***Alert*** The Consort Interrupts with Breaking Preppy News…

Hello-Hello, friends and neighbors.  The Consort here striding purposefully mikeside to interrupt your regularly scheduled day with this breaking Preppy News Alert:  Lilly Pulitzer is getting into the furniture business.  Your favorite preppy fashionista will team with HFI Brands,  a Texas-based furniture company, to produce a line of  “a blend of clean transitional styling and mid-century classics that offer a full array of designs for the bedroom, dining room and living room spaces.” at the upcoming furniture mart in High Point.  According to the snooze news release the line will have more than 200 pieces, including upholstery in Lilly’s distinctive (I would say iconic) patterns.  The new Lilly line will launch at the High Point furniture mart October 16-21.  We will have a reporter at the mart to bring you the latest on this important story.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled day.  Remember, when news breaks out we’ll provide a really good concealer.  We’re Preppy Princess News, and we’re on your side, watching out for you, keeping you ahead of the storm, the one to count on, your news leader and all that other stuff.

Now to other matters… I’ve noticed some things at the various fashion weeks that cannot pass without a comment or two.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Courtesy Women's Wear Daily

Now taking the ice at the women’s pair figure skating event at the Pierre Cardin show is a timeless example of fashion on ice.  Wait, what?  They’re not on ice?  Then why are they wearing those outfits?  I’m clearly missing the point here but that doesn’t surprise our regular readers.  I really do like the exciting mix of tu-tu and fishnet stockings.  I saw something like that once but I’m legally bound not to say where or when.

As we all know The Princess is traveling these days.  She generally uses a carry-on when she flies but I doubt she rocked this look:

Courtesy Daylife.com

Designer Pam Hogg is known for her wildly creative work.  The wooden case on the head raises the creative bar to new heights.  Is there anyone who could wear this look?  Sure, why not?  I can see this outfit being worn in the aisles at Walmart and other fashion hot spots.  But that’s not the best hat I’ve seen recently.  That prize goes to this creation:

Courtesy luxist.com

This hat features 1,447 carats of opals set in sterling silver and gold.  It will be auctioned in San Francisco November 10 and the estimated value is $150,00-$200,000.  I’m astounded at the artistry so I’m going to open the bidding at $20.  Do I hear $25?

It’s time to head over to the shipping department to help get some orders out the door.  You’ve been wonderful and I thank you for your indulgence.  I’ll leave you with the usual reminder to take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you today.  I’ll be back soon with more peeks inside my cluttered mind.  Before you leave take a moment or two to listen to a fine young guitar player with a dream, a song and 33 million YouTube views.  Good night, everybody!



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3 responses to “***Alert*** The Consort Interrupts with Breaking Preppy News…

  1. Oh my goodness what is up with the Pam Hogg picture? Seriously? Do you think designers just screw with us sometimes and see how far they can push the envelope of ridiculousness?

    Love that LP is starting a furniture line – it won’t fit in with my decor, but I’m hoping there might be some solid options?

  2. My daughter and I have worked at the High Point Furniture Market in past years, but are not working this year. I will have to keep my eyes posted to see if the local paper does an article on the new line of furniture. Thanks for the tip! Wish I could sneak in and take a peak at it in person. I know it will be awesome!! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. LPC

    I bet the furniture will be great.

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