True Prep Update & Book Tour Details


Welcome to a Monday, once again marked by more than a little madness here at the Prepatorium.  Today’s big news involves this:

Random House

Our initial copy of True Prep arrived Friday, along with the press kit; to say we were excited would be an understatement.  We have been busy scanning the book, looking at all of the great illustrations and photos and going through the marketing materials.

One of the more notable items in the kit, the dates and locations for the book tour: this is not your standard book tour, not by a long shot. The majority of functions are not at bookstores, but at fun, fashionable prep locales, like LL Bean in Boston and at Tyson’s, Vineyard Vines in Greenwich and Georgetown, multiple Cole-Haan stores, and J. McLaughlin’s Charleston store. There are many book stores as well, including Powell’s in Portland, a fabulous establishment we have enjoyed visiting on many occasions.

The tour officially kicks off in a major way at Bloomie’s, as part of Fashion’s Night Out (FNO is briefly discussed here) on September 10, and then moves on.  The schedule shows multiple appearances at Brooks Brothers in particular; this makes sense as we have word there is a Brooks Brothers/True Prep item that customers will be able to purchase in the not-too-distant future.  (There is a strong possibility you will also see the item at the Princess, it is in stock, but the crush of business has prevented the Consort the IT Department from getting it up on the site.)

Another preppy icon, Sperry, figures heavily in True Prep promotion, with tour stops at several new Sperry retail stores: Kansas City, Dallas and Westchester. Sperry is also co-hosting events at several Nordstrom stores; can you say “merchandising opportunity”?

Also well-represented on the calendar, Lilly Pulitzer, with functions slated for the Pink Magnolia in St. Louis, and the KOP (King of Prussia) Mother Ship store, in all of its remodeled splendor.

Via The Love List

Jenn over at the always-delightful Love List has more pictures of the fabulous re-do at the store, just click here.

One other site sure to be a hit, the “For the Love of Lilly” exhibit at the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History is the location for a True Prep event.

Via the Sun-Sentinel

One of the major contributors to that exhibit is the very talented Kristina from Lotus and Lilly, she has more about it on her blog.  The nearby Lilly store in Boca Raton will host Ms. Birnbach for a visit, near the end of the tour in December.  Other retailers hosting events include the always-stylish Stubbs & Wootton, and jeweler Verdura.

The material in the press kit indicates savvy marketing minds at work, with outstanding venues for the book tour, and word of solid merchandise tie-ins. (Although the stops are heavily concentrated on both coasts and in Florida, a few more in The Great Midwest would make us smile.) Methinks there will be several fun co-branded products with this one, not limited to the upcoming jewelry piece at Brooks and the Princess.

Our initial reaction to Ms. Birnbach’s latest offering is very positive, True Prep is similar in tone and tenor to The Original Preppy Handbook. We presume the light treatment of the topic is what most readers are looking for; the same irreverence that made TOPH such a hit is present in abundance, with lots of tongue-in-cheek comments and witty asides. We enjoyed our quick glance through the book, and look forward to settling in with it for a dedicated read, cover to cover. We hope to have our review posted at some point this week.

One other note before we scram-a-rama, because we somehow have multiple copies of the Original Preppy Handbook, we’re thinking a giveaway offering one of each might be in order.  Does that make sense?

Until next time, g’bye!


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20 responses to “True Prep Update & Book Tour Details

  1. Knowledge1913

    Any indication that the tour will come to the Baltimore (or DC) area?

  2. Jen

    I want to be in on the giveaway! Let us know if you will be doing one officially. Looks like there will be some fun events.
    By the way, I received my Lilly iPhone cover in the mail this weekend. I’m looking very stylish these days while talking on the phone.

  3. LPC

    Do they say, anywhere, anything about the True Prep’s cousin, High WASP?:)

  4. Can’t wait to read it, sounds like a fun book tour!

  5. Did someone say Giveaway? They will probably go to South Florida…sadly I am more central Oh dear.

  6. Oooh! I must check out when the tour goes to Tysons and Georgetown!

    What pretty walls!

  7. seriously cannot handle it!



  8. Down Under Prep

    Can’t wait for a read once it’s published here in Oz!

    A giveaway of TOPH, you say? It’s impossible to find it all the way in Australia – need a shipment of sanity a.s.a.p!

  9. I hope there is a tour date in CA!

  10. I just checked the calendar and it looks like there are events in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. WOHOO!
    PS-Just pre-ordered the book 🙂

  11. MRM

    I cannot wait to order/receive my copy of True Prep! You have The Preppy Handbook?! I would love to get my hands on a copy! Even if to just borrow one…

  12. I hope the tour is coming to Atlanta! Can’t wait to get the book!

  13. charmfinder

    Loving the creative locations for the signings. Are there any Houston or Austin locations on the tour?


  14. I can’t wait to read this book. Two weeks from today, it will be available.

  15. Little Red

    When is the LLBean Tysons date? I’m so there.

  16. WendyK

    Does it say when the Kansas City Sperry date is?

  17. JINDLS

    Would love to go to any of the book tour stops in South Florida if there’s any, preferably after mid December!

  18. jill yoso

    Woo-Hoo KOP! I cannot wait. I’m biding my time waiting for my pre-order to ship visiting PreppyPrincess and

  19. Well here I am just reading along and my name jumps out at me. Thank you so very much for the kind mention! I was so honored to have been included in the exhibit. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, now maybe even a little bit more ; ) Thanks again~

  20. Piper

    The Sperry event is October 23rd from 930a-11a. Call 816-960-6857
    With any questions

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