J .Crew’s Movie Star Models & Preppy is Back. Again.

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Friday!

We begin with news of J. Crew’s upcoming advertising campaign, featuring something different for the retailer, the cast of a movie as models.

Courtesy J. Crew

That would be the cast of ‘The Romantics,‘ with stars Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman, Rebecca Lawrence, Jeremy Strong and Adam Brody. Below, Ms. Holmes and Mr. Duhamel.

Courtesy J. Crew

Does anyone remember the J. Crew Dawson’s Creek campaign from ten years ago (shown on the left)? Below right we see Malin Akerman, Josh Duhamel, and Ms. Holmes.

As the AP reports, this is more than a slightly different group of models.

“”The Romantics” and J.Crew don’t just dabble in product placement — although some of the costumes were indeed J.Crew. The retailer is serving as a bona fide marketing partner…”

Ms. Holmes looks fetching in ever image we have seen, here is one more photo from the upcoming campaign.

Courtesy J. Crew

We look forward to seeing the campaign’s impact on sales.


We visit a few more stories prompted by the upcoming release of True Prep from Lisa Birnbach & Chip Kidd.  Ms. Birnbach of course, is best known for The Original Preppy Handbook.  A Newsday story from earlier this week declares “After 30 years, preppy style is back“. Ahem.  Should we start a pool speculating on how many times this statement will be made in the next two months as publicity for the new book intensifies? (Of course we shan’t, as ladies never engage in such nefarious activity as gambling (the horror), but it is tempting, no?)

“Granted, it’s not as if navy blazers or argyle ever really went away. But this fall the look seems reinvigorated by new lines.”

The Newsday story is viewable by subscription only, but we thought it merited sharing. Here is a bit more:

But this fall the look seems reinvigorated by new lines (Brooks Brothers‘ Fleece, now for girls as well as boys), and old standbys (Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines).The neo-preppy look is “less stuffy, more active,” says Fleece designer Nikki Kule..”

Of more interest perhaps, this delightful essay from a Charlotte Observer reader,”In Pursuit of Preppy“.

“Arriving as a naive freshman, my designers of choice were JC Penney or Bobbie Brooks. And when I stepped foot on campus my first day, I was speechless. My wardrobe was woeful compared to my fellow classmates’.

Labels of choice were Talbots, LL Bean and Ralph Lauren.”

Goodness, seeing the Bobbie Brooks name brings back memories! Kim Furiate wrote the essay, and our bonnet is off to her for sharing such a wonderful tale.

“I learned what madras plaid was and how little whales spewing water could look very cool embroidered on a guy’s chinos. It was here, too, that I was exposed to a riotous Lilly Pulitzer print on a simple shift dress an upperclass Kappa Kappa Gamma was wearing. In small-town Ohio, it was next to impossible to find acid-pink-and-lime clothing. I wanted that dress desperately.”

This is one we highly recommend, with pleasure.


We leave you with a quick reminder about today’s unveiling of 3 new lines from Le Boutique Targét, although the collections are not available at your local store or at Target’s online site.  As previously reported, the pieces from John Derian, Mulberry & Tucker for Target were just launched at noon on Gilt, the off-price members only site. Below, a few of the offerings from Mulberry for Target.

The Mulberry group arrives in-store and online October 10.

Here are two Tucker for Target pieces, the Metallic Boucle Detailed Dress ($59) and the Floral Print Woven Dress ($39).

This line from designer Gabby Basora will be offered starting on September 12.

And two items from the John Derian line, four Acrylic Tumblers ($9.96) and the melamine Bugs Appetizer Plates ($7.96).

The Derian line will be available at Target September 5.

One advisory for those interested in any of the lines as available on Gilt, the sales kicked off at noon and some items are already sold out; sooner as opposed to later may be the wisest method for this particular event. If in need of an invitation, just click here.

With that we take time to say ‘Thank You’ for popping in, we do adore our treasured readers, and hope everyone enjoys a splendid weekend!


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10 responses to “J .Crew’s Movie Star Models & Preppy is Back. Again.

  1. Thank you for the reminder about the old Dawson’s Creek ads. Love the old photo of Katie Holmes, & the new ad campaign has got me excited about both the fall J. Crew line & the Romantics movie – guess their plan worked, huh?

    & I swear, if I get ONE MORE EMAIL telling me that my pre-ordered copy of True Prep has been delayed AGAIN, I am going to quit swearing allegiance to Barnes&Noble! Aaa!

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Thank you for sharing the article from the Charlotte newspaper. I cannot believe I missed that article in my local paper!

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Katie looks fabulous! I actually love the idea of using real people (even if they are celebrities) instead of just the super skinny models!

  4. kiki

    i love, love, love Katie Holmes…and Malin, too. i’m super excited for this movie. i do remember the Dawson gang in J.Crew…boy, that takes me back. big fan of the show, too. thanks for sharing and take care.

  5. Prep is back! Although in my opinion, it never goes out of style.


  6. ACH

    I do have a weakness for Ms. Holmes, so I can’t wait to see the new ads! And THANK YOU for the scoop on John Derian for Target; there are some great finds in this latest collection!

  7. Clare

    Only Katie could pull off the J.Crew look like their timeless models. She looks amazing and not too forced. I love it!


  8. Hello Princess:
    FYI — I linked to your blog today on a post I did on Lilly Pulitzer on Reggie Darling. Thanks! Yours, Reggie

  9. Darling post!

    I adored the campaign and Target collabs 🙂

  10. Kim Furiate

    Was delighted you quoted me! Thank you so much for the great review of my article on prep in The Charlotte Observer!
    These days, I mix a little rock and roll with my prep and make sure, as Marc Jacobs once said, “something’s a little ‘off'” but the preppie in me will never, never die. Witness the last purchase I made: a beautiful Ralph Lauren crew neck cashmere sweater–to wear with ripped boyfriend jeans and my military boots, of course!
    Kudos on a beautiful blog!

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