Fab Sales & Savings & Posh Pet Digs & A Preppy Cutting Board

Hello-Hello, welcome to a crazy Thursday here at Princess InterGalactic HQ!

With the holiday approaching there are loads of Sales and Savings opportunities; you know how concerned we about helping you conserve your pin money. We begin with the Brooks Brothers semi-annual sale and a Pretty in Pink, the Madras short at $52.80.  On the right is the Country Club Dress in a lightweight cotton knit that is über-comfy and at a lightweight price, just $59 (originally $98).

Talbots is running their Red Hanger promotion.


The sale offers items like the Embroidered Cropped Pants at $63 (originally $79.50) or today’s Adventure in Argyle, the Cotton Blend Cardigan at $71 (originally $89).

Are these great bargains? Not exactly.  For consumers who have grown accustomed to deep discounting during These Difficult Times, the lack of lower price points may be off-putting. Today CNBC looked at summer sale promotions in a story titled “Smart Spending: Are semiannual sales worth it?

“More than ever, retailers are running sales every two weeks,” said Dan de Grandpre, editor-in-chief of dealnews.com. “The semiannual sale for a lot of people is just noise.”

Second, the discounts are smaller. Try 30 percent to 50 percent, compared with the 75 percent price cuts that were common until about a year ago. And the racks are less full because retailers ordered less to begin with.”

Tory Burch is also offering discounts.

Tory Burch

The Walker Polo is now $66.50 (from $95) and the Kids’ Tory Tunic in pink is also $66.50.

Here is more fiscally-friendly advice from the CNBC story:

“….consider waiting. Retailers like Brooks Brothers, Timberland and Foot Locker still offer big sales well before the winter holidays, often in late September through early November. De Grandpre said those sales can be better than the chains’ semiannual ones because retailers don’t want to be left with extra inventory after the holidays.”

A Princess favorite, Kate Spade, is also offering discounted merchandise; the Krush Slingback is $228, originally priced at $325.  On the right, an item we adore for cooler seasons, the Zoe knit slipper, reduced to $47 from $95.

We promise to pass along any other significant offers we discover.


A few quick items we simply have to share, here is the first.

Straight Line Designs

The Bird Home comes via Justin Beaumont’s Straight Line Designs in Vancouver.  From the same source, we offer the Pet Camper, just too fun.

Straight Line Designs

Sadly, we were forced to explain to Tilly the dapper digs are not intended for dogs of her… girth. Her reaction?

Tilly is Not Happy

Sigh. What’s a Mother to do?


We leave you with new to the Princess, our fabulous new Personalized Cutting Boards from Clairebella.

The tempered glass boards are offered in two sizes.

We are ever-so-excited to have these available now in the shoppe, they are going to fill a number of gift-giving needs.

Next to be added from this fantastic line, monogrammed melamine trays.

Clairebella at PreppyPrincess.com

With that fab news, g’bye until next time!


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13 responses to “Fab Sales & Savings & Posh Pet Digs & A Preppy Cutting Board

  1. Suburban Princess

    Hmm Talbot’s can talk to me when they get to 80% off – these are from the spring line…the autumn lines will be out in 3 weeks!

    I love the cutting boards…I spotted the one I am getting MIL for xmas!

  2. MRM

    I saw those boards the other day on your site and knew I had to have one!

  3. Your pictures of Tilly make me smile and laugh every time – her girth? Poor girl!

    I am so in love with the cutting boards – they are going on my gift list for the “moms” in our family – and perhaps I’ll treat myself as well!

  4. LPC

    Classic slingback, adorable cutting board…

  5. Love those cutting boards! Your dog is so adorable. Happy 4th!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  6. I just wanted to share that the Talbots sale has better discounts in store than online, I think. Many things from the early spring are sold out online, but can be had on 50%+ discounts in the store. I didn’t find anything online, but I found some adorable cropped pants and a skirt in store that had both been marked down quite a bit.

  7. Love the personalized cutting board. So cute and creative!

  8. I want one of everything on the page! I hope Tilly’s self-esteem isn’t damaged over the “camper” issue. xoxo

  9. Did you see that Lily is in the pet camper??? Lily needs that pet camper. I am ordering that pet camper!!! Thank you for posting it. And sorry to Tilly!!!

  10. p.s. Do you know the price of the camper? I really want it!!!xo

  11. The pink cutting board with the eKh is in my mom’s exact monogram–it’s a sign! LOVE the animal homes, so hilarious!

  12. Love, love, love the cutting boards!! If you guys love Talbots, skip the main store and go the Talbots Outlet store. You will really save! Most of the items are already marked 50% with an additional 50-75% off. You can’t beat that! Have a good 4th!!

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