New Collection for Kiel James Patrick Giveaway & Now You Can Have Don Draper

Hello-Hello, welcome to a crazy Tuesday here at the Prepatorium.

We have just a few brief items before moving to our primary topic, Kiel’s fabulous new line of belts. But first, a quick glance at the Mad Men premiere party in New York Sunday night. Below, Betty & Peggy January Jones and Elizabeth Moss at the party.

Evan Angostini/Chase Sapphire/AP

There was quite a crowd on hand in Times Square for the festivities.

Evan Angostini/Chase Sapphire/AP

In related news…


Yes indeedy, the official Barbie Mad Men dolls are now available. We are a tad confused about the target audience for these, as most girls enjoying their Barbies are not old enough to be watching the show, so how would they know who Betty and Don are …? Are adults expected to buy them?

As well as Roger and Joan.

Unlikely to be seen here at Princess InterGalactic HQ.


We are ever-so-excited to share a new product launch with our friend Kiel James Patrick.  Behold the designer’s new Croffix Sailing Belts!

Kiel James Patrick

Kiel launched these in the wee hours of Monday morning after months of hard work, and we are delighted to share them with you.  Princess readers won’t be surprised to see that one of our faves is the Arabella Brayton Fellix (L), we also like the Gigi Tripler in a classic combination, pink and navy.

To see them in person is to marvel at the craftsmanship and attention to detail.  As with all KJP products, the belts are created from hand-knotted rope, finished with the finest Italian pebbled leather and lined with the firm’s trademark madras fabric.

Of course they coordinate perfectly with the bracelets we carry at the Princess.

Including our exclusive pink and green KJP Princess Bracelet seen sandwiched below between Kiel’s solid green and white belts.

Below, more styles from the new collection.

Kiel James Patrick

How excited are all of us about the belts? Enough that Kiel has asked us to help kick-off the Croffix Belt launch with a giveaway! The winner receives one of the new Sailing Belts in the pattern  and size of their choosing.  How fun is that? Here’s how to enter:

  • For one entry leave a comment telling us your favorite KJP belt
  • For a 2nd entry leave a comment telling us your favorite KJP product at The Princess
  • For a 3rd entry fan The Princess on Facebook & leave a comment telling us you did (If already a fan just let us know)
  • For a 4th entry blog about this giveaway (please leave a link to your post in your comment)
  • For a 5th entry Tweet about the Giveaway and let us know you did
  • Receive 3 additional entries for sending friends/readers to the contest, just have them tell us you sent them here in their comment

Entries will be taken until Noon next Monday, August 2 and we will announce the winner in Tuesday’s post.

Until next, thank you for popping in to visit!


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71 responses to “New Collection for Kiel James Patrick Giveaway & Now You Can Have Don Draper

  1. Siv

    I love the all green belt. It’s so perfect to dress up any outfit.

  2. Suburban Princess

    How did I not know you are carrying pink and green KJP bracelets???
    I wear my monkey one all the time now!

    I love the P&G belt…and of course love the P&G bracelet!!

    I am a fan of yours on FB!

    I just twittered this!

    I put it on my sidebar too!

  3. Thank you for a great giveaway! I love the blue and pink Gigi Tripler belt. I think it would look great with the pink elephant headband on the Preppy Princess site. I’m also a PP Facebook fan. 🙂

  4. Jordy P

    The Knottguard Heckins Drift is perfect because it’s my boyfriends two favorite colors!

  5. These look great! I like the simple white Brigg’s Capeside Docks belt

  6. Ryan G

    I’m a big fan of the basic white Brigg’s Capeside Docks belt.

  7. Jordy P

    As for the preppy princess, I LOVE the Arkballows Hull Outlook Earrings with the whale!

  8. Fave KJP product at Princess: Blue Madras Headband

  9. Jordy P

    I became a fan of the preppy princess on fbook!!

  10. Suburban Prep

    The belt that hit a cord with me is the Tucker’s Abaft the Beam

  11. Suburban Prep

    My favorite item that the Preppy Princess carries of KJP collection is the Exclusive KJP Preppy Princess Braided Bracelet

  12. I love the barbies lol

    I love the brigg’s belt, the plainest of them all but reminds me of my 1st bracelet
    I own the earrings on your site, they are my fav for my summer at the yacht club
    I’m tweeting this give away now
    And I’m a fan on fb

    Great give away!

  13. Melissa

    I think I like the all-white Capeside Docks belt the best – it will go with everything!

  14. Melissa

    My favorite KJP product in the Preppy Princess collection is the whale headband – so cute!

  15. ACH

    I love all the belts–but I think my favorite might be the Tristram Calm Winds!

  16. ACH

    By far, the Arkballows Hull Outlook Earrings are my favorite (although I LOVE the anchor ones, too!)

  17. I had the same sentiment about the Barbie Dolls. I mean if I’m not buying one, they’re in trouble 😉
    PLEASE enter me in the contest. I LOVE these belts.
    1. I think I’m gonna put my favorite the navy and pink. Shock I know but I think I could wear it more!!
    2. My favorite item is the Preppy Princess bracelet!!
    3. I def. follow you on Facebook. We’re friends 🙂

    Thank you Princess!! Great giveaway. xoxo

  18. mona

    Uhm…there was a time I would have purchased the Mad Men (read: Don Draper) Barbies. 😉 That “time” has of course passed.

    Choose one belt? But I like so many! How do I choose between the Captain Oscar O’Leary, Baxon Trull, Clayton’s Canopy Hammock, Guliford’s Obedagget Docks, Tucker’s Abaft the Beam. And one couldn’t possibly go wrong with the Brigg’s Capeside Docks or the Hortock’s Compass Rose.

    My fav KJP piece on the Preppy Princess… well, that depends on if I’m in a navy mood, or a pink and green mood. It’s a tie between my KJP exclusive P&G bracelet and my Trip Jeckson Skipper earrings.

    Of course I “LIKE” the Preppy Princess on Facebook!

  19. CashmereLibrarian

    Oh boy, I need a KJP belt! My favorite, if I have yo pick, is the Arabella Fellix. So many great colors, though!

  20. Too many choices! I want one of everything. I think my favorite is the classic though- Brigg’s Capeside Docks- since I could wear it with everything.

  21. 1. lovelovelove the arabella brayton felix belt.

    2. i adore the lennie earrings.

    3. of course i am a fan on facebook! (i can send my real name by email if you’d like. :))

    what a great giveaway! you’re wonderful!

  22. steph

    1. I adore the Gigi Tripler belt!
    2. My favorite KJP product at TPP is definitely the headband w/ pink elephants.
    3. I am most certainly a fan on FB!
    4. And I even tweeted about the giveaway! (I’m @stejpeck!)

  23. I’m a fan on Facebook!!

  24. I’m loving the Arabella Braxton finish!

  25. Fellix = finish. WHOOPS!

  26. Of course my favorite KJP/Princess item is *the* Princess bracelet!!

  27. Elliott

    1. Huge, no HUGE fan of the Tucker’s Abaft the Beam. They’re my colors!

  28. Elliott

    2. The Cruffexus bracelet is smashing!

  29. Elliott

    And I’m a fan on FB, of course!

  30. lizzyloveslilly

    I love my exclusive Preppy Princess bracelet. I am wearing it right now. I also love my light blue/dark blue one that I just got. (Maybe that tells you who I am!) You guys are truly the best!

  31. lizzyloveslilly

    It is really hard to decide which belt I like best. I love the pink and navy, but I love the pink and green that matches my PP KJP bracelet. For my sons, I love the light blue/navy since it is his school colors, but I love the red/white/blue/khaki and the green/navy. I am so excited that they are making belts!

  32. I love the Briggs Capside Docks belt! CUTE cute! 🙂

  33. I love the Exclusive KJP Preppy Princess Headband in White Anchor!

  34. I am a fan of the preppy princess on facebook!

  35. Amy

    I love that pink and green belt; it is perfect with any summer outfit!

  36. emily

    adore the pink and green belt!

  37. emily

    already own the whale headband and I love, love, love it 🙂

  38. I love them all, but Brigg’s Capeside Docks has to be my favorite because white is so clean and classic and truly matches every outfit; it would especially look well with my polo, breeches, and boots when I go riding.

  39. My favorite KJP product from the Preppy Princess would then have to be the Arkballows Hull Outlook Earrings

  40. just did it all 😉

    follow me @

  41. corinne

    Clayton’s Canopy Hammocks is my fav KJP belt.

    I already own the Donnickberry Spout Earrings. 🙂

    I’m already a FB fan and I’ll post a Tweet about the giveaway tout de suite!

  42. Kristina

    I love the Blakely Cartwright belt!!
    My favorite product is the corresponding bracelets
    I’m a fan on facebook, of course!

  43. Kal

    I love the Clayton’s Canopy Hammock Belt.

  44. Kal

    I love the Batten Lazarette Croffix Braided Bracelet

  45. Kal

    Just fanned Preppy Princess on Facebook…i really want that belt 😀

  46. Kal

    just tweeted! @littledaddie 😀

  47. kaye sweetser

    How can you not LOVE the Arabella Brayton Fellix to pieces? Paired with some Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines & you are set to be the coolest girl at the party! I already have a KJP bracelet & love it. I sail all the time & the fashions just remind me of being out on the water when I’m stuck on land!

  48. kaye sweetser

    Fave product at Preppy Princess? Easy! I already have the earrings. I already have a snazzy bracelet — I just need one more thing for the trifecta! Exclusive KJP Preppy Princess Headband Blue Madras!

  49. kaye sweetser

    I Facebook fanned Preppy Princess & tweeted the KJP contest!

  50. My fave is absolutely the Gigi Tripler! Love it!

  51. My favorite KJP item at Preppy Princess is a tough call… between the elephant headband and the anchor one. 😉

  52. I just tweeted… that’s 4 entries for me! xxoo

  53. I LOVE Arabella Brayton Fellix! I am a fan on facebook and tweeted about it. (@LLoffashion)

  54. Kristin

    I love the Havleposh Nemilee belt. The bright colors are great and would make any outfit perfect. Thank you for introducing us to such an awesome designer!

  55. Kristin

    My favorite KJP at is the exclusive pink and green bracelet. It’s so cute!

  56. MaysieO

    My favorite Kiel James Patrick belt is the Brigg’s Capeside Docks. I love the colorful ones as well, but this is sure to become a staple in my every day wear.

    My favorite KJP product at TP is the Blue Madras Headband. I’ve actually been meaning to order it for quite sometime!

    I am an (avid) fan on Facebook.

    I tweeted this giveaway (@maysieo).

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, and adorable, giveaway!

  57. I LOVE the Allie Rempletacks pink and green belt!

  58. I found this blog through So Georgia and I’m SO glad.
    I might be one of the biggest Kiel James Patrick fans. LOVE LOVE LOVE his bracelets, headbands, belts…oh I just love it all.
    My favorite KJP belt would have to be the Gigi Tripler.

  59. Just looked at and the white anchor headband is definitely my fav KJP item that you have for sale there.

  60. I just became a fan of The Princess on facebook.

  61. I blogged about this giveaway on my blog So Georgia. Here’s the link:

  62. Well, my favorite belt is the Mabel B (Mabel is a CUTE name too!) and B’s favorite is the navy and green one (we’d have to fight over who gets it if I were to win!). My favorite product on your website is the madras headband. I even posted about how much I loved it (with directions how to purchase it at your site, of course) on FB. Now that B is working again, it might have to be a splurge! Oh, I’m a FB fan as well!! Hope you had a great week. I’m pretty sure it was a busy one for you!!

  63. Brooke

    My sister, Kristin sent me to the contest. Your website is amazing and so is KJP! My favorite belt is the Knottguard Heckins Drift because it is my college’s colors.

  64. Brooke

    My favorite KJP product on your website is the lovely blue madras headband. Thanks!!

  65. Ivey

    my favorite KJP Croffix belt is the Arabella Brayton felix!

  66. Ivey

    My favorite KJP item at the princess are definitely the Lennie earrings!

  67. Ivey

    i becam a fan on facebook and i tweeted about it!

  68. ooh fun! i love the bracelets, and for the belts i’m lusting after the capeside docks, the compass rose, & the beach lifeguards 🙂

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