Ralph Lauren Runway Show, Brooks Brothers Home Collection Update

Hello-Hello, we must say we are grateful for a Friday. The prospect of a slightly more sane weekend (there is no delusion so persuasive as self-delusion, is there?) holds substantial appeal.

New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday, now everyone heads across the pond for London Fashion Week (Burberry anyone?), those shows are already underway.

Today we peruse the Ralph Lauren spring 2011 collection. Below, the first two looks down the runway.

We are feeling more-than-a-little out of step with most reviews of the collection.

A sampling of those reviews:

  • WWD: “…Ralph Lauren showed one of his best women’s collections in memory.”
  • Eric Wilson at the Times: “…the Western motif is really where Mr. Lauren shines. You know it’s going to be a pleasing Ralph Lauren collection when the designer himself is wearing leather pants the color of a fine chestnut filly.”
  • Style.com “His latest take on cowgirl couture happens to be right in line with some of New York’s big trends.”

You can guess where this is headed.

The fringe and lace just aren’t working.

To avoid misunderstanding, in our utterly uneducated opinion we think the collection is brilliant, in both concept and execution. The issue isn’t Mr. Lauren’s design skills, it’s just that the theme for next spring’s RTW (ready to wear) isn’t one we are fond of here at the Prepatorium.

Western wear looks smashing on many women, and we sported styles with a wee bit of this influence during our seventeen years in Colorado. We still love our basic Frye boots. But faded fabrics, ruffles and fringe are not styles we generally embrace.

These will be stunning on many, hello, Miss Vogue on the Range…?

If anyone has interest in watching the entire show, it is available online at the Ralph Lauren Facebook page.

Ralph Lauren


We have a brief update on the Brooks Brothers Home Collection; pieces from the new line could be spotted amid the spring 2011 apparel and accessories shown at Monday’s Fashion Week presentation (discussed at length in this post). Below, several pillows in seersucker can be seen in this image from the WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) story.

Robert Mitra/WWD

The company posted this photo on its Facebook page, the lampshades and pillow are done in Brooks Brothers repp tie stripes.

Brooks Brothers

The WWD story notes the line will only be available online.

“Bedding will be available in three color combinations: blue and white, solid white and herringbone white with navy and burgundy trim. Towels are being offered in eight colors. The home line, which includes pillows and lamp shades in rep tie fabric, will launch next month.”

The Journal’s Heard on the Runway blog originally had the story on the new collection; this image accompanied that story.

Courtesy Image via WSJ

Below, a grey flannel lamp shade is seen in this photo taken by Christian over at Ivy Style.

Via Ivy Style

Much as we like the idea of a super-soft flannel pillow, we struggle envisioning a lampshade in this material, despite Christian’s photo. Some parts of the collection launch late this fall, with the entire group available in the spring.


A brief item of note:

J. Crew

The J. Crew online outlet opened this morning, the offerings do appear to be pieces made specifically for Crew’s Factory Outlet stores.  The smattering of comments thus far on our Facebook page, where we posted similar information, indicates a lukewarm reception to the ‘outlet’.


Our final tidbit involves Don Draper Jon Hamm, the actor announced last night he is guest-hosting Saturday Night Live for a third time. Below we see Mr. Hamm in his “The Town” role, that film opens tonight.

Via Movie Cultists

May everyone have an outstanding weekend!


  • Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty
  • Robert Mitra & John Aquino/Women’s Wear Daily


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8 responses to “Ralph Lauren Runway Show, Brooks Brothers Home Collection Update

  1. will you be seeing Jon’s new flick? i watched HBO’s First Look at the film. it’s very action-packed, and i give props to Ben for trying to break his Gigli curse, but the story-line seems boring. i’ll wait for cable to air it. Jon does look good in all his FBI gear, though. he does a lot of swearing (not like the occasional slip-up in Mad Men) and it’s slightly awkward for me watching him in this agent role. i’m just so used to him as Don Draper that he seems out of place in the film. i love all the RL looks, except for the fringe. i did fringe a long time ago (regret that) and unless i’m living in the wild west on a horse farm, it doesn’t make much sense. i do like the lace blouses and dress. thanks for sharing and have a splendid weekend.

  2. Elizabeth

    And don’t forget on television this weekend:
    The Women Who Dress America
    Sunday, Sep 19, 2010 on the Hallmark Channel
    Martha Stewart interviews iconic female fashion designers, including Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Jenna Lyons (J.Crew), and Donna Karan.
    (More like “The Women Who Dress Prep America”!)

  3. I have *reservations* about RL native american creations( pun intended;-). WIld west is not preppy!
    I agree w/Kiki, I tend to find Don looking out of place in anything but MM. I wonder if he is in danger of being type cast? Are there others who just want to see him stuck in the 1960’s.
    Hope you and silly Tilly have a wonderful weekend.xoxo

  4. Count me out on praising Ralph Lauren’s prairie girl fashion. He’s done it at least 4 times in the past hasn’t he?
    I bought the full RL cowgirl outfit for a western party way back in the day, maybe around 1980.
    Been there, done that.

  5. Have a wonderful weekend!! Going to check out the JCrew online outlet now…hope it’s as great as the brick-and-mortar stores! xoxo

  6. I saw Ralph Lauren show at a style.com and it was adorable. Specially the slack pants. lovely!!!!!!
    I just found your blog and i love it!

  7. As a colorado resident I can affirm your spot-on insight about western wear not being for all women. Some can pull it off while others look like they’re on their way to a comstume party.

  8. There were some questionable RL looks, but I posted my favorite ones on my blog. And I saw The Town yesterday- my heart goes aflutter for John Hamm 🙂

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