Lilly Goes Greek, Talbots & J. Crew Fall Early Look

Hello-Hello, and happy almost-the-end-of-the-week!

We begin with a look at the new Lilly Pulitzer Sorority line debuting this fall, including prints for Kappa Delta, shown below in pink and green.

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

The Collection was revealed this week on the Lilly Facebook page; pieces in each print include a Tote, Carry On bag, Makeup Bag and Pencil case, along with a new wallet style. Here are designs for two other sororities included in the collection, Kappa Kappa Gamma (L) and Delta Zeta (R).

We know TQM (the Queen Mother) will be partial to the fourth print in the series, recognizing the Tri-Delts.

Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer

Each sorority pattern is also offered in the wildly popular Murfee scarf, sure to be a hit at these four sorority houses!  Prices range from $28 to $148 for the collection.


We know many of our treasured readers and friends are looking forward to fall and new fashions; we have to admit we’re just not there yet, perhaps our 100° temperatures are keeping us on the summer trends.

At any rate, the season will change and we have an early look at two lines, beginning with a few ensembles from J. Crew.  Below we show the Honey Tweed Jacket, Leigh Chiffon Cardigan and Cropped Ripstop Cargo Pant.

Courtesy J. Crew

Next, the Alpaca Cardigan, Sequin Tee and Cotton Skirt are seen on the left and on the right, the Wool Minnie Pant and Herringbone Work Shirt.

Here is the Ikat Bustier Dress and Brompton Satchel (L), and the Hooded Nomad Jacket, Sequin-Strip Tank and Vintage Matchstick Cord.

Hmmm. We would have to say that just about everything we see at this point is NFU. (Not For Us.)


We also have an early look at some of the Talbots pieces for fall,

Courtesy Talbots

Several party frocks are featured, this one in black lace.

Here are more looks from the new catalog. (Note to Miss LPC, the ensemble on the right somehow shouts your name.)

As with J. Crew, the silhouette is slim.

The platform pump remains fashionable, as does the bootie.

Welcome spots of color are seen throughout the collection.

And chunky, statement accessories retain their popularity.

Classic pieces are also visible within the collection.

According to a WWD story, here is some of what to expect for the Holiday season:

“Strong outerwear and feminine details were the message at Talbots. The collection featured coats for every occasion, from tailored day looks to satin evening styles, as well as faux fur and puffer looks.”

We aren’t sure about the lumberjack look on the right, but there is definitely a younger feel to the catalog.

Courtesy Image via The Fashion List

We leave you with this image, as Tilly seems to exemplify how we are feeling heading into the weekend!

Hope yours is fab!


  • Kyle Ericksen/WWD
  • Robert Mitra/WWD


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15 responses to “Lilly Goes Greek, Talbots & J. Crew Fall Early Look

  1. Great post. I am loving the Talbots fall collection (now I just need to loose some weight – help!). Also, I LOVE Tilly.

  2. charmfinder

    I’m agreeing with you on the J.Crew, which I usually adore, but this feels more Gap to me. The Talbots selections though are F-A-B! Tres, tres chic.

  3. LPC

    How did you know I have a secret yen for leopardskin prints:)? BTW, that Talbots stuff is looking better and better, IMO.

  4. Suburban Princess

    Do you think they will ask for a membership card to buy the TriDelt Murfee?

    I would so wear that outfit you suggested for LPC!!! LoveLoveLove!!!

  5. Hello darling… thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog… I do believe Mark Shaw was the perfect way to prepare for the start of the next season of Mad Men!

    I think it says something either about my entering a new stage of life or about J. Crews quick decline into anti-prep territory that I find far more enjoyable about the fall Talbots line than I do about the fall J. Crew line…. I have been adoring that Talbots picture with the green coat and matchstick jeans and red shoes since I first saw it… truly swoon worthy… and I’m thinking perhaps it is just the casual thing one needs when first embarking on fall clothing for medical school!

    In the meantime, sorry to have been so absent of late… we’re busy unpacking in our new California house (can you believe it this southern girl actually finds very much charming about the east bay area?)….

  6. n

    oh my goodness, the talbot’s collection is delectable. i love the green with the red shoes. but there is one outfit, tone on tone brown, beige and camel with gloves. it makes me swoon.
    im not quite 40, i am not sure if i am getting old or if talbots is getting younger but i love this fall collection

  7. Tilly is precious!!! My daughter is a Kappa Delta girl and was beside herself that Lilly came out with KD items. So cute!!! I’m sure she will want them all. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. As a Tri-Delta I am lovin’ the new Lilly Greek goodies. Found it first on your blog, as usual. 🙂 xoxo

  9. Talbot’s is winning me over. JCrew is losing me.
    Tilly is GORGEOUS! Happy weekend, lovely!xo

  10. Lilly goes Greek! How much fun is that an I’m super jeally that Catholic universities don’t “do” Greek systems! Le sigh!

    And thank you for your kind words- you always have such coddling, soothing things to say when I need them 🙂



  11. Jen

    Thanks for highlighting the Talbots fall line. I love it! Finally, they are pushing the envelope just a little bit. I really need to not spend money on clothes but I may have to stop by there.
    Hope you are braving the heat and humidity.

  12. I like everything I see so far at Talbots! J. Crew, not so much. 😦

  13. Berry

    Talbots has lost me – third or fourth season I don’t see anything appropriate for my life. After their resizing, nothing fits! It is all straight up and down and for tall women and I’m a cute, curvy 6 petite.

  14. kaye sweetser

    Just like a few gals above said … WOW TALBOTS! Am I now old that I actually like their stuff more than J Crew? What happened? Also, I skew more Lilly in the summer so J Crew’s all brown all the time is just too blah for me.

  15. Thanks for the props. So glad you are noticing… and liking… all the changes at Talbots! If you – or any of your fans – want to show off your new Talbots acquisitions, enter our monthly Spotted D.I.Y. Contest for a chance to win a $250 Talbots gift card. Check it out…

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