J. Crew Fall 2010 Wedding & Lilly Pulitzer Stationery Goes Paperless…?

Hello-Hello, welcome to a Wednursday here at the Prepatorium. Yes, a Wednursday – that’s what happens when you combine two days of the week into one, precisely what we are attempting with our post, the schedule is a bit frenzied these days and this is the best we can offer at this point.

We begin with a look at styles from the fall J. Crew Weddings & Parties collection.

Courtesy J. Crew via FabSugar

There are some lovely confections.

A few frocks are almost impossible to view properly online because of the light colors and softness of the design.

As with all Crew Bridal looks, the detailing can be exquisite.

Pieces are crafted of silk taffeta, chiffon, and faille.

It appears chunky statement jewelry remains in vogue at Crew.

Most of the silhouettes are true to Crew’s clean, unfussy aesthetic.

But not all.

J. Crew calls the fall palette “cotton candy colors,’ there are rich neutral and earth tones, with few splashes of color.

Here is one of those palettes showing the colors for gowns in silk taffeta.

The dresses are available for pre-order, and the lookbook can be seen online.


We also have a look at the just-launched Lilly Pulitzer online only stationery and invitation group at e-stationer CocoDot.

Couurtesy CocoDot.com

CocoDot provides what are commonly known as e-greetings, things like e-vites, e-cards, etc. You may select from blank templates and fill in the appropriate text.

There are too many delightful patterns to count. In addition to words, photographs may also be used to create the desired look.

While we see the beauty of online correspondence in some circumstances (small thank you notes for online courtesies come to mind), wedding invitations via the interwebs?  Non, non, non!

Despite the lovely palettes…

Courtesy CocoDot.com

And stunning Lilly designs…

Courtesy CocoDot.com

Wedding invitations need to arrive the old-fashioned way.  As does most other correspondence.

Buuuuut…..if one is inclined to engage in this sort of thing, and we are (gasp) on a wee, small scale, CocoDot is the service we are likely to use.

Now before anyone starts sending nastygrams in our direction, let’s not get our whiskers in a wad. We recognize and respect the notion we are partaking of a verboten practice. Heresy that is especially distasteful for someone engaged in selling Lilly Pulitzer invitations and stationery made of real paper, as we are.

However, there are individuals we only know online, for whom we have no physical address, virtual acquaintances if you will, people we may not want to ask for their address.  A personalized online greeting to thank a Lilly friend, or say ‘hello’ to a casual online associate seems in perfectly acceptable taste; using the CocoDot product makes sense in that respect. Vastly superior to one of our tedious emails.

CocoDot works like other ‘paperless post’ services, one pays a fee to join, differing levels of memberships are offered.  For anyone else considering this sort of thing, In-style readers can save 30% on an annual membership by using the code INSTYLE at checkout.


We shall always offer paper Lilly Pulitzer products here at the Princess, the two methods for staying in touch and extending invitations and other greetings are not mutually exclusive.


Next, an interesting take on the Ferragamo fall ad campaign from Lauren at Fashionista.

Courtesy Ferragamo via Fashionista

Her issue? The company’s efforts to “… freshen up the Ferragamo brand for a younger audience…”.

“I don’t think that they succeed, nor do I want them to. I like Salvatore Ferragamo because it’s the best in old lady-chic.

I’ve got a couple pairs of those vintage bow flats, with the square little heel and gold charms. I bet spokesmodel Dree Hemingway does, too. Why? Because they look great. And they are great. They don’t need to be modernized or updated. The Vara pump, to me, is as classic as a Chanel ballet flat.

So instead of trying to be something it’s not, Ferragamo should embrace what it is. Soon enough, everyone will be pining for Vara pumps all over again.”

We heartily endorse that sentiment.


We leave you with this item, we simply must have your esteemed and refined opinions on these:

Courtesy Nike via Coco Perez

This is what happens when Nike meets Hunter, at least that’s our impression, and also what Coco Perez notes in his post on the boots.

Courtesy Nike via Coco Perez

What thinketh everyone? Hot… or merely hideous?

Oops, we almost forgot (this is the last-last thing, honest, promise!) the reminder about the sale on the Lands’ End Canvas collection.  Yesterday we mentioned the LL Bean Signature sale and we know some readers are devotees of this group as well.


Happy hunting.


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15 responses to “J. Crew Fall 2010 Wedding & Lilly Pulitzer Stationery Goes Paperless…?

  1. mona

    “let’s not get our whiskers in a wad” LOL! I love that! 🙂
    Nike via Coco Perez – Like? Notsomuch…but…I’m old.

  2. preppy313

    Loved the wedding dresses! I hope there’s Pnina Tornai next time-I love her designs! Great blog 😀

  3. Loving the green and blue bridesmaid dresses. (Not loving the model though – she looks rather unhappy I think!)

  4. TP! You crack me up 🙂 I love the J.Crew dresses (minus that crazy fussy one!) I actually wore one of their designs for my wedding two years ago! I think they make beautiful, simple, elegant gowns – and I’m happy to see they are expanding their collection!

  5. VickyM

    Love this post. Lots of elves and fairies!

  6. Love the wedding gowns! And I do love the chunky jewelry because one piece makes the simplest dress or shirt such a dynamic piece! xoxo

  7. Miss Wendy

    If I still lived up North and those boots came in hot pink I would wear them in the winter to run errands. They aren’t entirely unfortunate looking.

  8. Ohhh thanks for sharing all that….I am a stationary hoarder, LOL. I buy it and never want to use it!! Just like scrapbook supplies:)

  9. so chic! Effortless elegant!



  10. I adore the J Crew bridal, they’ve outdone themselves. Annnnd, couldn’t agree more about the Ferragamo, wrong move. IMO, that photo just undermines the brand.

  11. The aluminum ruffled bridesmaid dress paired with yellow accents would be so gorg!

  12. I need to get engaged just to justify a trip to the j crew bridal store–it looks like what I always imagined heaven would be like.

  13. The J Crew Bridal just keeps getting better and better. Hats off to them! (I have 2 JC bridesmaids dresses in my closet for later this summer 🙂

  14. Jen

    I do love the J. Crew dresses these days. Not much else does it for me. The e-vites are cute but I still like items that come in the snail mail. There is nothing quite so nice as getting a handwritten note in the mail. Hope you have a wonderful weekend around your parts and stay cool.

  15. i am very interested in the jcrewing of wedding … pretty stuff!

    i’m going to have to say those boots are hideous … i’ll stick to my hunters 🙂

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