And The Winner Is… “Gossip Girls Haunt the Hamptons”

Hello-Hello, welcome to an insanely busy day here at the Prepatorium!  (There is a positive side to the mayhem, you have a mercifully brief post with far less insipid nattering on insightful commentary from these quarters!)

We said we would share the Top Ten posts here on the blog when we reached our millionth blog view. Here they are:

That number one post, Gossip Girls Hit the Hamptons, dates all the way back to June of 2008 and featured the cast shooting on location.

We used the photo full size of Ed Westwick to make a point, here is a bit of the original post:

“We have never, ever, actually known a human being who would get off the train attired like this. You are in a suit, or you are in khakis and a blazer, or you are wearing jeans and a button down, you know the routine. Three argyles all at once and spectators and the shorts…? No. Not even close.”

The three argyle items are the sweater, socks and tie.  The post also included actor Chace Crawford in a swarm (gaggle? herd?) of teenage girls.

Chace Crawford Gossip Girl 2008 Hamptons

The rest of the cast is also seen in that particular post. Season four is confirmed, the next location shoot for the cast and crew is Paris.

The rest of the list seems to make sense… Olympic Uniforms from Polo Ralph Lauren, Sperry & J. Crew, various perceptions and interpretations of the preppy aesthetic.  Hhhmmm. (But Gossip Girl in the Hamptons as the most popular post…? Yikes.)


Before leaving you, we have some Sales and Savings we simply must share, it is that time of year as we approach a holiday weekend. Here we go:

  • 40% off entire purchase at Brooks Brothers factory stores tomorrow (Thursday, 5/27/10) through the 31st
  • Kate Spade offers an additional 25% off all Sale merchandise now through June 1st and free ground shipping on all orders
  • Elaine Turner is offering 33% off through Memorial Day; use promo code MEMORIAL33
  • Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale for women and children is underway now
  • Gucci is allowing customers to reserve items online from their sale that starts June 1; click here for details
  • J. Crew’s Summer Sale is underway, we cannot offer any insight on markdowns
  • Lacoste is promoting up to 70% off at their outlet stores
  • The sale at Saks offers up to 60% off original prices (apparently one should disregard the graphic they show promoting “30-40% off”)
  • This one is just in from our friend at the oh-so-chic Beladora Jewelry: use discount code BHB to receive 10% off your purchase at Beladora, or 5% off your purchase of the fab vintage jewels offered at Beladora 2. (The divine image below is from Beladora 2.)

We know there are more that have come into the electronic in-bin, but we are so behind schedule we can’t list them all, please accept our apology.


We leave you with these Pretty in Pink pillows from Thred, part of their Tropical Preppy collection.

Holli at Thred is more than talented, we adore her creative pillows.

With that, may everyone stay cool, stay safe and stay happy!


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10 responses to “And The Winner Is… “Gossip Girls Haunt the Hamptons”

  1. Suburban Princess

    How do you get your search term results?

    Those pillows are TDF!

  2. I am loooooooving those pillows. not as much as the gaggle of girls around CC and the EW pic. love!



  3. Love the pillows! Enjoy the Spring weather AND being so busy, we know the alternative!

  4. Princess, I just added discounts codes for Beladora and Beladora2 to my BHB blog; a 10% discount for all items on Belador and a 5% discount for all items on Beladora2. I hope that you will link to it!

  5. VickyM

    Poor Ed Westwick, he looks miserable. I assume he gets paid a lot for this.

  6. Traumatized by argyle socks + shorts.

  7. One MILLIONTH blog view! Wow – that is more than impressive. Of course, I am not surprised as I am a devoted follower, but still! 1,000,000! Congratulations and all the best for your next million!

    PS I need to pull out a picture or two of my own days as a 4-5 year old…I think we may have been separated at birth – and I had the EXACT same pixie cut.

  8. A long overdue hello, TP!

    That pic of Chuck Bass, Argyle Anonymous member & president, just made my day. I mean …. just … wow!

    More importantly, congratulations on 1 million (!) views!

  9. Must check out that finger candy. Those rings are gorgeous!

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