Nautical Notes, Lilly Warehouse Sale Info & Hamster Shoes

Hello-Hello, we hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday.

We’re in that much-too-crazy zone created by TP’s the social secretary’s challenging time-management plan. (AKA insane over-scheduling.) Thus, another One Topic Tuesday, albeit something of a variation: the post is all images, but they’re unrelated other than by our fondness or fascination with them!

We are nothing if not nautically inclined here at the Prepatorium, so we begin with a few more treasures we have stumbled across of late, the first several items are from Elegant Baby.

If not concerned about matchy-matchy:

The Nautical Patch onesie from Old Navy made us smile, the socks are also cute.

The Sailor Dress is suited to more formal occasions; we think it qualifies as a Pretty in Pink, don’t you?  The dress is also available in navy.

Moving on to grown-up items, we share the Nautical glasses from

Next, another Pretty in Pink…and Green; meet the Candy Stripe Tote by Dooney & Bourke.

No one will be surprised to learn we are rather fond of our own Scout Totes ($30), also perfect for a trip to the beach.

Our Uptown Totes ($21.50) are equally big and roomy, the heavy-duty nylon takes a beating.

Uptown Tote


Moving away from the beachside theme, we have two tidbits that may be of interest, the first is an update on this spring’s Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale.

The fun begins at 5am June 9th at the Valley Forge Convention Center, click here for more info.

And a quick note about another Gossip Girl star on a magazine cover:

PHOTO: Mario Testino via

This is the second Vogue cover for Blake Lively; quite a coup. There is also a sizable photo feature, below the actress in a Versace dress.

Mario Testino via


And finally, a Help Us Understand candidate that didn’t make it into this post.

If Shoes Could Kill

There are no words.

On that bizarre note, g’bye until next time.


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12 responses to “Nautical Notes, Lilly Warehouse Sale Info & Hamster Shoes

  1. Suburban Princess

    Ummm hmmm. It took me a minute to figure them out but yeah….wth is with those shoes?! The goldfish werent weird enough?

  2. I was going to comment on the fabulousness of Old Navy baby socks, but then I saw the shoes!! Oh, my…..!

  3. Those sailor dresses are adorable! And thank you so very much for the heads up about the Lily warehouse sale. I just might have to make a field trip for that one.

  4. I love the nautical pink dress! So adorable. Since Lallie’s big girl room is Nantucket nautical and will be revealed on her birthday, I think that just might be her birthday dress.

    I wish I could go to KOP. I really want to go to a warehouse sale. Wish there was a warehouse in Palm Beach since that’s where it all started!

    THose shoes – yep, no words.

  5. Loving that Navy sailor dress!

  6. MCW

    Those baby clothes are adorable! Those shoes are not.

  7. Okay, first of all those outfits by Elegant Baby are precious! Love the nautical theme.

    Second, I wish I lived closer to Philly to attend the Lilly Sale. Actually really sad about that one.

    Third, Blake is so hot, and I’m so jealous. Enough said.

    And finally, what the #$*(? Those heels are seriously disturbing…

    Great post!

  8. Miss Lively is so wholesomely All American looking; just superb!

    love the nautical old fashioneds and I will one day have to attend the LP warehouse sale; bucket list!



    PS, hope you’re enjoying our spring, finally!!!!!!!

  9. I would love to go to the Lilly sale some time, but have not been able to get there yet. One of these days!!! Those shoes with the hamsters in the platform were something else!! What they won’t think of next. Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Blake is a girl who seems to be woman…how old is she anyway? 😉

  11. The clothes are just too cute…I must say the shoes would be ideal for me…but wait! I am the nutty science teacher. haha. My kids would LOVE them. otherwise. wow…

    on another note…cannot wait for the Lilly warehouse sale. this will be our first. Flying in for this so we are excited!

  12. Joyrene

    I was charmed until I saw the shoes with the hamsters trapped inside. Bloody ghastly to think that you would publicize this obvious cruelty. Not funny and probably, hopefully illegal.

    I guess preppy girls are callous, heartless Stepford types–is this what you want us to think?

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