Tiffany’s Gossip Girl, New Lilly Glasses & A Wacky Wintour

Hello-Hello, it is a lovely Tuesday indeed here at the Prepatorium, we hope it is the same wherever you may be today.  Volunteer commitments do force brevity, so we jump right in with a look at new eyewear styles.

While next spring’s apparel and accessory lines fashions are being shown on the far side of the pond, other pieces are being revealed on Fifth Avenue.  Tiffany signed up a Gossip Girl star to help show the company’s spring 2011 collection from Luxottica.  Actress Blake Lively and others were on hand at Tiffany last week where the new designs were showcased.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

If fond of the Tiffany Keys collection this look may be appealing, that motif is replicated in next spring’s sunglasses.


This frame runs the gamut in terms of price point, starting at $250 and going up to $1650 for an 18K gold version. Next, the Keys design in a half-rim style, again showcasing the key design on the side of the frame.


Below we see the Moonstone frame on the left, and on the right, the Keys pattern is seen on a rimless frames.

Ms. Lively wore a rather sheer Elie Saab creation for the function,

The eyewear is not made by Tiffany, Luxottica is actually licensed to make the glasses.  Below, the Tiffany Signature design  features the company’s “X” on the arm.


As noted, these particular styles are for next spring, but there are plenty of existing designs currently available at Tiffany, they may be of particular delight to those who don’t mind paying the company for the privilege of advertising its glasses.

But not all are so garish, here is the Somerset.

The eyewear is also available at other locations; below we see the Tiffany 3010b as sold at Amazon, a rather bizarre design IOHO.


There are also new styles from Lilly Pulitzer, but the good news is that these are for Fall 2010.

Kenmark/Lilly Pulitzer

Above we see the Rorey model, and below, the Elena.

Kenmark/Lilly Pulitzer

Here is the Piper in three different colorways.

Kenmark/Lilly Pulitzer

The most elaborate style may be the Mell sunglasses (shown on the bottom) with the detailed metalwork and gold plating, atop that pair is the Ruby.


Lilly eyewear only launched in 2008, but because of the line’s popularity, it is being expanded this year. Below, another style.

Via Midwest Lens

The company licensed to manufacture Lilly glasses is Kenmark. There are also darling frames for young ladies, one that is currently available is seen below, the Minnie.

Kenmark Optical

The new Lilly designs are being unveiled this week at an optical trade show.


Finally today, probably the most incredible images we’ll see from Paris Fashion Week.

Daily Front Row via The Cut

Yes, it is the generally stern, oft frozen-faced Anna Wintour, she is seen appearing amazingly lighthearted at the Nina Ricci show earlier in the week. Dare we say this almost looks like Ms. Wintour is having a wacky moment?

We are back tomorrow with a little excitement, until then, we hope the sun is shining brightly in your skies!


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13 responses to “Tiffany’s Gossip Girl, New Lilly Glasses & A Wacky Wintour

  1. A wacky Wintour…I love it.

  2. LPC

    Well. Harrumph. I much prefer the Lilly designs to the Tiffany.

  3. Obviously Anna had a little cocktail before the show! She is probably dying of embarassment for such a tastless display of wackiness! 🙂

  4. Do we have a price point on the Lilly glasses? They are very cute!

  5. Anonymous

    I am in need of new glasses! I just may have to get some Lilly specs 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, as always!

  6. Jen

    Love the glasses. You have got me turned on to Lilly and now I want some of the glasses. The Tiffany glasses are just plain ridiculous.

  7. I am in need of new glasses! Lilly specs would be too fun.
    Thanks for sharing, as always!

  8. Ooooh, I love me some Blake Lively!! She is so fabulous! Don’t you just love her on GG??

    These glasses are gorgeous, by the way. The first tortoise-shell ones are my favorite 🙂

    And lookie at Miss Wintour!! I’m happy to see her having a silly moment, she needed that!

  9. Lilly – yes; Tiffany – no. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day! xoxo

  10. kiki

    a friend insists i need to see Anna’s movie, the September Issue. did you see it? i adore the Tiffany sunglasses, but the price points are a bit steep for moi. i actually ordered a pair of Lilly aviators on sale. i cannot wait for them to arrive. thanks for sharing and take care.

  11. Oh my…I see new glasses in my future.

  12. I LOVE those tortoiseshell ones in that first picture….and I swear I got some identical to that at Target the other day for about $16.99. I lose glasses too easily to justify spending a lot. Girl, I wanna be on your blogroll!

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