Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Fall, a Mad Man’s Candor


Today we have a fairly brief post, TP is flying the friendly (ahem) skies this afternoon, but fear not, The Consort will be here to entertain and mystify, perhaps even offering a different perspective on Fashion Weeks.

Our topic today? With a new nip in the air it is time to look at the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Collection for this fall.

Brooks Brothers

Before moving on, one quick note: the new Black Fleece standalone website is now live, although if actually shopping, clicking on specific styles will take you back to the Brooks Mother Ship, in a virtual manner of speaking.

We like the Tipped V-Neck, and this looks like the skirt worn by True Prep author Lisa Birnbach for her appearances at some B2/True Prep book events.

On a whole the Collection looks promising.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

A few more looks.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

Here are pieces seen above in the 2nd look from the left.

The real appeal in the 2nd look from the left is the Silk Button-Back Dress, also worn by Ms. Birnbach, if we’re not mistaken; the author is seen with actor Alec Baldwin in a photo from the Brooks Brothers True Prep launch party.

As far as styles for your MOTH (Man of the House), designer Thom Browne’s hand is evident in the shorter pants and fitted lines.  While there are some individual items that offer possibilities…

Unfortunately the overall effect degenerates into the comical when certain items are paired with others.

The trick is to look at singular pieces.

Brooks Brothers via Freshness Magazine

For example, the Tipped Cardigan also is intriguing (for yours truly, this isn’t something The Consort would sport), as is the Polo Sweater.

We also have another look at the upcoming Brooks Brothers Home Collection, this one comes via the always-gracious Christian at Ivy Style.

Courtesy Ivy Style

An elegant look, clean and tailored, just as we like things. By the way, you may want to pop over and congratulate Christian, it is his site’s two-year anniversary on Friday.

There just seems to be one massive minor challenge:

Please tell us that really isn’t a Brooks Brothers signature stitched or otherwise affixed to the sheets. Please tell us no one in charge really thinks we want to look at that while in bed.


Frequent readers are sadly aware know we are more-than-gaga about Mad Men, and we frequently froth mention some of the show’s stars. Today we have a tip of the hat to actor Jon Hamm (Don Draper), for his candor in an interview with The Observer, condensed in this CBS story.  In the piece the star talks about his experiences with depression.

“He added that he was “was very fortunate to have really good friends in my life whose parents sort of rallied: ‘We’re gonna help this kid out, because otherwise there’s going to be trouble…'”

Antidepressants and therapy also helped, he told the magazine.

“I did do therapy and antidepressants for a brief period, which helped me,” he said.”

The topic isn’t something Mr. Hamm frequently discusses, and certainly not in the look-at-me-I’m-in-rehab tell-all type of fashion seen so often these days, but more in a “it can be serious, here’s what helped me” manner.  Good for him.

Another star from the show, January Jones (Betty Draper), was in Milan this week for some of the shows.  The beautiful young actress is seen in red at Versace with her hair seriously styled!

A Women’s Wear Daily story noted the actress was 45 minutes late for the show:

“Note to celebrities: Traffic sucks during Milan Fashion Week — especially on a rainy Friday night. January Jones arrived more than 45 minutes late to the second Versace show, and was visibly flustered. Was she stuck? “Yeah, for like an hour,” she sighed.”


Our final note involves the Peanuts gang… and Longchamps.

As part of the celebration honoring Peanuts’ 60th Anniversary taking place this weekend, the brand has collaborated with the renowned leather goods house and come up with a bag available at Colette.

G’bye until next time, do be kind to The Consort. 🙂


  • Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty


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5 responses to “Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Fall, a Mad Man’s Candor

  1. FAAAAAABULOUS post, as always! LOVE the new BB stuff. The home collection is lovely and I do hope you are right and that is NOT a signature on the pillow case!!! Lovely to hear the latest on our “Mad Men” too! Thank you.

  2. So Black Fleece has a stand alone website. What a great idea.

  3. I love a lot of the Black Fleece pieces, sadly they are out of my price range at the moment. I am not a big fan of the Snoopy bag. It would be better if it had a picture of Silly TIlly on it!:-)

  4. LPC

    Have a wonderful trip!

  5. such beautiful clothes. i’m mad for those plaids and stripes. january is stunning. thanks for sharing and take care.

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