Preppish Bits & Bytes and the Ultimate Preppy Sleeping Bag


Frequent readers know we are prone to veering off the straight and narrow at times, detouring from Brooks Brothers Avenue and Talbots Lane to another road altogether, taking a peek at brands with classic pieces but perhaps lacking a prep pedigree.

In our look at not-so-common brands we have two offerings today, beginning with Katherine Hooker.

Courtesy Katherine Hooker

We enjoy the designer’s Ascot Dress.

Courtesy Katherine Hooker

We are also fond of these two looks; the blouse looks simply exquisite.

This designer is primarily available in the UK, although Ms. Hooker has done trunk shows stateside.


Also, the Irish Times offers this look at UK retailer ASOS in “Preppy Meets Tomboy“:

via The Irish Times

From the story:

“This is exactly the kind of preppy attire I would dress myself in, if I weren’t entirely committed to wearing dresses and floral fabrics 24/7…”

The feature showcases several looks in more detail.

Courtesy ASOS via The Irish Times

This retailer already offers online ordering to the USA, but reports are the process will be made even easier in the near future.


We have a number of Bits & Bytes to share:

  • Vampire Weekend, the über-prep band, announced this summer’s tour dates, click here for the schedule.
  • Sad news for our friends in Charleston, Saks is closing its store in that beautiful city. The store will be closed by July 17; the space will be taken by Forever 21. (Ouch.)
  • Those wanting to stay in touch with goings-on related to the upcoming publication of True Prep may want to consider joining the Facebook site for the book.

Random House


Today’s Pretty in Pink…and Green comes to us via the always-on-top-of-things folks at the Pink and Green Scene.


It really is the ultimate sleeping bag for one crazy for pink and green, let alone a great Adventure in Argyle as well! The bag is simply adorable.


Finally today (with apologies to our FB fans), we close with one of the best cross-country tours we’ve seen:

Courtesy LL Bean

That would be the giant-sized official LL Bean boot, heading out of Oklahoma as we type, on its way to Indianapolis.  We are more familiar with the boot in this setting.

Courtesy LL Bean

Pop over and visit the Bean Facebook page to see the whole story about the Boot Road Trip.

Courtesy LL Bean

We just want to know if there are tee-shirts with all of the tour dates listed on the back, like those seen at rock concerts…?

On that note, until next time!


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8 responses to “Preppish Bits & Bytes and the Ultimate Preppy Sleeping Bag

  1. Hi PP!! How are you this fine Wednesday? I hope you and Tilly had the most fabulous Spa Day on Friday! That is indeed one prepalicious sleeping bag, but what I love is your idea of making tour shirts for the LL Bean BOOT! Heehee! Made me smile, such a cute idea!! 🙂 xoxx

  2. Suburban Princess


  3. Thanks for the link-love!! I had a feeling you’d dig that sleeping bag!

  4. Kiki

    great post. loving that UK line. i think a tee for the Bean boot is a wonderful idea. i would buy one for my husband since he has Bean boots and longs for his concert-going days. have a wonderful evening and take care.

  5. LPC

    What should I make of the fact that the boot is NOT coming to California? It rains here too, you know.

  6. I love that Ascot Dress. LOVE! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Princess!! I am def. joining the Facebook page for True Prep.
    And how great to have a pic taken in front of the boot 🙂 OH, to have had that sleeping bag when I was in “slumber party” years 😉
    As always your post is such fun to read! Thanks. xoxo

  8. Great finds, thanks for sharing!

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