Memorial Day 2010

From Boise…

Charlie Litchfield/Idaho Press-Tribune

To Baghdad.

Khalid Mohammed/AP

At Arlington…

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

And in Afghanistan.

Musadeq Sadeq/AP

A head is bowed…

Jason Reed/Reuters

A hand reaches out…

Mark Wilson/Roswell Daily Record

And a heart remembers.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The rows spread out.

Erik S. Lesser/AP

Seeming almost to span the country.

Be they in Santa Monica (above), or Sacramento.

Rich Pedroncelli/AP

Other symbols remind us of what was given…

Shah Marai/AFP/Getty

By those who know that a salute…

Shah Marai/AFP/Getty

Is a salute…

Charles Dharapak/AP

Is a salute…

Erik S. Lesser/AP

Our debt to them is immeasureable.

As it is to those who are forced to survive the loss of a loved one.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

An ache even a teddy bear can’t always fix.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty


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9 responses to “Memorial Day 2010

  1. LPC

    Wow. I do not know why you do these so well, but you do. Thank you.

  2. MRM

    What a beautiful post. It made me choke up so much. We owe so much more than we realize to our troops and it’s so easy to forget that fact.

  3. Thank you for sharing the Grace that Memorial Day is all about.

  4. preppyinnewengland

    That is a beautiful tribute. Just brought our children to Arlington Cemetery and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the first time last month. Very poignant for them. Lot’s of questions. It’s so important to teach the young about why we have the things we do today and how lucky we are because of those that sacrificed so much for our freedom.

  5. What a beautiful post!

    It’s so important to remember that we will only be the land of the free so long as we are the home of the brave!

  6. Clare

    This post is exquisite. My dad was in the Navy so Memorial Day is always huge in my family. My dad loves to wave his American flag and go to air shows. It is awesome

  7. What a beautiful post. It brought me to tears. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful tribute.

  8. this is the most touching memorial day post i’ve seen. well done.

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