. I wish I could pull off those Kate Spade thigh highs. They are kind of great.
    Hugs to you and Silly Tilly!

  11. wow.. Justin Bieber “designing” is really random! haha. And those colors are reminiscent of something I wore in 3rd grade. But those baby baskets are so cute!

    By the way, I don’t know if you remember me, but my old blog used to be park avenue princess. I stopped blogging for a while and recently made a new blog again. 🙂

  12. The baby baskets are adorable!! I even like the manicure set.

  13. Love it all and MUST have that pink argyle mani set! Is that on your site? How did I miss that?

  14. Argyle is just so fun!

  15. The argyle is so classic. I’ve been swooning over a deep blue nail polish for fall, could be a great neutral

    class act

  16. I love argyle! I can’t wait for it to get cooler so I can wear my argyle sweaters and socks I have in store for this season.
    That pink and green cake had me thinking….I think I’m going to paint a pink and green argyle pumpkin for my front stoop!

  17. I was wanting to find facts when it comes to this month’s press pertaining to the Justin Bieber finger nail polish and I arrived on this site. I can not wait to get the Biebz nail polish. I think that my best prospect to buy it will be when it retails at Wal-Mart. I reckon that this will help to make a great Christmas treat for all of my school mates!!

  18. I really tough I was a joke. So it’s true…he really did a nail polish. I wonder what’s the difference between the others

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