J. Crew Thrashed, & We’re Mad for Madras… With Rope


It really should be a One-Topic Tuesday here at the Prepatorium, we have too many multiple commitments this afternoon and evening and should limit our time here with you, but there is more than one topic to share, so we shall hurry our way through these items.

Some readers may recall our post sharing news that Bergdorf Goodman was opening a Children’s Department, Little bg; it is now open.

Courtesy Bergdorf Goodman

For loads of fun photos showcasing the new department, pop in to the Stylish Tot.

Image via The Stylish Tot

We continue seizing any, and every opportunity to showcase footwear for the tiny preps in your life, it is all simply too precious to resist. Little bg doesn’t disappoint in this arena, and we also adore the Watermelon Seersucker Dress by Florence Eiseman, today’s Pretty in Pink.

Bergdorf Goodman


Readers may remember our post mentioning that J. Crew was going to be made available for purchase on a global level; the company made a deal with online retailer Net-a-Porter to distribute its merchandise.  The UK’s Daily Mail did a story yesterday reviewing several pieces from J. Crew’s current offerings; all was not sweetness and light. Things started out in a fun way:

“If J Crew were a woman, she would know how to bake cupcakes, and prefer the bedroom to the boardroom. I can see SATC’s Charlotte in J Crew, but none of the others.

I would also say it’s a teensy bit like Boden – worn by outdoorsy mums who like picnics and boats and labradors -but not as wholesome, or as remotely affordable.”

Writer Liz Jones focuses on several key pieces, including this tee shown in the article. The caption in the paper reads: “Too flimsy: The J crew T-shirt, £32“.

The Daily Mail

We are guessing the story is referencing Crew’s Softspun Cotton Pocket Tee ($32.50 USD), but we could be mistaken.  The tee is described this way in the story:
“J Crew’s has a scooped neck, which I hate, and although the neon colours are pretty, the fabric is far too flimsy. I can imagine very few women who would not feel self-conscious and exposed in it.”

To be fair, American tee-shirts as a whole are thrashed in the story.  The retailer’s Tiered Brique Skirt is also written off as “just awful”. Below left we show the image from the story and on the right, the skirt as seen on the US website.
Ms. Jones speaks highly of Crew’s military jacket, a pencil skirt, and a striped sack dress. The writer is also fond of the Crewcuts line:
“The bad news is that there is, as yet, no childrenswear available here – which is a shame because it’s so fabulous it almost makes me want to go through childbirth.”
But then we get to an unnamed party frock:  .
“There’s a J Crew dress that looks fabulous in photographs, but don’t be deceived.The embellishment is too heavy for the fabric, and the horizontal stripes make even the slimmest woman look wide.

I asked a friend to guess the price, and she said £60. In fact it’s £458….”

Also shown in the story, this gown.

Above we show the Delphinia gown ($350 USD) as seen in the story (L) and on the J. Crew website. The caption in the Mail’s story reads: “The maxi dress: £230 but looks cheap“.


To read the entire story, just click here.


A few Bits and Bytes:

  • Liberty of London will be doing a menswear line, the 200-piece collection is slated for launch next spring
  • Baltimore Ravens’ football star Michael Oher and his adoptive family, the Touhy’s (the Blind Side), will be featured in this Sunday’s edition of Extreme Home Makeover. Additionally, Mr. Oher is going to be doing his own book, “”I Beat the Odds: My Amazing Journey from Foster Care to the NFL and Beyond,”due out next February


We are just delighted to share a few goodies new to the shop, beginning with an addition to the Kiel James Patrick for the Preppy Princess Collection.

KJP for the Preppy Princess Collection

This is our new KJP Madras and Rope headband, designed by Kiel and made exclusively for us, absolutely one of our fave items from this talented young man.

We were especially tickled that Kiel made time to design this (and a few other new treasures not yet on the site), as he is smack in the middle of creating his new Collegiate Collection, soon to be available at the Harvard Coop and Dartmouth Bookstore.

Courtesy Kiel James Patrick

We are guessing these will fly out of both stores. At the speed of light.

In addition to the new KJP Collegiate Collection, we are ever-so-excited to be assisting the designer extraordinaire with a new product launch in the next month!

Courtesy Kiel James Patrick

Until then we are only able to share this image. Sigh.

May your afternoon and evening be simply fabulous!


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6 responses to “J. Crew Thrashed, & We’re Mad for Madras… With Rope

  1. MRM

    I am very excited and cannot wait to make one of those belts mine. That headband may also be joining it as well. I do have to agree with the UK writer though. I used to love J. Crew a lot. Lately, it has been a series of let downs and it’s rare when I walk out of the store with something. In my opinion, the price has gone up, while the quality has gone down. Also, their sizing is just weird. I am a size Medium for shirts and in there, I have tried on everything from an XS to an XL. It makes shopping online very difficult.

  2. Hi Miss PP!! How are you doing this fine afternoon?

    Thanks for another brilliant and insightful post, love “Little BG” so cute, and I am sure the most precious little outfits we’ve ever seen.

    Interesting article on J.Crew, I have had very mixed feelings about them for quite some time now…quality is not great and sizing is all over the place. That maxi dress is pretty in theory, but I can only imagine it on someone 5’10” +++ and even then hard to imagine showing off a waist with that thick rope belt. Funny that they brought up the rompers/jumpsuits. I tried one on at J.Crew a few weeks ago (the cute little peach bubble romper) and it looked AWFUL on! What a disappointment!

    Now, those KJP headbands and belts, so so precious, that is much more my speed! I must have the headband FOR SURE but the colorful rope belts look amazing as well!

    Thinking of you!! xoxx

  3. Touch to see such anti J.crew reviews… but they’ve really gone off the deep end lately… this time last year everyone was dancing the J.Crew dance and drinking the J.Crew coolaide a la the Victoria Cami, and this year… well there’s not a single thing that I covet on the J.Crew website… what happened to all that great design work?

  4. Jen

    My BFF will love the headband. Although, I already got her birthday present from you (the adorable memo board.) I may have to pick up the headband as well. Or, send her directly to you. Can’t wait to see what the other new products will be.

  5. clary

    My daughter had the Delphina gown altered for her prom and wore it without the belt. She simply had the extra material at the bottom removed. There is a lovely fitted charmeuse sheath under the chiffon, and without the bottom all weighted down and the middle all cramped up under a belt the dress wore like a dream.

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