Fashion Week: Tory Burch & “Where Fashion Is Not Our Friend”

Hello-Hello, happy Thursday!

As New York Fashion Week draws to a close, we have a look at yesterday’s Tory Burch show.

As in other shows, dresses and skirts ran longer, many hitting mid-calf, a marked (and welcome) departure from what we have been seeing on the runway in previous years.

From the Women’s Wear Daily review:

“For every jet-set babe, à la Marisa Berenson (peasant blouses, sensual silk dresses), there was a louche Lauren Hutton (slim, tailored suiting) or bohemian Ali MacGraw (crochet polos, Baja sweaters).”

There was much to like, including many pieces in the navy group.

Even the shimmering lamé looked tailored and glamorous, not loud or inappropriate.

We very much like the navy tweed jacket on the left, as well as the trench coat on the right.

But our favorite look has to be this one, right down to what looks like a wicker handbag.

PHOTO: John Aquino/WWD

One of the fashion world’s most plugged-in designers, Ms. Burch uses her Facebook page, blog and Twitter account to gather opinions and share information, attributing some design decisions to feedback she receives from customers.

Via Tory Burch blog

Many celebrities were seen in the front row for the show, WWD’s Steve Eichner snapped these images of Kanye West and Aerin Lauder.


When it comes to a broader view of significant trends, here is a snippet from Sally Singer’s story in T Magazine, “The Rise and Fall at New York Fashion Week”:

“One thing we have learned so far from the New York spring runways is that waistlines are rising and hemlines falling, and heaven help those with stubby legs.”

One thing that does not appear to be going away:

PHOTO: Bebeto Matthews/AP via T Magazine

The shoes above are from the Tory Burch show; more on the styles from Sally Singer’s story:

“But then there is the conundrum of footwear, and here is where fashion is not our friend….it’s back to the platforms (terrific at Tory Burch)….”


We also have images for next spring’s line from Nautica, a brand we remain fond of here at the Prepatorium.

Courtesy Photos via

Back to womenswear, St. John showed spring styles last week.


More images from Robert Mitra and WWD.

We are not sure St. John, struggling for some time now, has fully found its way, although some pieces looked appealing.


A few quick True Prep notes:

  • Ralph Gardner profiles author Lisa Birnbach in today’s Journal, “The Official Preppy Author” also offers this image of the writer.

Ross Mantle for The Wall Street Journa

Via True Prep Facebook page

  • Today the book tour heads to LL Bean at Tysons Corner, that would be a fun event to attend.

With that we say so long until next time!


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9 responses to “Fashion Week: Tory Burch & “Where Fashion Is Not Our Friend”

  1. Stephanie

    Loving the Tory Burch line. So clean and classic!

  2. LPC

    It certainly looks like Tory is back on track, doesn’t it?

  3. Loving the Tory Burch items! I picked up True Prep yesterday and must start reading soon. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh how I wish I could live in only Tory Burch! I love the new looks! The longer skirts and higher waisted pants are very chic, and I’m always a fan of the “less is more” approach. Or in this case, more fabric is more. 🙂

  5. Oooh I love this new direction in clothing from skimpy to long andlean. Very 70’s I think. I like it. Much more flattering I think than the peek-a-boo I can see your undies short short short stuff.

  6. St. John has been floundering for a while, hasn’t it? I think it’s really tough to try and “update” or “modernize” a brand that has such a loyal and dedicated following. The traditional St. John customer does not want to see trends!

  7. And I forgot – the Nautica presentation was fantastic, I hope they do a woman’s presentation next season!!

  8. mommydearest

    Sign me up for a wicker handbag. I *must* get one next summer.

  9. Loving the Tory Burch items! I picked up True Prep yesterday and must start reading soon. Have a wonderful day!

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