A British Invasion Hits the Vineyard

Hello-Hello, did everyone enjoy a wonderful weekend?

We begin with news about a British invasion; Jack Wills opened its first US store this weekend. The brand’s newest outpost is on Nantucket, with its next store planned for Martha’s Vineyard, and after that, a Boston shop. Below we see the interior of a Wills store in the UK.

Via AndyThornton.com

While not offering the staid, sedate lines one associates with old school British style, many of the younger set are gaga for pieces like these. Below left we show the Loudon Blazer, and on the right, the Tattershall.

We do love the brand’s cardigans; below left, the Boxford Cardie and on the right, the Brendenton Cardigan.

The women’s Otley Classic shirt (L) and Men’s Mattishall shirt (R) are both attractive, although cut very slim. Both are 100% cotton and both come in a broad range of colors.

The retailer has been extremely successful leveraging social media, hiring a number of Brand Ambassadors known as Seasonnaires; this story in the Vineyard Times has more on that phenomenon, or as today’s Financial Times puts it:

“Last year, Jack Wills hired 20 young people to party on the US East Coast while wearing its clothes. Videos of their antics were posted on its website and spread using social media.”

Below we see Ambassadors in Vermont this winter.

Image via Rovers North

It’s been so long since we popped in for a visit, we had forgotten the retailer also offers homegoods, like this Kimmeridge Floor Cushion, and the Tinmouth Cushion.

Also appealing, the Wanswell Mini Torch (flashlight) and the Love Hurts Stobhill Plasters (band aids), both shown in that classic Wills pink and navy stripe we adore.

We would probably describe the brand as somewhere between Rugby and Abercrombie, without Abercrombie’s sleazy and slime factor. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. However, we remain a Wills fan, and also recognize that once again, we are not exactly the target customer.

The company’s Aubin & Wills offshoot is more our speed, this is the line aimed at the ‘post-college’ crowd, launched in 2008. Below, two Kentwell Scarves.

Aubin & Wills Kentwell Scarves

We also like the Edenfield Duffle coat.

Aubin & Wills Duffle Coat

And two outfits by Aubin and Wills for this spring.

Regardless of either branch of the company, we wish them well with their launch.


In today’s Bits and Bytes:

John Aquino/WWD.com

As part of its story on the jeweler’s Madison Avenue store opening, Women’s Wear Daily offered scads of photos, including the one above and these next two, some of the latest in glasses by Mr. Yurman.  (Our previous post on Yurman eyewear may be found here.)

Is it just TP, or is this much, much too matronly for such a young girl? Do tell.


We close with today’s Pretty in Pink from a Princess fave, the Kids’ Castaway in Pink and Green by Sperry, peaking the Cute-o-Meter in the red zone.

On that cheery image we say g’bye until next time!


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10 responses to “A British Invasion Hits the Vineyard

  1. MCW

    I think I need a trip to Nantucket just to visit that adorable store!

  2. I think the little girl’s outfit is cute in a Sunday-best, serious event kind of way. I mean, I assume she wouldn’t be wearing it to run around the playground.

  3. Love this Tattershall blazer and the scarves.
    I wonder, should I hire some hot young babes to wear Beladora jewelry and then film their antics for youtube. I wonder, is that effective marketing?

  4. I want the Jack Wills Land Rover!

  5. Loving the jackets but I am a little afraid of the car.

  6. Too cute! Loving the Boxford Cardi!

    That little girl looks like she’s wearing faux Chanel. I don’t mind it, but I prefer kids dressed as kids. Smocked dresses and monogrammed jumpers, that sort of thing. 🙂

  7. I like the line but I have mixed feelings about the British landing on our Yankee shores again especially on Nantucket. It’s just so Americana to me with Murrays’ VV, and RL. Is that wrong of me to feel like this? It’s like the revolution all over again!! j/k 😉 xoxo

  8. Great looking clothes! Thanks for introducing them to us.

  9. Just another reason why I need to go to Nantucket asap! I love Jack Wills. Great brand!

  10. I buy all mine discounted from iShopStyle.co.uk….is that cheap? ahah!!

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