Derby Doings, Tee Time, and Burberry’s April Showers

Hello-Hello, happy almost-weekend!

What a weekend indeed, tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby is sure to be one of the highlights. And that means Lousiville’s social scene has been more than a little busy this week.  We have previously chatted about a number of these functions, most notably in our “Is It a Derby Dustup?” post and ensuing follow-up post.

As always, one of the year’s biggest parties is the annual Barnstable-Brown Gala hosted by twin sisters Priscilla Barnstable and Tricia Barnstable Brown. The event is a fundraiser for Pediatric Diabetes research and generally a tough ticket.  The Courier-Journal lists Rodney Crowell, Johnny Weir, Jennifer Holliday, Travis Tritt and country quartet Little Big Town as some of this year’s attendees. Below we see Loni Anderson talking with Mr. Tritt and his wife, Theresa.

The Courier-Journal

Festivities held earlier this week included the Julep Ball and 19th annual 100 Black Men of Louisville.


Next, a quick look at a darling new book, Golf Girl’s Little Tartan Book.

The book is by one of the sport’s earliest bloggers, Patricia Hannigan, and it is a gem. The publisher sent us a copy, and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  One of our favorite things about the book? Ms. Hannigan doesn’t take herself or the sport too seriously, a wise approach, especially for those finding the pastime a tad intimidating.

We like the practical tips on everything from how to find the right coach to golf etiquette, even how tartan plaid is tied to the sport.  We especially enjoyed reading Ms. Hannigan’s insight on the way sports writers (primarily male) handled Michelle Wie’s participation in LGPA Tour events.

Via Golf Girl Blog

There are also delightful musings on ‘Golf Girls’ who Ms. Hannigan admires, along with thoughts on potential members of her ‘perfect foursome’.  The book’s overall message is an important one, how to cultivate your comfort zone on the course.

We also enjoy Ms. Hannigan’s blog, it is always fun to see a fresh perspective from an expert in the field, including golf fashions.

Courtesy via Golf Girl

We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t mention our Custom Ribbon Belts for Women ($23), ideal for your favorite golfer. Below, two of our golf motifs.

The belts are also available for Men ($23), and even come in Children’s sizes ($19 and $23).

We also offer Custom Canvas Tote Bags, below we show an example.

The book is more-than-fun, and it would make an ideal gift for any number of people, perhaps even a Mom on your list this year?  (For those interested, it is available at Amazon.)


The third limited edition Christian Louboutin Barbie is now available:


From the product description:

“Limited edition Christian Louboutin for Barbie ‘Anemone’ doll with red hair and green eyes. Barbie wears a green and purple dress and Anemone shoes, comes with 3 extra pairs of mini Louboutin shoes…”


If curious about just what shoes accompany the $150 doll, they are the Madeleine mules, Lady Claude pumps and Spartenvol sandals.  Of course.


We have a look at some of the pieces in Burberry’s just-released April Showers collection:

This is part of the Burberry Brit line; the capsule collection runs heavy with the brand’s logo check.

You will see it on at least half of the 96-piece collection.


But not everything is awash in the Haymarket plaid check.

The trench coats are very nice-looking, as are numerous other pieces in the new collection.


We leave you with one of our favorite images from Louisville this week.

Andy Lyons/Getty

The horses are simply magnificent.

May your weekend be bright and sunny!



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11 responses to “Derby Doings, Tee Time, and Burberry’s April Showers

  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for this post Princess!

  2. LPC

    Should I be sad that Barbie doesn’t have the Louboutins that I bought, or happy?

  3. Love the golf belts….have a wonderful Derby weekend!

  4. wish i could attend the derby. would love a good excuse to buy a monstrous hat decorated with flowers or feathers. love every Burberry item, especially those boots. the barbie is a bit over-the-top, but if i was still a young lass, i’m sure i would be begging my parents for it. thanks for sharing and take care.

  5. Beautiful horse!
    And I love that Burberry trench in navy. That is the perfect jacket.

  6. Fun post! I can’t wait to see all of the hats!

  7. Suburban Princess

    I just saw what I am going to get my golf teacher at the end of the season! The belt is perfect!

  8. That last picture is absolutely gorgeous. Horses are so preppy even when if they aren’t wearing pink or green.
    Happy weekend!xxoo

  9. Enjoy the Derby. Love that Barbie! Great post. Enjoyed the pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Jen

    I love La Belette’s response. “Horses are so preppy even when they aren’t wearing pink or green.” I had never thought of them in this way but as I am a devotee of all things monogrammed when it comes to my horse accessories I can see her point.
    On another note, Loni Anderson looks good. She’s a long way from WKRP in Cincinnati. Thanks for the great pics.

  11. Hope your Derby day was absolutely fabulous, if a little wet!

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