9 responses to “‘Preppy Pictorials’ & Logophobia Strikes Again

  1. Amy

    Well, since I’m wearing my hot pink boat shoes, I approve of the first image. But the logos….. *sigh*

  2. Anonymous

    Claridge is beautiful. Makes me smile just to look at it! What a fun post>

  3. Amy

    p.s. I hope spa weekend was delightful!

  4. I just bought some TH headbands. Luckily, no logo in site!

  5. Love the Flowers!!

    Always Bumby

  6. I like that skirt…but anything with initials other than my own…forget it!

  7. LuvRedandWhite

    I used to LOVE Tommy Hilfiger back in middle school before it became all about posting the brand. Now I truly am an RL kind of girl 🙂

    Happy Monday, love!

  8. Love the boat shoes!

  9. Sigh … I had hoped that with the recession that rampant logo-ism might go into hiding for a time. From the TH and Coach I still see floating around, however, ’tis not meant to be. Thanks for fighting the good fight anyways!

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