J. Crew’s New Store, You Can Help Scarlett O’Hara


Today we are hopelessly disorganized all over the map, lots of things to share, although in abbreviated form. We begin with a look at J. Crew’s newest men’s-only store.

Robert Mitra/Women's Wear Daily

The new store officially opens today, and Women’s Wear Daily (subscription req’d.) was invited in for a sneak peek.

Robert Mitra/WWD

As with the other men’s shops, the Liquor Store (located in a former bar) and the Soho store, this location pays homage to the site’s original purpose; a bank in this instance, including a lower-level vault now used to show accessories.


Speaking of J. Crew, there are a number of recent stories and blog posts circulating about Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT merchandise looking similar to J. Crew pieces.  The always-on-top-of-things Lauren at Fashionista first posted about it last Friday, noting Ann Taylor’s efforts to update its merchandise mix:

“…many industry insiders we’ve spoken to about AT’s reformation have noted: “They’re trying be J.Crew.” Evidence of this marketing scheme can be found in the retailer’s newfound preppy-meets-glam aesthetic.”

The Frisky also delves into the topic in this post yesterday.

“We, along with other fashion insiders and shoppers, have noticed that Ann Taylor and Loft have been looking a lot like J.Crew. All three retailers seem to be targeting the same group—women who want a tasty and stylish stew of Parisian, preppy, and urban chic.”

Can you pick which is which between the asymmetrical leather jackets?

Via The Frisky

How about with the sleeveless black shirtdress? (Sleeveless day dresses for fall and winter? Really?)

Via the Frisky

Are you able to determine which retailer did each necklace?

Via The Frisky

To view all of the comparisons that the Frisky’s Annika Harris put together, click here.

We aren’t completely clear on how recent the phenomenon really is, as this Minnesota Monthly blog post notes:

“But have you seen the new Ann Taylor Loft fall catalog? Good gracious. I got one in the mail last week and all I could think was this is total rip-off of J.Crew. Right down to the ruffled shirts, statement jewelry, and model poses.”

The author notes that she is a Crew loyalist. The date for this post? September of last year.


Next, a topic near and dear to TP’s shrunken little heart, Gone With the Wind.

Remember this dress worn by Scarlett O’Hara when she goes to visit Rhett in jail?

Famously whipped together from Miss Ellen’s green velvet curtains that were still hanging at Tara after the war, the dress is now in desperate need of repair.

Via Art Daily

As is this frock, referred to here at the Prepatorium as “The Hussy Dress”.

Via Harry Ransom Center

(This is the one Rhett threw at Scarlett when she didn’t want to go to Melanie’s party!) The gown worn by Vivienne Leigh for her wedding scene to Charles is another gown needing restoration.


These, and two more gowns are housed at the Harry Ransom Center at UT-Austin, where a campaign is underway to raise funds for restoring and repairing the gowns.  These all came to the Center when the University received the David O. Selznick archives, a massive collection of materials. Click here for more donation information.


We leave you with two reading recommendations, should either topic prove appealing. The first is from the fabulous Reggie Darling, a marvelous look at two different fashion (style declarations, really) looks from the sixties.  We believe readers will recognize both names defining those styles, one being Lilly Pulitzer

Courtesy Reggie Darling

and the other, Marimekko.

Via Fashion is Spinach

The uppermost image is of Mr. Darling’s very own nineties-era Lilly swimsuit, complete with the Lilly signature within the pattern.

Via Reggie Darling

We have our own issues with the two design aesthetics, as we can frequently be found in Lilly, while also creating Tilly’s bed (well, one of her three beds) from an iconic Marimekko print.

With Permission of Tilly T. Dog

We think you will enjoy Mr. Darling’s post, it is a delightful read.

Our other suggestion for an online visit involves the inimitable Preppy 101, as she is hosting a splendid giveaway showcasing this incredible Cat Studio “America” towel, as well as these Nico and LaLa luggage tags.

Along with a few other goodies, like the Lilly Dress Magnets

.. and iPhone Covers.

Click to pop in for a visit at Preppy 101, even if the contest holds no interest, reading the posts is always a bright spot in the day.

With that we say adieu until next time!


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12 responses to “J. Crew’s New Store, You Can Help Scarlett O’Hara

  1. Love this post! Especially the part about all of Scarlett’s dresses. I hope they get someone to restore them. They’re amazing! I can remember her wearing them in every scene. My favorite movie of all time!!!

  2. As a GA girl myself, I am almost offended to read that those dresses are housed in TX! I am sure if they had been in the Margaret Mitchell house or the Gone with the Wind museum they would have been cared for better…

  3. I love J. Crew’s concept of paying homage to the store locations’ former purposes. I had just sat down & savored my new J. Crew catalog before logging on to my blogs this afternoon, & I must say I was delighted. I haven’t been delighted by Ann Taylor, well, ever. I guess I haven’t consciously made the connection that they are “copycatting” J. Crew because I just never really pay them any attention. I don’t have any specific reasons for that…they just haven’t ever really appealed to me…I can’t think of a thing I own from Ann Taylor or Loft.

    In other mail news…I may have to quit reading my blogs for a couple weeks, as I keep getting annoyed all over again every time I read about True Prep, which I pre-ordered, w/ expedited delivery, on APRIL 2ND. Am I the only one that has had her pre-ordered copy delayed, delayed, & then delayed again?! Is anybody else pitching a fit besides me? LOL My latest ship date is supposedly September 7th…

    Have a lovely week @ the Prepatorium! I am off to check to make sure my “Which shop is it from?” guesses are correct. (I shop on the J. Crew site enough that I’m fairly certain they are…the merch w/ the models is pretty easy to guess, I think!) & then I shall try to distract my dissatisfied customer mind from my missing book, by checking out the blogs you’ve linked to today. =)

  4. Stephanie

    Loft is definitely starting to look more like j.crew, but I feel like j.crew is starting to look less like j.crew and someone needs to fill the niche.

  5. Be proud: I got all but one right on the “which one is which”! For me, personally, it’s easy to tell through the details, which one is JCrew.

    Thanks for the sweet note on my blog!! xoxo

  6. LPC

    Evidently Ann Taylor thinks all models should have messy hair and THAT’S how we can tell them apart:).

  7. Thanks so much for the shout out for Reggie Darling, and for being a resource for the post I did on Lilly. I am enjoying your blog a lot. Yours, Reggie

  8. Clare

    Oh I just know someone will help Scarlett’s dresses! It would be positively evil to let them become destroyed!!

    Oh I LOOOVE J.Crew so much. Too bad I am poor and cannot afford anything in there unless it is WAY on sale! hehe


  9. MCW

    I’m friends with a girl who worked at the Loft and she said that they were trying to get away from the J.Crew look, but who knows!

    And love the Gone With the Wind piece…Just finished the book and loved it.

  10. Thanks for mentioning the wonderful giveaway! Love the photo of Miss Tilly. I also thought the new Talbots looks is very J Crewish. I guess with the sales J. Crew is enjoying, the other retailers are saying “why not?” . . . Love your posts so much! I’m now heading over to impress myself by guessing all the j. crew items correctly! hehe xoxo

  11. Love the post about Scarlet’s dresses. Mammy said that the green velvet dress was made from Miss Ellen’s portiers (a fancy name for curtains). I hope they are able to have the dresses restored. Gone With The Wind is the end all of classic films.

  12. Blacklabs and Lilly

    Silly Tilly,

    You too can take over the blog and write your own post!!! Just wait until your humans are distracted with food or sleep, so perhaps later in the day, around the evening time. Position yourself close to computer, you need access to the interwebs for blogging, then simply type out your thoughts!! Just make sure not to get any slobber on the keyboard, or your humans will know what you have done.

    Best of Luck Tilly and Kindest Regards,
    Mr. Magoo

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