Fashion Week: Brooks Brothers


Welcome to another wacky day here at the Prepatorium, it is one-topic Tuesday, we have a look at Brooks Brothers for spring, along with some changes for this season. Below, some of next spring’s nautically influenced styles.

PHOTOS: Robert Mitra/WWD

Like many other firms, Brooks does not do a runway presentation during Fashion Week, instead opting for a static presentation.

Robert Mitra/WWD

Readers may recall Brooks’ recent ventures into new venues, including collaborative partnerships with outside entities, like Levi’s (more in this post), and the Social Primer Bow Tie collection (click here for more on this endeavor), steps into new venues with items like the Mad Men suit (more here), as well as continued expansion of the Black Fleece label, with the opening of standalone Black Fleece stores on both coasts.

Brooks Brothers

Women’s Wear Daily reports that online Black Fleece operations will soon be separated from the Brooks Brothers website; the launch of is expected some time in October.  More from the spring 2011 collection, we believe the following looks are Black Fleece styles by Thom Browne.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

A few Black Fleece items we thought looked lovely, in the photo on the left we adore the dress with its darling bow at the neckline, and the blouse/skirt combination in the photo on the right (we’re presuming the top isn’t as sheer as it looks).

The black and tan group is particularly striking, although it is unlikely the men’s styles will make an appearance here in the Corner Condo; a little ‘too-too’ for The Consort.

Another group.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

And one more group from what we believe are Black Fleece pieces.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

Some accessories that are very Thom Browne, his signature stripes lead us in that direction.

We move on to another specialty line, the recently announced collection to be marketed under the ‘St. Andrews Links Exclusively for Brooks Brothers’ label.

Brooks announced the partnership back in March, this is the first opportunity we have had to see any of the pieces from the new group. The long-term St. Andrews agreement names Brooks Brothers as a worldwide partner, and looking at the rather sparse offerings in the Country Club offerings online, we have put in an inquiry to see if the St. Andrews merchandise will replace the Country Club collection.

Back to spring styles in regular (non golf or Black Fleece) merchandise; we like the primary colors.

Not to mention the madras….

While not fond of the logoed sweatshirt, we do like the apparel in the next two images, as well as the code flags suitcase.

The suitcase bears a striking resemblance to one of our Preppy Pillows, the Regatta model.

More nautical flair.

Classic Brooks Brothers styling was evident throughout the presentation.

As well as updated style for the new children’s Fleece line.

This may be the most promising seasonal preview we recall seeing for quite some time.  Jean Palmierei’s story in WWD also noted the addition of three new Black Fleece fragrances, slated for a November launch.

“…there will be three separate bottles, called Red, White and Blue, which are signature colors of the collection.”

Robert Mitra/WWD

We are back tomorrow, with more grins and giggles!


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7 responses to “Fashion Week: Brooks Brothers

  1. Jay M

    I have the True Prep book and have found it to be a good read (they even mentioned Tucker Blair!). They said that Ralph Lauren didn’t have an OPH mention, but I remember how the OPH mentioned that Ralph Lauren was a tie salesman at Brooks Brothers. I think that RL might be a bit dated, since there are many fakes, and even genuine RL is sold for low prices during Macy’s sales.

    I still like my RL’s, however, and like True Prep mentioned “the best fashion statement is none at all.” Marc Jacobs, while not a “prep” brand, still nonetheless makes very comfortable polos. I have their green shirt with the pink dolphin logo.

  2. Bunsy

    Boy, they are waking up THAT brand… about time. Had dinner recently with the prez of the company — very lowkey, very nice guy.

  3. LPC

    Now, this, THIS is True Prep as I know it.

  4. I think I love just about every single item in this post! Brooks Brother and LL Bean are my new Jcrew.

  5. I always learn a lot from you! LOVe Brooks Brothers and know I will be checking out all their new “stuff!”
    On another note, I am still calling you- busy with a little Malware/hacking problem right now though…

  6. LOVE all the outfits in this post. You are right, that black dress with the bow is perfect. I’ll have to check it out online b/c B would love it too which means I could totally justify it. If I know he hates something, I have a really hard time wearing it and then it’s just $$ down the drain. I wonder if other wives feel that way? Hmmm….future blog post I think.

  7. Bunsy

    AEOT — um, no. You should wear whatever the heck you want + know you look fabulous in everything!

    Unless you are married to Tim Gunn, of course. Then, you should have him lay out your clothes each morning.

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