Sneak Peeks, New Lines & Launches, Oh My!


We are a bit behind (and this is unusual…?), we returned rather late to the Prepatorium after a delightful dinner and auction last night with the Queen Mother and one of TP’s brothers the Princes. No acquisitions, but we certainly saw loads of pretty pieces.

We begin with an early look at the upcoming Burberry cosmetics line:

PHOTO: Ben Wright via WWD

Ben Wright via WWD

As StyleList explains:

“The line continues to echo the signature trench, with beige cartons and the proprietary check pattern etched into the cosmetic packaging. The line will include everything from lip liner to foundation to makeup brushes and will sell for about $24 to $60.”

Launching this summer, the line will be available at Nordstrom.


We also have a sneak peek at this fall’s Old Navy collections via Women’s Wear Daily (subscription req’d.).

While we didn’t fall in love with any of the pieces, it’s good to see the retailer’s basics return for another season, like the cotton shirts and bright outerwear.

It appears there are plenty of opportunities for an Adventure in Argyle.

Some looks hold little appeal.

Hhhmmm. The best word we can come up with is underwhelmed.


And finally in fall lines, a possibility for your MOTH, the upcoming Tommy Hilfiger Ivy League line, as covered in this WWD story.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Call us paranoid, but we have this gnawing expectation that somewhere on the apparel we’ll discover a massive logo.


Let’s take at another line launching, but something we can wear now from a brand we trust, Jack Rogers.

We confess to having nary a clue about the noted footwear retailer expanding into apparel until the Coterie Blog mentioned the good news in a Tweet.

There are pieces in all categories including skirts.

Some readers are more likely to think of these when hearing the Jack Rogers name, the brand’s classic Palm Beach Navajo, today’s Pretty in Pink.

We like this one and look forward to seeing the pieces in person.


Now before we say g’bye, a reminder about the Zac Posen for Target collection, it launches Sunday.

Via Fashion Bomb Daily

It could be fun.

May everyone enjoy a sunny weekend, outside and in!


George Chinsee/WWD: All Old Navy images


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14 responses to “Sneak Peeks, New Lines & Launches, Oh My!

  1. Oooh, Burberry cosmetics?! While I’ve never been one to jump on the trendy new cosmetic per se, this may be something I could get into. And I’m so glad you mentioned the Posen line – I’d almost completely forgotten that it comes out this weekend! Eee!

  2. Even though I don’t wear flats, I’ve always admired those Jack Rogers sandals.

  3. Suburban Princess

    Hmmmm ON did have some great pieces last fall…but all in fall colours which is maybe why we are underwhelmed? It is hard to think about browns and greys when we havn’t even finished unpacking all of the pinks and greens for summer!

  4. Elizabeth

    WendyB, I just saw them as wedges at Nordstrom, and they are so awesome.

  5. Princess Freckles

    How did I not know Zac Posen was coming to Target? I just read this on another blog too. I’m going to have check this out!

  6. I also have a STRONG suspicion about Tommy. He has never struck me as low key with his branding.

    Always Bumby

  7. Burberry cosmetics…count me in! This is why I love reading your blog, because you always keep me current on all of the latest and greatest 🙂

    I’m not blown away by any of the Old Navy pieces either, but it’s nice to see that they’re sticking to the basics on the essential pieces. The red coat is very nice.

    The last skirt you posted from the new Jack Rogers line is beautiful and perfect for summer.

  8. Tuesday

    Love the high waisted skirts…. dont care if theyre kinda last season im obsessed!

  9. Emmy

    Burberry cosmetics!!!

  10. The Burberry cosmetics look intriguing, I think I need to try them & write about them when they come out! 😉 Any excuse to try makeup, right?

    Love the Jack Rogers collection, and excited about the new Zac Posen line!!

  11. Jen

    The Ivy League gear makes me laugh. I too went to an Ivy League institution many moons ago but at this point cannot understand the appeal. I agree that there must be logos just waiting to jump out from underneath all that plaid and gabardine.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hi TP, and apologies again for my commenting absence. I’m just now catching up on a weeks-backlogged Google Reader.

    Old Navy is so hit-or-miss, but I do love that red trench. I’ll also likely try to sneak some of that argyle into the closet of that reluctant prep, the AH.

    I LOVE that Jack Rogers shift, and this may be the summer I finally invest in a pair of those sandals. Never saw them in California, don’t see them much here in Texas, but I can’t imagine why – perfect prep accessory to the outdoorsy lifestyle in both places.

  13. Tabitha

    I’ve never heard of Jack Rogers but I like the styles pictured a lot, will check it out.

  14. Zac Posen at Target?!! I love the two dresses you posted so far! I will have to check this out.

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