‘Fleece’ by Brooks Brothers Sneak Peek

Hello-Hello, and Happy Monday!

With things crazy-busy here at The Princess, we jump right in with an early look at the new Brooks Brothers line for young ladies, Fleece.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

These images were posted this weekend on the new Brooks Brothers Facebook page.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

The new line is slated to launch in time for back-to-school shopping.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers Facebook page also shows this fall’s styles for the young master of the house, just click here to see the upcoming fashions; below we show the logo for the new line.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

According to the Brooks FB page, information about a private Fleece Trunk Show for FB fans will be announced on their FB Wall (for those unfamiliar with Facebook, this is rather like one’s home page, for lack of a better term).  Our hats are off to the design team at B2, for the most part we think the girls collection looks promising.

While the majority of the Fleece styles for young men are also impressive, we have a moderate concern about this:

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

As many readers are more than tired of hearing aware, our LogoPhobia can be triggered by something like the item seen above, and in the case of Brooks Brothers, we are off the grid a bit sensitive to the topic, borderline hysterical concerned that logos on sweatshirts are merely the first step on a slippery slope. A slope that this company has judiciously avoided in most respects.


Saturday brought us our monthly issue of WSJ magazine, always a fun read. This issue was particularly enjoyable for any preppish reader, beginning with the cover story, “The Church of Mickey Drexler, Inside the world of J. Crew’s evangelical CEO“.

Courtesy WSJ Magazine

Tina Gaudoin’s profile is enlightening, and while we are not terribly fond of many Crew fashion decisions, we cannot fault Mr. Drexler’s business acumen.

Another interesting piece in this issue, an interview with designer Thom Browne.

Jeff Riedel/WSJ Magazine

Mr. Browne is perhaps best known to Princess readers as the designer of Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece collections, as well as the man pushing higher hemlines. For men.

Finally, WSJ takes a fast glance at tote bags, commenting that “Preppy goes paisley and punchy with this summer’s take on the traditional tote.”

Nigel Cox/WSJ Magazine


We want to mention another children’s line, this one from Princess favorite, J. McLaughlin.

J. McLaughlin

We like a number of the dresses for girls, along with other offerings in the limited edition collection.


Here is one of the day’s Pretty in Pink offerings, Marilyn Monroe in her iconic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes dress.

The famous gown was sold at auction this weekend for a staggering $309,000.

For another Pretty in Pink that is also an Adventure in Argyle, we bring you this image via the always-on-top-of-things Erin at Pink and Green Scene.

Pink and Green Scene

For more on the Summer Oasis beach Towel, click here.


We leave you with this image as we celebrate and honor Flag Day.

Toby Talbot/AP

Goodbye until next time!


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6 responses to “‘Fleece’ by Brooks Brothers Sneak Peek

  1. kiki

    ugh. clothes like those make me wish i had a daughter, well, almost. my son looks so dang good in preppy clothes i can’t complain too much, but girls really do get the best clothes from designers. i complain a lot about Target since many friends shop there for their daughters to save $. they have 8 racks for boys with nothing but footballs and trucks and cars on tees and half the store is pink and green cuteness for girls. i shop at Belks to buy my little man RL clothes. i’m also not a fan of big-logos. take care and thanks for sharing.

  2. MCW

    I love the BB children’s…Their women’s line can be so stuffy. Would rather buy the kid’s my size!

  3. Mickey is THE MAN!
    I say that but I don’t really wear J.Crew clothes…
    Love the Brooks Brothers Fleece line…I can’t wait to have grandchildren…just to dress them up!

  4. LuvRedandWhite

    LOVE the kids line at BB 🙂 I agree with MCW that the stuff they have for women tends to be too plain sometimes for my tastes.

    Hope all is well for you, TPP! Happy Monday 🙂

  5. Okay, Fleece is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to check the website to see if they’re also carrying teeny tiny clothes for Spence! While I’m hoping that our next child is a girl, I also think that I will be absolutely broke if that happens! Girl’s clothes are just too cute not to spend money on!

  6. Jen

    Brooks Brothers does kids? I’m not sure if I’m intrigued or appalled. This seems to be a line devoted strictly to the adult ranks of uber yuppiedom. Although, I suppose those who frequent that stratosphere do breed. And, what else would you want on your offspring than mini versions of what you already wear. I have to say, the stuff is very cute. I think the only thing it is lacking is monogramming.

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