When Pink Goes Wrong & What’s The Buzz?

Hello-Hello! We hope everyone is enjoying a lovely almost-officially-summer day, it is beautiful here at the Prepatorium!

We are brief with today’s post, too many commitments again, we shall have to initiate a serious chat with ourselves the Social Secretary.  So we have a series of images to share, all of them timely, all of them hopefully worthy of your time.

We begin with word of the Kate Spade Sale.

Although this is referred to as a ‘sample sale’ in the promotion, we are not using that moniker; as best we know it isn’t a true sample sale with sample merchandise. There are fabulous bargains to be found, and we adore Kate Spade, we just have a minor quarrel with terminology. Below we show two of the delightful deals, both qualify as Pretty in Pink goodies for the day.

However, we must now move on to what we’re terming a Pretty in Pink Tragedy, or “When Pink Goes Wrong”, taking place at today’s Royal Ascot, no less.

Stuart Wilson/Getty

Above we see television host Bear Grylls, in a rather unfortunate choice of colors.  Below, members of the Royal Family on their way to the event, looking rather more elegant.

Getty Images

Tomorrow’s post will feature scads more photo from Royal Ascot, always a delight for those of us fond of fashion.


Next, a quick mention of an element of the FIFA World Cup that is definitely creating a buzz. (Pun intended.)

AFP/Getty via Wall Street Journal

Yes, it is the dreaded, despised, despicable, detested and disrespected vuvuzela, what we refer to as the soccer horn.  It seems some are bothered by the noise created by the device. The Journal ran a fabulous piece, “Should This Horn Be Banned?” in yesterday’s paper.  From that story:

“Is everyone already exasperated with the Infamous Plastic Horn of Distraction? WE SAID, IS EVERYONE ALREADY EXASPERATED WITH THE INFAMOUS PLASTIC HORN OF DISTRACTION?

There are reports that World Cup organizers are already considering a ban on the vuvuzela, the ubiquitous narrow instrument that’s making every contest in South Africa sound like a ferocious swarm of radioactive bees—or a Hollywood publicists’ luncheon.”

The world is certainly talking about them, below an image from the UK’s First Post.

First Post UK

The Telegraph also runs a series of Vuvuzela Photos of the Day, including this image demonstrating vuvuzela protocol, a solid primer on just when one should blow one’s vuvuzela.

The Telegraph

There are reports microphones are being changed by broadcasters overwhelmed by complaints, suggestions that they be banned, and overall unhappiness on the topic.  Below, a bit of this story from the LA Times:

“Host Broadcast Services, the company that provides the broadcast feed for the World Cup, has doubled its audio filters to reduce the constant blaring buzz of the controversial vuvuzelas.”

All of which have created the perfect storm, a situation The Consort is incapable of ignoring.

Image 'Enhancement' by The Consort

Possibly the first documented case of “Crimes Against Photoshop.”

We leave you with a final thought on the topic from the Wall Street Journal story mentioned above:

“Besides, who are we in the U.S. to complain about vuvuzelas? We gave the world Twitter and Ke$ha.”



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16 responses to “When Pink Goes Wrong & What’s The Buzz?

  1. kiki

    i can understand the need to ban the vuvuzelas from the stadium if they are a distraction to the players, but the instrument is a traditional custom for showing pride in their country, and to ask the host country to stop performing a custom they hold so dear, i just think that could upset a lot of people and would open debate for all sporting events and banning team’s, or country’s customs. if i was there, though, i would be wearing a very fashionable pink pair of headphones to drown out that horrible buzzing.

  2. Suburban Princess

    Yes they are annoying…but WSJ is right…if it was an American noisemaker and other countries complained…..

  3. Oh, that hat! Definitely pink gone wrong.

  4. Oh, that hat! Definitely pink gone wrong.

  5. Brilliant graphic from the Telegraph of that annoying horn….and I won’t tell the photoshop people of your enhancement.

  6. Hilton

    Great example of a gentleman carrying the colour pink too far. However, be advised that we are preparing to steal this colour back. I’ve had my eye on a lady friends pink tee shirt hanging on the back of a door. It would be nice for the beach.

  7. blacklabsandlilly

    The article from the WSJ yesterday was hilarious!! I think the vuvuzelas are fun, but they can be a smiiidge distracting after a while. Perhaps their use could be reserved for when a goal is scored??

  8. Oh Princess… at first I read your title and thought when pink goes wrong… but certainly pink can’t go that wrong… once again love you have shown me the error of my ways… I was planning a post on Ascot for tomorrow… but darling I may have to cancel mine as I’m sure yours will be fab!

  9. Love Kate Spade and feeling royal=preppy perfection, like you!

  10. How can pink go wrong when it always feels so right? Just kidding!

    I wore Lilly today and thought of you!



  11. Oh, I can’t wait to see more pics!! And the pink hat – oh dear. Such an affront to our fave “pink”. Great post Miss Princess!! xoxo

  12. Thanks to lovely you I found a Kate wallet and purse. Thank you!!!!xxoo

  13. I see PINK Vuvuzelas in the horizon!!


  14. dymphna

    I guess they should’n’t have had the World Cup in South Africa.

  15. As much as I love Kate, you really did have it right; it was not a sample sale. A good sale to be sure (& I made the same picks!), but not a true sample sale.

  16. Definitely pink gone wrong.

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