Win True Prep *and* an Original Preppy Handbook + Preppy Goodies

Hello-Hello, here at the Prepatorium it is a stellar Thursday, in part because we are *finally* getting around to our much-delayed giveaway!

The good folks at Random House sent us an amazing gift bag filled with all manner of treasures, we’ll get to those momentarily, however, the first gift bag business involves reading material: the giveaway includes both “True Prep” from Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd, as well as an authentic copy of The Official Preppy Handbook.


"Two! Two! Two Preps in One!"


Yes, TP is surrendering one of her copies; we must all make sacrifices, and today we offer this up for The Planet’s greater good. (Heh, heh, heh.) With 1.3 million copies of TOPH sold, and True Prep’s continued presence on the NY Times Bestseller list, clearly this is paradise for one lucky prep.

Also included in the fabulous prize package:


LL Bean Signature



Vineyard Vines


We admit to being excited about our Giveaway; it’s crisp and cool outside, a good time for a little fun and frivolity, oui?  Here is the scoop on how to enter.

  • For one entry, leave us a comment, any old comment will suffice;
  • For a 2nd entry, post the Giveaway on your blog or Facebook page & leave a comment telling us you did;
  • For a 3rd entry, Tweet about the Giveaway on Twitter & let us know you did (here’s the Princess on Twitter);
  • For another entry, become a Preppy Princess fan on Facebook & let us know you did (If already a fan, just let us know so you receive this additional entry!)
  • For another entry, become a True Prep fan on Facebook & let us know you did (If already a fan, just let us know so you receive this additional entry!)
  • For multiple additional entries, tell a friend! For each friend leaving a comment that mentions your name (or your blog or email or other means of identifying you) you receive two additional entries!

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Wednesday, October 13th and we shall announce the lucky winner in Thursday’s post.

Enter early, enter often, and please come back to visit with us again!


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210 responses to “Win True Prep *and* an Original Preppy Handbook + Preppy Goodies

  1. Vanessa G.

    What an amazing prize-I love that bag and the Original Preppy Handbook was before my time but I would love to have a copy! I’m a fan of y’all and of True Prep on facebook so 3 entries please!

  2. How wonderful! I would love to enter. Thanks!

  3. Such a great preppy goodie bag!! Love everything! I’ve been meaning to buy True Prep and cannot wait to read it! I’ll make sure to tweet and fb about the give-a-way. 🙂

  4. Tory

    This is the best give away I’ve seen in a long time! I NEED everything in here!

  5. Stephanie

    what a fabulous giveaway! I’m a fan of both PP & True Prep on Facebook, so count me in for 3 entries!

  6. Please pick me… I also tweeted and FB’d it. 🙂

  7. Dallas

    I tweeted, I facebooked, I fanned preppy princess and I was already a true prep fan!

  8. Courtney

    Love your blog and would love to win preppy goodness 🙂

  9. emily

    It’s all sooo cute!

  10. Kristie C.

    I absolutely love this giveaway!
    I’m an avid reader of your blog. I’m also a fan of your page on Facebook and a fan of True Prep.
    I’m about to tweet about this as well! 🙂

  11. I was just perusing Vineyard Vines for a new tie for the Mister. Fingers crossed!

  12. And I am, as always a fan of The Princess on Facebook!

  13. » FUN! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

    » I put this on my sidebar and will facebook it right now!

    » I tweeted it!

    » I am a facebook fan of you!

    » I am a facebook fan of True Prep!

    » I have told everyone so hopefully they mention my name! I wonder if blog stats should count lol!

  14. emily

    I’m a fan of True Prep and Preppy Princess on facebook and I just shared your contest on Twitter… is that three more entries?? 🙂

  15. one entry – PLEASE PLEASE pick me for the prize! I lost my copy of TOPH and I would LOVE yours!!!

    2nd entry – I am going to post this on my FB page

    3rd entry – I am a FB fan of Preppy Princess

    4th entry – I am a True Prep FB Fan

    4 all together ! 🙂

  16. Maureen

    What grand items. I am in love with that tote bag. I am a tote bag gal and have quite a number of them. The bracelet is just wonderful too.

  17. Oh my goodness! A copy of TOPH!!!!!! What an amazing giveaway! 🙂

  18. I am also a fan of both on fb and tweeted you! 🙂 (3 more entries pretty please!)

  19. Ryan

    Comment! 😉

  20. Ryan

    I’m a True Prep fan on FB.

  21. corinne

    What an outstanding giveaway! I’ll be adding it to my Facebook page.

    I’ve posted a Tweet about the Giveaway.

    I’m already a Preppy Princess fan and True Prep fan on Facebook! Hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  22. John

    Courtney Rounds ( should win all of this lovely stuff.

  23. AMStarkey

    Great giveaway, thanks Preppy Princess!!

  24. Quite the giveaway, my dear! Impressive. I am very happy to have 3 entries please!

  25. Oh! Very Excited about the Give away! I have my hand up at the back of the class jumping up and down!

  26. Wow – what an amazing give-away. I love every single item! Hope I win! (Posted about it on Twitter to for an extra entry).

  27. what a fabulous giveaway from such a fabulous site. and i can’t believe you’re giving away a copy of TOPH–what a keepsake!

    – i tweeted about it:!/dks2008/status/26677896761
    – i’m a PP fan on facebook (of course)
    – i’m a true prep fan on facebook

    fingers crossed! 🙂

  28. Rebecca Jamieson

    So I’ve gone crazy. I retweeted, liked PP and TP on FB (love the acronyms, huh?) and am writing a comment. I’m a lone prep living in Denver, so I rely via online to get my fix!!

  29. LillyxxGal

    TP Surrended one of her TOPH copies *gasp* this is the BEST Giveaway! I love everything! The canvas tote is TDF! I have been coveting the bracelet too!

    *Fingers Crossed*

    XOX Sue

  30. LillyxxGal

    I just shared this on Facebook!

  31. LillyxxGal

    I tweeted the giveaway! (LillyxxGal on Twitter)

    XOX Sue

  32. LillyxxGal

    I am already a Preppy Princess fan on Facebook!

    XOX Sue

  33. LillyxxGal

    I am already a True Prep Fan on Facebook 🙂

    XOX Sue

  34. Rachel

    1st entry – Oh how I would love a copy of the original!
    2nd entry – Posted on Facebook
    3rd entry – Preppy Princess Facebook fan
    4th entry – True Prep Facebook fan

  35. Courtney

    I also totally tweeted, facebooked, and posted to facebook!

  36. Lindsey

    Courtney Hybarger Rounds,

  37. Courtney

    Also became a True Prep fan on facebook as well :O)

  38. Sarah V

    I’d love to win! I’m also a fan of True Prep on Facebook!

  39. So wish I still had my original Preppy Handbook! 🙂

  40. I LOVE all of this, and would love to be entered!

    1) Am a fan of True Prep and Preppy Princess on Facebook
    2) Posted the giveaway on my Facebook
    3) and I tweeted it!!! (rebeccainoxford)
    4) I heard about it from twitter user: dks2008, or Diana Simpson (on facebook)

  41. Megan

    LOVE this Preppy Giveaway!!!

  42. Oh my goodness, Preppy Princess. This is the best giveaway! Thank you! And how much fun that you’ve been saving it for us. Please include two extra entries for me- I’m Facebook fans of both you and True Prep. xo xo

  43. Fantastic giveaway!! This gal is so excited to have the chance to enter, thank you so much. Lets see, I qualify for 3 entries please. One for any ole comment, one for being a fan of the Preppy Princess on facebook and also for being a fan of True Prep on facebook.
    Keeping my fingers crossed Ms. Princess and always sending a smile your way 🙂

  44. Wonderful giveaway! This is too exciting!

  45. Megan

    Just became a Preppy Princess fan on Facebook!

  46. Courtney Porter

    1 entry for me!

  47. Katie Labuda

    I love reading your blog everyday!

  48. Christopher D. Rounds


  49. Thanks for the giveaway, so cute!

  50. YAY! I RTed this too on twitter!

  51. Lissa Mullery

    Love all things preppy and your blog!

  52. Kathi Hybarger

    My darling daughter, Courtney Rounds, has begged and pleaded with me to leave a comment. I’ve gently reminded her that a true preppy does not beg or plead. I fear having to remind her does not speak well of my influence during her formative years. I did try. Her nursery was green and pink. Her name, Courtney Elizabeth, offered numerous acceptable nickname opportunities. Her bedtime stories alternated between select readings from my well worn copy of “The Preppy Handbook” and Shel Silverstein. I was properly supportive when she pledged a well established sorority. From an early age she could immediately recognize her monogram. She knows that there is no such thing as too many Sperry’s, plaid shorts or headbands. She has never had big hair. She never will have big hair. Courtney Rounds has a Proper Preppy Princess Pedigree. She is, after all, the progeny of a Preppy Queen and an aging frat boy.

  53. Lisa

    One entry for me, please.

  54. What a fantastic giveaway!

    p.s. I am a preppy princess fan on facebook 🙂

  55. Hey!
    Please count me in! I love this giveaway.
    I tweeted about it. {I’ll tweet again @ you}
    I am a fan of you on FB
    I am a fan of True Prep on FB

    I want to win 😉 Love ya Princess and Thanks.


  56. Abida

    preppy-ness yay
    i am already a fan on fb.
    and a true prep fan on fb

  57. Christine

    I seriously love this giveaway!! I love reading your blog daily it is wonderful!


  58. Jiffy

    This has to be the best giveaway ever! I love every piece included, especially the tote 🙂

  59. toooooooooo fun! thanks for such a great giveaway! TP and PP fan 🙂



  60. Camille L.

    I could use a newer copy of the Official Preppy Handbook…mine is quite tattered…well, wait, a newer copy wouldn’t be very preppy now would it? But my hubby needs that tie! 🙂

  61. Camille L.

    I posted on my Facebook and became a fan of the Preppy Princess and True Prep on Facebook. Thanks for the fun giveaway and all the wonderful prep news on your blog.

  62. Margeaux

    Love the preppy princess and true prep!

  63. ahhh this is soo cool! thanks!

  64. Such a great giveaway! Throwing my name in the hat!

  65. Reese

    Just found your blog and I’m in love!

    I’ve facebooked, liked both PreppyPrincess and True Prep, and tweeted!

    Thanks for blogging!

  66. Bob Hybarger

    Courtney is to preppy as Nietzsche is to pietzsche.

  67. Elizabeth York

    I would love to win all of these lovely goodies! 🙂

  68. Jenny

    Hip Hip…so excited for this giveaway!

  69. aeamathis

    For some reason, I just really want that bracelet!!!

  70. Crystal S.

    I’m a true prep and I love it!

  71. Fran

    Courtney Hybarger Rounds is the only person worthy of winning this giveaway. (

  72. Catherin

    I love the bag! Hey, if I win I could stop worrying about trying to get my copy of TOPH back from my daughter!

  73. BethAnn

    I would share the rest of the giveaway with someone if I could just have the TOPH. Please, please, please!

  74. BethAnn

    I’m a Preppy Princess fan on FB!

  75. BethAnn

    I’m a True Prep fan on FB!

  76. BethAnn

    Just posted the giveaway link to my FB. 🙂

  77. Came over from “The life of a Suburban Princess”, so one more for her! I’m following both sites on facebook. This is a wonderful giveaway!

  78. Marica Dacey

    May I please have 4 entries??

    1) I would like to thank you for the WONDERFUL wrapping you did on my friend’s gifts that i ordered her for her birthday! They came on time and she was so excited to get True Prep and the bracelet and I kick myself that I didn’t order some for myself! so that is the “any comment”

    2) I posted on my facebook wall for the contest

    3) I am a fan of the Preppy Princess on Facebook

    4) I am a fan of True Prep on Facebook!

    Have a Great Weekend and thank you for running this contest!

  79. TWJ

    Would just love to have this and share with my daughter and son. My daughter still has my original TOPH and is trying to take my TP book as well. Love your blog and I am already a fan on TP’s facebook.

  80. I’m back! For now anyways! What a fun giveaway and on the first day back to blogging after a few weeks! Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments on facebook/blog etc. I would love all these goodies, especially the book! Yay! Hope you’re having a fabulous week! xoxo Jennifer

  81. soo many awesome preppy goodies!

  82. I posted this awesome giveaway on my blog’s facebook page

  83. Then I tweeted the giveaway “The @PreppyPrincess is having a great giveaway of preptastic goodies! check it out here

  84. Entry 4. I was already a preppy princess fb fan under Kirstin Long, my Blog Hello Kirsti’s Fan Page also has Preppy Princess as favorite page (OF COURSE =)

  85. Entry 5. I am now a true prep fb fan under Kirstin Long, my Blog Hello Kirsti’s Fan Page also has True Prep as a favorite page (I’ve been slackin hehe)

  86. Caitie

    I have wanted a copy of the official preppy handbook forever!! These prizes are amazing! Also, I’m a fan of preppy princess on facebook. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  87. Annie Fittin

    Please Please enter me 3 times! I became a fan on facebook, I posted the give away on facebook and I am leaving a lovely comment on this fabulous site!

  88. FrancescaA

    Love your blog. The giveaway is fab!

  89. m

    i would love this

  90. This stuff is so charming, Muffy and Biff rejoice!

  91. Lisa in Canada

    Love it!!

  92. Elizabeth York

    (already commented before)

    *2nd ENTRY*: I liked your page on facebook!

  93. pick me! pick me!! I ❤ P.P.

  94. brittny

    Loving all of the goodies! Especially the LL Bean tote!

  95. brittny

    Also a fan of Preppy Princess and True Prep on facebook!!!

  96. Ericka

    OMG love love the bracelet! and I did all of the above so five entries, hooray! Plus shout out for my sister Kirsten Long, she needs another entry too. much love and argyle my lovely preps;)

  97. Mary B

    LOVE this giveaway!! I just became a fan on Facebook, too!

  98. Oh my goodness! What an exciting giveaway! I actually do not have a copy of TOPH so I would love to win! I am a facebook fan of both TPP and TP.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  99. Dream

    Chances are slim, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’d love TOPH and the tie for my hubby.

  100. Wow! This give away looks SUPER! I wonder who will win!

  101. Amazing Giveaway !!! 🙂

  102. I tweeted!/RoraBorieAlice/status/26859372455
    I am a Fan of TPP on Facebook (aurora moore)
    I am a fan of TP on Facebook (auroramoore)
    I posted the link to the giveaway on my fb (aurora moore)

  103. WHAT and amazing giveaway!

    I’m a fan on facebook.

    I posted on my blog.

    AND I tweeted!

    THANK YOU! 🙂

  104. Molly Canfield

    I love everything in this goodie bag!

    1) Am leaving a wonderful comment on your blog 🙂
    2) Announced it on Facebook (
    3) I announced it on Twitter


  105. as a gal of the 80’s I lived preppy, Izod shirts with collars up, white soled boat shoes LL Bean boots, you name it 🙂 a very cute and perfectly preppy prize!

  106. Preppy Princess FB fan Michele Pineda

  107. I heard about this giveaway from Her Highness of Cute blog!

  108. so glad i started wading through my google reader with TPP to see this little gem!

  109. Mrs. Kindergarten

    Oh my WORD. I am loving this and have my fingers so very crossed!

    Thanks for the Chance,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  110. mommydearest

    Best giveaway EVER 🙂 Fingers crossed…

  111. 1st entry — what an awesome prize pack!!
    2nd entry — posted on my blog: (
    3rd entry — fan of Preppy Princess on facebook (left comment about my LP gift wrap order!)

  112. mark yoder

    Hey prepsters! I tweeted you and posted you on facebook! Keep the preppy pride alive!

  113. Cecily Hope

    Here’s a comment, posted the giveaway to my blog (, tweeted the contest (@cecilyhope), and become a fan of both your page and the True Prep page on Facebook, so five entries please!

  114. This is an AMAZING giveaway! wow! I can’t believe all of the wonderful goodies! 🙂

  115. ACH

    I thought I’d missed all my chances to win a True Prep giveaway! Fingers crossed for this one 🙂

  116. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!
    I blogged about this giveaway,
    I tweeted about the giveaway,
    I am a fan of Preppy Princess on facebook,
    and I am also a fan of True Prep on facebook!

  117. Kelly

    Best giveaway everrrrr!

  118. Kelly

    Oh and count me in for 5 entries!

  119. 1. comment – I dont have either book so I am really excited about this giveaway!
    2. blogged about the giveaway
    3. tweeted about it @atlyankeebelle
    4. fan of the preppy princess on facebook
    5. fan of true prep on facebook

  120. 112 comments!! Wow, there is a big love of Prep. This is a VERY generous contest you are holding. So nice of you!!!
    I hope you are having a Royal weekend!xxoo

  121. Elizabeth

    Great Giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  122. Geri

    What a fun giveaway!

    I think the tie is the most fun of all!

  123. Birdy

    nuff said

    p.s. (i love how you guys wrap the lilly mugs with green and pink paper)

  124. Birdy

    just facebook-ed it!

  125. Birdy

    now i have tweeted it

    and have become a preppy princess fan on FB

  126. Linda

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  127. ebcroom

    What a wonderful giveaway

  128. Love this!!! Whew hope you pick me.

  129. Sarah

    What a great giveaway! 🙂

  130. I Love this giveaway! I get 4 entries!
    1. Comment
    2. Twitter (@MissFLBelle)
    3. I liked the Preppy Princess on FB
    4. I liked True Prep on FB

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  131. perfect giveaway! I am a fan of true prep and you on facebook!

  132. molly

    yay! would be so excited to win!

  133. Oooo, I wanna win this preppy package BAD!

  134. I like the preppy princess on facebook under the name ashley stock

  135. such a fun give away 🙂

  136. I facebooked about this fab giveaway under ashley stock

  137. I tweeted about this giveaway as littlemsmomma {and I follow your tweets}! I am in LOVE with this whole package–that tie is awesome and those glasses are to-die-for!

  138. pick me! pick me! thanks so much for doing such an amazing giveaway!

    2) posted it on my blog!

    3) preppy princess fan!

    4) true prep fan!

    thanks again! :]

  139. Love this giveaway and could definitely do with some extra “prep” in my step!

  140. Sarah S

    So cute!! Please count me in!

  141. Incredible giveaway!!! I’d love to enter and whoa, that bag looks lovely!

  142. I was referred by Southern Sweetie 🙂

  143. Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please!

  144. And now I’m a Preppy Princess fan on FB!

  145. And now I’m a True Prep fan on FB!

  146. amanda

    Great giveaway!

  147. Shannon

    Love, love, love this gift bag! Thanks for the entry!

  148. KSE

    Excellent giveaway package! See website link for my write up and list of all-time favorite things about being preppy and southern!

  149. SUCH a cute giveaway! I’d love to enter- I am a fan on facebook and have also tweeted about it! Thanks so much! ❤

  150. As I got to see this prize in person, I am DYING to win it! I love love the bag and would love a copy of TOPH too!!

    I am a TPP fan on FB.

    I am a True Prep fan on FB.

    Thanks sweet Princess for hosting!!

  151. Courtney Rounds


  152. Love me some Preppy Princess! Have added it as a favorite on my Facebook page of favorites, am a True Prep and Preppy Princess fan on FB as well! My friend Bethann D sent me your way. Thanks!!

  153. Aubrey

    Hello Preppy Princess – Best prize package I’ve ever seen!! Thank you for parting with it!!! XO

  154. Melissa

    I would definitely love to win!

  155. While I have never been the one with luck enough to win anything, I suppose I can comment just the same. I’ll put something up on my blog and let you know that I did so.

  156. You can find the blog entry here:

    That brings me up to two entries, and I think that’s more than enough. Not an avid facebooker or twitterer.

  157. I love this give away!
    1. I have become a fan on facebook of the preppy princess!
    2 I am already a fan of True Prep on facebook!
    3 I am posting a comment for my 3rd entry!

    Can’t wait – fingers crossed!!!!
    Debbie Barker

  158. I have posted a link to your giveaway on my blog! Check it out here ~

    I just love this giveaway!!!!

  159. Bboss

    This is my only entry. I quit FB and I don’t tweet or blog. I did look up Lisa Birnbach in my school yearbook (year, not disclosed). She gave a talk at my college when she published her first book.

  160. Marti Tolleson

    Love True Prep! Preppy girls rule!

  161. What an amazing giveaway- this would totally make my year, lol!

    I posted the giveaway on my blog, became a fan of preppy princess and true prep on facebook, for a total of 4 entries, please!

    I heard about the giveaway through Southern Sweetie’s blog!

  162. I love this giveaway! I would love to enter!

  163. I posted about this giveaway on my sidebar!


  165. Angela Vaughan

    I am a follower

  166. Angela Vaughan

    I have become a fan on Facebook

  167. Angela Vaughan

    I have become a fan of True Prep on Facebook

  168. tali schussler

    Love it! great giveaway!

  169. Taylor

    Love this giveaway! SO cute!!

  170. You had me when I saw you were giving away a copy of “The Official Preppy Handbook”. Many years ago, I lost mine when we moved.

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway.

  171. I posted about your fabulous giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

  172. Such a great give away, and I posted the giveaway on my blog! found it from Miss Southern Prep

    -happy blogging
    pink & preppy

  173. Nadine

    This is Amazingggggggg!!!!!!!

  174. Who can resist lovely things from The Preppy Princess!!

    love ya!
    Jennifer McIntyre

    off to Twitter and Facebook!!!

  175. Alison

    What a great giveaway!

    tribespider at yahoo

  176. Andrea

    Love the Preppy Princess!

  177. Andrea

    I’m a TP fan!

  178. Andrea

    I’m a PP fan too!

  179. Amy

    What a great giveaway!
    I love, love, love your blog!!

  180. Amy

    I am also a True Prep fan on facebook.

  181. Remember – I am a TP fan, TPP Fan, I follow you on Twitter and I re-tweeted your post about giveaway, I posted about Giveaway with link on my FB page and at the blue barn page, I added your site to my blog roll on my blog and I told all my friends. . . let’s hope they post a comment!!!! or two!

  182. Mary

    Great giveaway!

    Letting everyone know about it for the great products even if everyone can’t win.

    Have a GREAT day!

  183. What a sacrifice indeed, TP! How terribly generous of you to give such goodies away. Though I already have my “True Prep” copy courtesy of your fine business, I’d love to enter for a chance at the rest of the loot.

    Methinks I’m a Facebook fan of yours already, but I’m popping over to double-check and rectify the situation if not.

    We missed you in Chicago last weekend, by the way. Though I wish it had been on a different weekend, hope your Denver trip went well

  184. mac

    Love this giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  185. Janet

    What a lovely idea! Thank you for letting me enter. Mrs. Blue Barn sent me!



  186. LPC

    Just one little entry here. Because I love that swag. I admit it.

  187. Meredith

    This is adorable! I just started reading your blog and I couldn’t be more impressed. Keep up the good work!

  188. what an awesome gift-set – Lisa Birnbach is hilarious – love her.

  189. Young Preppy

    I adore this! Thanks, Preppy Princess!

  190. I am a Preppy Princes fan on FB…and this gift set looks lovely.

  191. I tweeted about your giveaway!

  192. Meredith

    …and ‘liked’ it on facebook!

  193. What a fabulous giveaway … I heard about your wonderful giveaway from visiting The Life of a Suburban Princess and clicking on the link she had on her sifde bar!!! HHL

  194. EAS

    Hi Preppy Princess! Loving this.

    I am a fan of PP and True Prep on Facebook! xx

  195. cathi

    Facebook Fan!!!
    Love TOPH, True Prep..and most of all meeting Lisa in Palo Alto!!

  196. Margeaux

    I tweeted this and put it on my facebook! Awesome giveaway!!!

  197. Molly

    would LOVE to win this!

  198. Tess

    Great giveaway!

  199. Annie

    Ah! Would possibly cry if I won.

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