Why There Isn’t A Preppy Princess Post Today, Version 2

Hello-Hello, happy Wednesday to all, and thank you for stopping by the humble Prepatorium.

We were planning a post with oodles of pictures from yesterday’s Burberry show at London Fashion Week, along with other drivel tidbits, but there is a bit of a hitch in the get-along. What normally looks like this…

Looked this way early this morning.

Courtesy The Consort

We hope it isn’t determined to be this.

And while not quite at this stage…

We need to hear from this guy before we can do anything else.

A certain housemate here at the Palace swears she didn’t do it, but that was before the surveillance images were discovered.

Official Prepatariat Security Camera Footage

As feared, when she was approached by the authorities for questioning, look what happened.

Courtesy Tilly T. Bulldog

She is currently being detained; while the investigation is ongoing, all we can say is that she tried to put the blame here.

We’re not buying it.

Hopefully The Consort’s computer will return back soon and we’ll be back to blogging. Until then, g’bye.

(For those curious about “Why There is No Preppy Princess Post Today” version 1, click here.)


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14 responses to “Why There Isn’t A Preppy Princess Post Today, Version 2

  1. Hope it gets sorted out soon! This is another reason I dont want to leave my PC – I can take it to my local puter guy and I dont have to drive hundreds of kms to get to the apple store!

  2. Oh, I am sorry for your computer troubles! Really. This was a very witty post, however!

  3. I love Burberry and cannot wait, but the idea of Tilly sabatoging the Mac is going to make me laugh all day!

  4. HAHAHAHA! Well done, well done!!!

  5. Who are those people who live inside of our computers and seem to have all of us at their beck and call??

  6. MaryBeth

    That is the funniest post about a dead computer I have ever read. Hope it all works out in the end.

  7. Jen

    I’ve been a bit MIA myself. Luckily, my computer has been working just fine my brain has been out to lunch. Hope you get the technical help you need without too much frustration. We are having non-stop rains here today. Ugh! Have a feeling you may be getting it soon.

  8. Amy

    That’s such a cute “surveillance image”! 🙂 Tilly is such a sneaky little girl!

    Hope you get things up and running soon! xoxo

  9. Tilly is a hoot! Those “surveillance” pics are hilarious.

  10. Oh Tilly!! I bet she was doing some online shopping 🙂

  11. I am sending your computer some virtual chicken soup.xoxo

  12. Meg

    Awww, Tilly is so cute! I hope your computer is ok.

  13. Computer troubles are the WORST!!! I hope things are better soon sweets!

    I need to take my mac in for a tune up:) I am not liking it when I see that stupid rainbow circle sit and spin like FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRR 🙂

  14. Computer problems are scary. Good luck!

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