Say Goodbye to Talbot’s Red Doors & Kitsuné’s Ivy League

Hello and happy top-o-the-week. We hope everyone enjoyed some relaxation and recuperation this weekend.

Here at the Prepatorium things seem to be spinning completely out of control are a tad busy, the photo below probably better illustrates the situation.

PP Intergalactic HQ

That is merely a portion of the Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler iPhone covers we are shipping out today. Thank heaven for the Consort the minions, even with the drawbridge malfunctioning, they managed to make it over the moat and into the dungeon office today.  (Heh, heh, heh.)


We begin with news about Talbots, via this story in Women’s Wear Daily.

“Those signature red doors at Talbots are coming off their hinges.”

We were intrigued by the statement; it comes from Trudy F. Sullivan, the company’s president and CEO.  Her reasoning?

““They’ve become a bit of a hindrance for attracting new customers. They see the red door — they think it’s their grandmother’s store,”

That is the top to David Moin’s story updating the retailer’s progress.  Talbots may want to consider updating their investor relations page, with the reference to its “…welcoming red doors.”

The Talbots Inc.

For those attuned to the firm’s Sales & Clearance schedule, a change may already have been noticed:

“… the two big annual clearances were dropped in favor of taking less dramatic markdowns monthly to keep inventories cleaner and to sustain a steadier flow of merchandise.”

Below, this month’s catalog showing two new styles for fall.

Frequent readers may recall previous blather discussion about changes in direction for Talbots, we liked many of the new styles and fabrics and applauded the move to use Linda Evangelista for this fall’s advertising campaign. This look? A bit intense for our taste, likely to draw attention to the model, not the apparel.

Courtesy Image via

The philosophy behind the strategic moves makes sense, more from the WWD story:

““Don’t you think most significant brands go through moments of profound change?” Sullivan suggested. “Look at Coach. Look at Burberry. Look at Ralph [Lauren]. This is Talbots’ moment of profound change. We are not reinventing Talbots. We are trying to reconnect to the DNA.”

Here are two more images featuring Ms. Evangelista, better showcasing the clothes.

Below, a look at pieces from Talbots’ Holiday line.

Robert Mitra/WWD

(We’ll just might need a pair of those peachy-pink ballet flats.)

While we presume the marketing department had loads of research done to determine how people feel about those red doors, and the data may well show they are a challenge for the retailer’s desired demographic, we wonder if the baby needs to go out with the bathwater….?



Next, we share a look at pieces from the soon-to-debut “Ivy League” collection by Kitsuné.

Some may recall our brief feature on the company’s “Golf Club” collection; we also shared a few looks from this line.

For those wondering about the company’s name, it is actually the Japanese word for fox.

Many of the men’s styles are also appealing.

Lots to like with this collection, IOHO.


A few quick Bits & Bytes:

Brooks Brothers

  • J. Crew is doing their Final Sale, with an additional 30% off sale prices. Use promo code SHOPNOW to receive the discount; the promotion is online only and runs through the 19th.

J. Crew

Garnet Hill

We leave you with another quick Pretty in Pink treasure, this one from our friends at the Pink and Green Scene:

Pink and Green Scene

The Juicie Fruit Pet Bed is awfully cute, and it is also on sale!

G’bye until next time!


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16 responses to “Say Goodbye to Talbot’s Red Doors & Kitsuné’s Ivy League

  1. charmfinder

    I saw those peachy flats in person the other day. They are tres cute and I must own them.



  2. LPC

    Oooh, I do like that Kitsune suit.

  3. Not happy about losing the red doors, I think they’re distinctive and classy.

  4. I like the red doors. And I LOVE the new look of Talbot’s. I think that they would be better served by changing the font of their logo. It looks old to me.

  5. Erika

    I love the Brooks Bros. Campus looks. I am ambivalent on the Talbots red doors; I think that if Talbots wants to attract a younger demographic, rather than reinvent themselves they should simply update the CUT of their clothing. Lower waistlines would be a great start. Every time I see a cute pair of bottoms there, I try them on and it’s MOM JEANS. They have some beautiful classic pieces, but I have to admit as I walk through the stores, I am having a harder time finding things I want at 38 than I did at 25, which kind of tells the whole story. In the mid 90s, higher waistlines and the older style cuts weren’t so old style. Just my 2 cents.
    And J. Crew…now there is some updating that went horribly wrong. I cannot stand what they are doing right now. They did not update cuts, they did not update fabrics, they totally mutilated the brand. If I want what they’re selling, not that I will, I will go pay 1/3 of the price for it at H & M. I have stoked some fires on the J. Crew Facebook page for my opinions, mainly ire from chickies in their early 20s who think I ought to put on my Mom Jeans and go home, but I have found that a majority of the responders agree with me 100%.

  6. Great Post and congratulations on all the iphone cover sales!!!!
    I think that it is OK for Talbots to trade in their red door for something more contemporary. I’m even thinking about doing some shopping at Talbots this year…maybe if I wear Talbots clothes I might mysteriously start looking like Linda Evangelista!

  7. I’m sad to see those red doors go. That’s really a shame. The new ads are visually STUNNING! I want that leopard coat! Love that they make petites too. Thank goodness that’s not on the way out!!!

  8. I think losing the red doors seems waaaay over thought and silly. But that’s just my opinion…

  9. Do I ever comment here? Do I always comment on twitter?

    First, LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOXES! Y’all are a big deal! Go, you!

    Second, I love that green coat. Please, Talbots: pick up the J Crew slack. Please. I will be loyal and true.

    Princess, Consort, Tilly: you’re one of my shopping advice go-to places. Keep it up.

  10. Jen

    I curse you for sharing pictures recently about all the hip new stuff at Talbots. While waiting for my car to be serviced, I ran in there today (just to ogle mind you.) I’m trying to be more “mindful” of buying these days. I did get off pretty cheap. Bought a pair of pants on sale and a pair of earrings. I restrained myself otherwise.
    Their jewelry these days is fabulous. It’s definitely not your mother’s Talbots these days. Well, at least there are more options for the pre-menopausal crowd.

  11. 1. I could care less what color the doors are. If I like an item that I see online or in their catalogue, I’m buying it. Period. Waste of money.
    2. Congrats on the sales!! Wow. Too bad I don’t live near you. You could be my post-retirement part-time job! I’m a good packer 😉
    3. Thanks for your help with my upcoming giveaway. xoxo

  12. kiki

    my goodness. not sure what to think about the red doors coming off. sad to see them go. doesn’t stop this youngster from going in to shop, but whatevs. everything must change eventually. i am loving those pink ballet flats. the Kitsune line is A.Ma.Zing! thanks for sharing and take care.

  13. j.a.c.

    The new Talbots ads with Linda Evangelista are a huge change! I love them! The old look was just that…OLD. Something new and fresh was needed. I’m still not sure about whether removing the red doors was necessary, but it’s a bold move.

  14. Great post- interesting about Talbot’s. The Talbot’s camel coat is gorgeous. While I don’t shop there for myself (I’ve shopped there for others), I actually liked the red doors. They seemed warm, inviting and familiar to me. But it is good that they are going through a reinvention- it’s always good when a company recognizes the need for change and is willing to take that step.

  15. I love the red doors! I think they are looking at the wrong thing, when have the doors stop ppl from coming in? I love the fact that I can point out a Talbots store because of the doors. I hope they do not pick a design that looks like every other store. Not good. 😦

  16. Kathleen

    I love the red doors! Bad move on their part. 😦

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