The Princess is Confused


Of late we have been plagued by seeing a number of things we find truly baffling. It seems we are in need of another “Help Me Understand” edition of the Princess blog. We feel so very inadequate. Sigh.

We begin with this:

via Pop Crunch

We cover many collaborations in this space.  There are so many posts containing news of such partnerships, we actually added a ‘collaborations’ category to keep track of such things. Some make sense, such as Social Primer’s Bow Tie collection for Brooks Brothers (explained here),  or J. Crew and Essie doing nail polish.

But then we see OPI doing the Shrek Nail Polish collection and we tilt our head to one side and scratch our updo.

However, this is essentially harmless, and lord knows TP loves almost anyone making a savvy marketing move, so we really aren’t “anti-Shrek Polish”. (Phew, the folks at O-P-I will sleep better tonight. Dopey Princess.)


But then there’s this:

Scantily clad singer and Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen singer is only 16 years old; she is generally dressed as in the photo above when performing with her band, making us wonder where her parents are? Recent comments from the teen about her fondness for knives are generating quite the buzz:

“The American actress, 16, told how she has a knife collection and ‘relaxes’ by opening and closing a switchblade.

She said: ‘I have a knife collection. I have my favourite black knife with me all the time. It’s a switchblade.

‘It relaxes me to flick it. I close it and open it.”

Perhaps Ms. Momsen is more like her character Jenny Humphrey than initially thought. For more on the topic, click here.

Courtesy CW


And with apologies to those who may have seen this previously (it is rather an old item), as well as those who may have seen us Tweet this and/or mention it on Facebook, here is another oddity:

Courtesy Image via NY Daily News

From the story in the Daily News:

“”The candle has a top note of diced sweet onions and crisp pickle, the middle notes are beef patty, cheese and ketchup, and bottom note is a warm burger bun. It all comes together to create this amazing aroma of a White Castle Slider.”

Although she says she would prefer the real deal.
Until next time…. may smiles and happy thoughts light your way!


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11 responses to “The Princess is Confused

  1. I, too, saw the OPI collaboration with Shrek and was very confused why this is even such a thing. It did give me quite the chuckle though.

    It makes me so sad to see the “real” Taylor Momsen. I always thought she was so adorable in The Grinch as Cindy Lou, but she is definitely wanting to be perceived as a bad girl and making it clear. It’s disappointing.

    I always love a cute picture of Ms. Tilly and hope she (and you!) are having a wonderful day today!

  2. i saw clips from a morning show Miss Momsen did live in England a day or so ago, where she dropped the “S” bomb and mortified the hosts with her overall demeanor and potty mouth. such a shame. she had potential. i guess that’s why she’s leaving GG to focus on her “singing career.” she reminds me of a cross b/t courtney love and amy winehouse. i understand the OPI Shrek thing since bold colors are “in” right now, but i can’t do green, blue or purple nails. loving the JCREW Essie collabo, though. might have to run out to Ulta to buy a set. thanks for sharing and take care.

  3. Miss Coco

    I also saw somewhere that Coca-Cola came out with a line of nail polish (?????).

  4. mary anne

    Re: Shrek nailpolish: for Halloween, maybe.

    Re: Taylor Momsen: She needs to be grounded until she finds her real, teenage girl’s wardrobe.

    Re: White Castle candel: EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    The curmudgeon leaves now

  5. I think Taylor Momsen is going to be the next Lilo… and I agree where are the girls parents… and please will they make her eat a cheeseburger and dress herself properly?

    White Castle is disgusting to begin with and secondly when one is not in the process of preparing or eating a meal why on earth would one want to smell a meal? I hate that leftover food smell my kitchen gets after we cook something especially potent…. Gross on all levels….

  6. MCW

    I am just as confused as you are…
    Who would want their nails to look like Shrek? Those colors are horrid.
    TM looks like a young Courtney Love. Scary.
    I will have to buy a double wide to go with my White Castle candle…

  7. I am very perplexed by her outfit. I miss the old Blair wannabe Jenny Humphrey as I’m personally not a fan of raccoon eyes.

  8. Haha – you have me laughing out loud over your pup being the only one interested in a white castle candle! I think my dog would be interested too, but outside of the k-9 group (which do not have thumbs to take my credit card out and order the darn thing), who the heck is buying those candles???

  9. Honey, I wish I could help you but I am baffled as well.

  10. Yes, we are confused.

    Always Bumby

  11. Well… umm… I really don’t understand either! I imagine that the Shrek nail polish colors will be on the clearance shelf at the end of the season.

    Enjoy your week!

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