Preppy Bits & Bytes for a Wednesday

Hello-hello, and welcome to a work week already shorter than most!

We begin with good news from a brand we adore, Toms, the company that donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Toms is now selling wedges in addition to their other styles.

We had not previously noticed the Tiny Toms, cute as can be! We recognize they do not provide loads of support for little feet, but think they are still great for a walk on the beach.

To learn more about the Toms movement, click here.


We do love this company.


As we were speaking about Tiny Preps, how cute are these umbrellas?

All of the umbrellas may be found here at Kidorable, where there are equally fun hats and hanger sets.

It seems a few of these might be stellar gifting items.


In Sales & Saving news, a reminder that the Garnet Hill sale is underway.  This means that all Lilly Pulitzer Home collection for Garnet Hill is 20% off through June 22.

Other Lilly Pulitzer is also on sale at Garnet Hill, including the Puff-Sleeve Knit Dress (now $34 from $48) and the Girls’ Scooter (also originally priced at $48 and now offered at $34).

Lilly Pulitzer for grown-up girls is also on sale at many establishments, including Saks, where one will find the Allegra dress now selling at $229, discounted from the original $328 price. On the right we show the Adelson Maxi Shift Dress, originally $298, now $208.

And Saks offers lots of Lilly at discounted price points right now; the darling Dress & Bloomer Set is $47.60 (originally $68), while the Toddler Boys & Little Boys Swim Trunks in Palm Print are $42, from the original $60 price.

Many Lilly shops are doing fabulous specials this week, there are scads of fiscally-friendly deals being offered!


Here are two brief Bits & Bytes:

Luella Bartley via KidzWorld

With that, g’bye until next time!


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6 responses to “Preppy Bits & Bytes for a Wednesday

  1. love it all. i haven’t been to our lilly store yet this season. i know, horrible, right? such pretty items this season, too. thanks for sharing and take care.

  2. I’ve been waaaaaaaiting for those wedges to go on sale. Love Toms. I posted pics of myself in a Lilly maxi today. Love Lilly too. Love your whole post really. HA!

  3. LPC

    Toms, huh! I was just looking for wedges today in a flabbergasting coincidence!

  4. MCW

    I don’t like the original Toms, but I am loving the wedges!!!

  5. Jen

    Geek chic just makes me laugh. The sexy librarian without the sexy is how it looks. Love the one Lilly dress but the shift reminds me of a 1960’s Mrs. Robinson. All the model needs is a gin and tonic in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
    Just got chided for my Lilly file folder by an uptight man yesterday. I was ready to deck him. If you can’t make paperwork fun, life’s too short.

  6. My daughter loves her Tom’s flats she says they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. She has 2 pairs and they are worn daily.

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