Burberry’s Biker Looks for Next Spring, Goodbye to a Prep Favorite

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a wonderful Monday here at the Prepatorium.

Why is it such a fab day? Because The Consort went we dispatched the IT department to retrieve The Consort’s computer; it is home again, back in its proper place and humming away.  Even happier? One tubby big-boned bulldog.


Silly Tilly is no longer living under a cloud of suspicion, vindicated after being wrongly accused of somehow breaking the computer.

And we’re also happy campers, back after a refreshing little trip away from the Palace. We were blessed to spend time with relatives at their idyllic ‘cabin’ nestled away in a serene setting here in The Great Midwest.  Waited on hand and foot, we blissed out with a panoply of sunshine, college football and delicious meals.

Now, some might feel the exterior decor detracted from things.


But we like to think of ourselves as broad thinkers, entirely capable of supporting the scarlet and gray. For a day. (Heh, heh, heh.)


Back to bloggy business, prior to the great mac meltdown we spoke about sharing some of Burberry’s spring 2011 styles from London Fashion Week. Hopefully the topic doesn’t strike you as a moldy oldie, as we begin with a look at some of the faces seated in the Front Row. (Indeed, some outlets now capitalize this moniker.)

Alastair Grant/AP

You may recognize some or all of the celebrities: Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Serena Williams, Britain’s Andy Murray.  Below we see Anna Wintour and another photo of Ms. Williams.

Let’s get to the actual accessories and apparel.

Referred to by many trade publications as Biker Chic, next spring’s collection featured lots of leather, snakeskin, super high heels and studs.

Handbags for next spring.

From WWD’s story on the collection:

“Christopher Bailey roared into new territory with an homage to motorcycle gear in its most luxe iteration. Burberry’s chief creative officer swapped fall’s shearling aviator jackets and sharp, buttoned-up military coats for a tougher, tighter-fitting silhouette in the stylish spirit of James Dean.”

Here is a closer look at one of the styles.

Catwalking via Daily Mail

A tighter shot shows the quilting in the pants, and how high the heels really are.

Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

Another look at some of the handbags.

Giovanni Gionanni/WWD

There were bright pops of color amid the black, deep navy and brown.

But the majority of styles included tougher, dark looks.

More from the WWD review (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription required):

“And while this was one turbo-powered collection, Bailey skidded, at times, into dangerous territory. The biker jackets paved with spikes and studs were overwrought, and there was nothing elegant or fresh about those flashes of python on trousers, dresses, and jackets.”

Sadly, the heels proved to be too high for one model on the runway.

Via The Cut

In an unusual move, but one that could become the norm, Burberry is offering some of the Spring 2011 coats and bags for sale now. As most treasured readers know, the span of time between runway show and actual purchasing possibilities is usually months, not days.


A few notes on the early selling: these orders will not be shipped for seven weeks, and the opportunity to purchase the spring pieces ends tomorrow night, the 28th.


We have news on the Lilly Pulitzer Fall Warehouse Sale, the dates have been announced as Nov. 19 (7a-8p) and Nov. 20 (8a-4p) the Valley Forge Convention Center. We want to publicly thank the ladies running the Re-Lilly Facebook group for the info. BTW, this group is definitely the place to be if thinking about re-purposing any of your Lilly items, from clothing to stationery to bedding, or finding info on pattern names, inquiring about sizing on specific items, etc.


A sad piece of news today, CK Bradley is closing.

CK Bradley

This is a Princess fave, an outstanding company started by Camilla Bradley when she was a student at Trinity, then grown into into a solid prep favorite with stores in the city and Newport. The New York store closed last year, and the Newport store will also be closing in the next month.  It’s possible we’ll be able to enjoy the designer’s talents in the future, Summer is a Verb mentions that Ms. Bradley is looking at doing a ski line.


We leave you with a Pretty in Pink and Green.

Via Flirtbuttons on Etsy

The Whale Pendant is handmade by Flirtbuttons.

On that perky image, we say Thank You for all of your patience with our technology challenges, and g’bye until next time!


  • Giovanni Giannoni/WWD
  • Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for Burberry
  • Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Burberr/
  • Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters


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15 responses to “Burberry’s Biker Looks for Next Spring, Goodbye to a Prep Favorite

  1. How could a face like that be accused of anything but warming a heart? Oh my if these are the spring fashions it looks like my spring has already sprung. Is it spring 2012 yet? 🙂 xoxo

  2. I’m sure Tilly forgives you – when I contacted her to offer my services pro bono, she stated that she believed the truth would come out and vindicate her soon enough. Love the photo!

    Saw that video from the Burberry show and just felt awful for that model – but have to say, LOVE the brand. Glad you’re up and running again.

  3. You are so funny – you posts about Tilly crack me up! So sorry to hear about CK Bradley…

  4. mona

    Welcome back! We knew the adorable Tilly could never commit such a heinous crime.

  5. Silly Tilly would NEVER do anything so vile. Beauty is as beauty does and she is a beauty.
    Glad you had a nice get-away. And I am so happy you are back!!! xoxo

  6. When I worked at the Baltimore Museum of Art, I got to see those infamous other shoes that caused a fall on the runway!

    Do you remember when Naomi Campbell fell on a 1993 Paris catwalk wearing Vivienne Westwood’s infamous 10-inch electric blue mock-croc heels? They are owned by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

  7. LPC

    And among all those fashion fantastic images, I like the whale necklace most. Well, except Tilly, of course, but she transcends fashion:).

  8. Thanks for the tip on the Lilly sale dates. One year my girls and I want to go to the sale, but we have not been able to get there yet. I was also glad to get the info on the Re-Lilly Facebook group. Somehow I had missed out on that. And I got another cute Etsy site from your post called Flirtbuttons. Cute buttons and pocket mirrors. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. Fingers crossed…XXOO

    ps…Merci for my lovely, gulp, “Fall” card

  10. tilly is simply adorable. i need to jazz up my wardrobe with some colorful clutches. thanks for sharing and take care.

  11. Tilly looks fab-you-lous.

    I am really weirdly heartbroken over CK Bradley. I guess I might be too old for the fashions, but I love her and I love that company and that bird and that blog. I love the idea that a [trust fund] gal who sews ribbon belts can make shantung dresses and do what she’s done.

    Maybe it saddens me because she helps me remember that the other me, the one who looks at the sewing machine in the corner of the closet, can do Other Things if I must, and if someone as fascinating as Bradley shutters her House, then what of me?

    You, my dear, are Just Exactly Right. xo

  12. Amy

    Glad to see the IT department got the computer back up! 🙂 And glad Tilly was vindicated…haha!!

    Love the Burberry pieces. HATE that flag!! 😉 Go blue!

  13. Jen

    Glad you got the computer issues sorted out. Poor Tilly! The dogs are always to blame in our house even if they aren’t responsible.
    Not sure how I feel about those quilted pants. They look as though they should be part of a comforter collection.
    Lovely fall colors around these parts. Hope you are experiencing the same!

  14. Special shoutout to Tilly on today’s blog post! We love her over here at the Rabbit Hole!



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