Lilly’s House Goes On The Market & Treat Those Tricksters!

Hello-Hello, all.  The Princess continues her whirlwind tour and so I’m skipping merrily mikeside to dazzle and baffle.  Since this is Friday and I’m pretty much unsupervised this might be a short, but still marginally coherent, post.  Let’s get started…

What’s all this talk about the real estate industry being stuck in the doldrums?  It’s time for bold action!  Who better to lead the industry out of the dark and into the light than Lilly Pulitzer?  That’s right, our favorite fruit stand merchant has listed her Palm Beach home on the market.  As you can imagine, this is no ordinary doublewide.  There are nine bedrooms divided between the main house, a casita and the pool house.  There is a swimming pool and tropical gardens.  The entire property was designed by Ms. Pulitzer and, as you would expect, is filled with her distinctive style.  So why is she selling?  According to Ms. Pulitzer she is “old and cranky and I can’t keep it up the way it should be.”  I love that quote.  Liza Pulitzer, Lilly’s daughter, is an agent with Brown Harris Stevens in Palm Beach and is handling the sale.  What’s that?  The price?  $11.5 Million gets you in the conversation.  Here is the realtor’s site… I was unable to find Lilly’s house but I am sure you’ll have better luck.

This is a great time of year.  College football is in full swing and baseball is heading for the playoffs.  The Princess and I are great baseball fans.  I swear I fell in love with her when, while we were dating,  she recited the 1968 Detroit Tiger starting lineup during one of our cross-country phone calls.  One of the all-time great jobs I’ve ever had was working as an usher for the Colorado Rockies during the team’s inaugural season.  A lot of people thought I was insane to “derail” my career to take a minimum wage job.  A lot more people envied me because I was in the ballpark for 80+ games.  That love of the game is why this is so sad:

What could have been...

These are World Series tickets that were printed for Colorado Rockies season ticket holders.   The Rockies won’t make the playoffs this year.  Neither will a lot of other teams.  But next spring is just around the corner for fans of those teams that will end their seasons this weekend.  That’s one reason why I love baseball; the game goes on.  There is a good lesson in that.

The Prepatorium is in a great neighborhood.  There are lots of families and that means lots of kids.  Halloween is especially fun when all the little ghosts and goblins come knocking.  This year they’ll get a treat when they knock on our door because they’ll see one of these trays filled with candy:

Clairebella Personalized Trays

We love our Clairebella trays.  They’re durable and fun.  Give them a look here and be sure to check out the Hanukkah, Christmas and everyday trays, cuttingboards, notecubes, coasters and more.  Order yours before October 6th to make sure you have yours for Halloween night!

Now it’s time to say good-bye.  The Princess will be back here Monday and I know next week she’ll have a very special guest (hint: you’ve been reading her book) and a giveaway that will make you squeal with delight.  So remember to treat your waitperson right tonight because they’re working hard for you.  I’ll leave you with a bunch of very talented folks standing around singing a classic song.  Good night, all!



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8 responses to “Lilly’s House Goes On The Market & Treat Those Tricksters!

  1. emily

    you can find photos here of Lilly’s home for sale

  2. Elizabeth

    Brown Harris Stevens is the Palm Beach real estate firm to turn to when you are thinking of selling or buying a home. Our professional, successful agents average more than 20 years experience and have an impressive track record, including selling Palm Beach’s most expensive house.Select Sales Price Range:$ 0 1 Million 2 Million 3 Million 4 Million 5 Million 8 Million TO $ No Limit 500,000 1 Million 2 Million 3 Million 4 Million 5 Million 8 Million 10 Million No Limit Submit


    710 South County Road / Palm Beach

  3. You have done a very good job whilst our Princess is out and about with the preppy and famous 🙂 Move the prepatorium to the Pulitzer Palace. Match made in preppy heaven 🙂 xoxo

  4. AHHHHHH Where can I come up with 12 million dollars? Though I fully expected her house to be more colorful…

  5. Jen

    Nice job while the Princess is out of town. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say when she gets back.

  6. I went by Lilly’s house last year when we were in Palm Beach…I even drove up the driveway…(shhhhh I couldn’t help myself)…. I should post the pics. I even got one shot with her cat in the background…

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